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  1. Saw the Avatar trailer in the cinema before Black Adam and it really wasn't any more impressive there, to be honest. Sure, side by side with the original Avatar, maybe you'd see the improvements, but relative to current standards - unflatteringly, even the cutscenes rendered in realtime in COD MW2 when I played it recently - it was deeply unimpressive visually. (It wasn't impressive in any other way either, but the visuals certainly were the most underwhelming part; I didn't exactly anticipate a gripping premise.)
  2. It doesn't feel like we're far away from them strip and/or cavity searching the players on their way onto the pitch to detect hidden political messages.
  3. I think that Richards might be ok as a partner to someone who's going to actually give you loads of insight and interesting opinion to go with the jokes and enthusiasm. Sadly, given that such pundits don't really exist in football, this remains a purely theoretical scenario. Richards and Wright is a combination that I have thankfully witnessed just the once, though I do feel like my footballing knowledge has been permanently damaged by it.
  4. Footballers aren't allowed to bet on football for good reason and this guy has breached that in fairly spectacular fashion. What do you suggest should happen? I don't think it particularly has anything to do with the authorities' relationships with betting companies (not that I'm defending any of the interaction between the football and betting industries).
  5. Is there any realistic path to this? I support it, conceptually, but then it feels like it'll happen right around the same time as we evolve into the kind of enlightened post-work civilization that Iain M Banks liked to write about.
  6. Heavenly Bodies is the kind of game where I'm very prone to writing it off as twee indie nonsense at a glance and never bothering. This is obviously a terrible character defect but it's largely conditioned by the utter crap they've padded PS+ out with over the years. Anyway, I'm glad I did bother in this case. What a beautifully designed little game. The whole aesthetic is glorious, especially all the increasingly complex schematic briefings, in an almost IKEA style. The prettiness does come in almost equal proportion to the frustration as you try to control your flailing astronaut, but for now I figure that's my fault as much as theirs. We'll see - it is a little bit unintuitive so I reserve the right to blame the game after all.
  7. I don't know about using one but wearing a shield on your back certainly seems to be way more effective in this than the previous games, from the times I've encountered it in MP. I've found the co-op underwhelming so far. It doesn't really feel finished: it's very buggy, the enemy AI is mostly atrocious, and the three missions currently available are highly variable in quality. I did quite enjoy the one defending the mountain but the SAM site one is a sprawling mess. Not that the single player campaign was up to their highest standards either. Some of the production values were very high, but some of it was equally poor. The All in all, I'm glad I just rented. It can go back fairly soon and then I'll give Warzone 2 a whirl when it appears.
  8. If you intentionally omit the adverb that I used then yes, the tone of my post is different, unsurprisingly. It's absolutely buried in terms of its prominence though. The foremost Quick Play section is entirely multiplayer-oriented, for example. The campaign isn't installed by default but the MP is. Even better, I later discovered - unless I hit a bug - that when you next attempt to launch campaign after installing the extra content pack, you then get a prompt cheerily telling you "oops, didn't I mention that there's actually a campaign pack 2?" It's utterly dreadful UX, that could trivially be solved by asking the user on first install what they're going to want to play. This is exactly what the previous versions' campaign experience deteriorated to, several updates in. I had assumed that this was mainly an oversight, because it was the MP that they were then actively working on, but seemingly, no, they've decided that this is actually how they want to present it. Baffling.
  9. I find it really odd just how second class a citizen the campaign is now. It usually got relegated this much once the game had been out for a while and significantly updated but now, from the start, it's not even installed by default and is fairly buried down in the menus. I get that the multiplayer is the primary and long-term interest but hiding away something that has consumed such an extraordinary amount of effort seems very strange.
  10. I did think they tried a bit to balance self-aware characters with the kind of bad decisions that are largely necessary to make horrors work - most would end up real dull if the characters just did the sensible thing. Sadly, I found it ended up being quite irritating when they had
  11. No, not really. It was fine, but nothing more for me. Slight contrast to the above post! Wish I'd found it as compelling.
  12. *looks at CP2077*
  13. Presumably old ground, and I've just missed or forgotten the conversation, but does it state somewhere in the PS4/5 documentation or T&Cs that connectivity is required and that games may/will simply not work without it? I'm well aware that, without the day 1 (2, 3, 4...) patches, you're not going to have a good experience with many games anyway - CP2077 etc. - but this seems like a step beyond. Two steps beyond, in fact: not only do you require a connection, but a pretty meaty one, given the content size, to play the game at all. I would wonder about the accuracy of the 70MB claim though. This seems to be just because that's all the dashboard shows initially but that doesn't mean that no data is pulled off the disc after an activation patch or whatever. I suppose it should be quite obvious when you install: if the drive is silent throughout, there genuinely is no useful data on there.
  14. Are there any estimates on how many mugs they've roped into this? I suppose particularly how many 'investors' have put in more than, say, some amount equivalent to a premium digital edition of a game - like $100 or something. I'm not making a case that it's all fine, but I'm also not going to get very emotional about it when all of those people knew, or should have known, that it was always a risky venture - you are literally paying for something that you are being explicitly told doesn't yet exist - and they've sort of got half a game out of it at this point, if you squint a bit. For people that haven't sunk dramatically more money into it than that, you could even - very charitably to the developers - look at it as No Man's Sky all over again, just over a much longer - admittedly, possibly infinite - timescale.
  15. Do yourself a favour and use incognito mode if you're going to trawl through the gutters of YouTube!
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