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  1. Some top drawer work in here, as always. <3 I've started dabbling in screen printing. Have built a nice little printing room in my house. It's pretty cool, but smells a bit like a meth lab. These were the first things I made there. Solvent ink on high-quality vinyl. T-shirts are next!
  2. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough - Posca and acrylic ink on cardboard The Phantom - Posca and ink on black paper Where's the pizza? - Acrylic ink on paper
  3. Really awesome shows. Caught them in KOKO and Manchester Academy 2 on the 11th. El played a cruel trick on the crowd in Manc, announcing Zack de la Rocha before chuckling to himself as all went quiet. Managed to get backstage @ Manchester to hand over some of my artwork.
  4. Couple of shots of my 'Mumm-ra the ever-running' giclee print. Quite happy with how they look (I've never had prints made before) Couple of shots of the drawing I did tonight. May add some colour digitally, but I think I'll prefer it as is.
  5. Something I did last weekend
  6. Not logged on to post here for aaages... Pic I did last weekend for a bit of fun. Had a message from El-p asking for a copy not long after I uploaded, which was pretty cool. First thing I've done in a while too. Time to get back on the ol' horse.
  7. New art for 2014 Opportunity to win the above #5 'R.I.P' piece via my facebook page www.facebook.com/godsteethillustration The rest plus a few more are available on my shop
  8. Massively disappointed by this after hearing reviews and impressions. Soundtrack was nice, and that's one cheap halloween costume sorted for future parties, but everything else was just crushingly dull.
  9. My dad used to play it to me when he'd visit. No he wasn't, by the way. It was this and some Fleetwood Mac song my mum used to play on repeat. I can't stand Fleetwood Mac because of it.
  10. sorting through my old vinyl collection and I came across these forgotten beauts
  11. I also gave this a shot today, but I appear to have no luck with it buffering. My internet speed is generally fine, and I have no problems with the service using my PS3. I'll have a fiddle about with the laptop, see if I can fix it. I used to use the DNS trick on a PS3, but the the console I have now is a wired 20gb model, so that trick is out. When it works I'll begin with Super. How much is unblock out of curiosity?
  12. Bought some acrylic inks to play around with. Whilst I'm here actually, does anyone have any experience with creating prints of your work on an inkjet printer at home? I'd like to make affordable prints so I'm toying with the idea, but trying to figure out all my options before throwing down money.
  13. Just caught this. I really enjoyed it. Visceral and uncompromising. I feel a lot of the biting reviews are being pretty unfair about characters and script Defo got some Lynch vibes from it too. And it's worth repeating - the soundtrack is perfect. Will be catching this again when it hits my local indie next month.
  14. Caught this t'other night and was completely smitten with it, having gone in cautiously. The trailer does not do it justice, but then I'm glad all the gags were fresh. Should've had more faith in Alan.
  15. I find it extremely difficult to pick favourites for movies. I'd like to think that Once Upon a Time in the West, Miller's Crossing, The Return of the Living Dead and Escape from New York are all in the top slot somewhere. Haven't see Leon for a while, must give it a rewatch sometime.
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