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  1. Oooh, can I be added please? Edit - hambury is my Gamertag by the way
  2. Total issue 5 for me, purely for sentimental reasons. It was the first gaming mag I ever bought. I was stuck on Maniac Mansion on the NES and this had a full guide which helped me complete it. By devouring the rest of the mag I learnt about the Super NES and was hooked from there on. It helped I was the perfect age for Total (it was aimed at kids). In later years I appreciated Super Play and N64 Magazine much more. They were the best but Total issue 5 always has a special place for being the first.
  3. I love my old collection of games from my childhood as they give me such a nostalgia hit when I look at them on my shelf. Working from home has been tough over the last year but when I look up at my collection of NES, SNES and N64 games, I definitely get a calming feeling. In some ways I somewhat dislike that I’m like that, as it means I’m attached to ‘stuff’ rather than more meaningful things (although I can argue with myself and realise that the stuff is associated to memories and it’s that which I love). It’s easy to get it all mixed up with value of them too, which does complicate matters a whole lot more. It would help if they had no value, because then I would appreciate them even more for the memories rather than the potential retirement fund they might be. I have to be careful as by nature I am someone who likes to collect. I have been able to sell some of my games and comics over the years but it’s mainly the trashy stuff that I just bought for the sake of collecting. I only have some regrets of getting rid of old magazines (I love reading them from time to time, again for the nostalgia hit and the optimism they once had for what the future of computer games will be).
  4. Ordered mine from Digi-Key just now as they seemed about £10 cheaper than Mouser (£118 with the VAT and shipping). What extras are recommended? I'm just going to use HDMI for now, so won't actually get the MiSTer board. Does the DE10 need a fan and heatsink on its own? Was thinking a USB hub for all the controllers. The SDRAM seems essential too and a good old UK plug adapter (doesn't need to be stepdown does it?). Pretty sure it comes with an SD card already. Am I missing anything?
  5. I'm in exactly the same boat and 'need' to buy one. Having had a good look around, I can't find anything in the UK. Looking at this thread mouser.co.uk and digikey.co.uk (both US based) seem to be the best ones to go with. Just trying to work out if there will be any fallout from Brexit or not. Has anyone ordered from either of those this year?
  6. How are you meant to make progress in the career? The bottleneck for me seems to be not getting enough 'science' points to then spend on stuff. Oh, and never seeming to have enough fuel to make it into space and actually orbit (let alone re-enter and land). I have so few parts to play with when building a rocket (plus there's a weight/size limit), feels like I'm missing something?
  7. Hambury

    Pier Solar

    Played it on the Mega Drive. Thought it was quite good, but old school in design (which I guess is the point). I did give up after a few hours in though as it felt quite grindy and I wasn't in the mood for that.
  8. The NES is a weird one for me. It was my first console, and I absolutely love it, but it doesn't seem to have as many stand out, amazing games as the SNES or N64 did. There are plenty of great games like Zelda, Micro Machines, Elite, Batman and Final Fantasy. And then there's Mario 3, which is just brilliant. A real step up from the other games, where Nintendo oozed everything out of that little old 8-bit. And the game was just a few hundred kbs in size. How is that even possible?
  9. Just got an email from them asking me to subscribe to Edge for another 3 years. Might not be too wise if the magazine itself doesn't exist?
  10. 1 - Mario 64 2 - Perfect Dark 3 - Goldeneye 4 - Majora's Mask 5 - Ocarina of Time
  11. Random order, but Zelda is the clear winner: Link's Awakening Mario Land 1 Dr Franken (not a great game really, but it looked bloody nice) Metroid 2 Battletoads
  12. I like them, mainly for the nostalgic feel, but also because it'll help when I get round to creating my masterpiece game (one day). My GCSE art will just about enable me to create some 8-bit blocks I reckon. Even 16-bit is too advance for my liking. If the world is fed up of this style at that point, then I'm screwed.
  13. Hambury


    I learnt that Mars had two moons called Phobos and Deimos playing Doom. Who says games can't be educational? I also learnt that BFG didn't always stand for Big Friendly Giant.
  14. There's a Boris Karloff look about him which is quite cool. The rest of it is awful. We're actually at that point where games have better visuals than some films.
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