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  1. That feels like a pretty outdated assumption for a lot of things, to be honest. These consoles already won't work in the way that they did because, well, you can't buy games, and some other services have also been discontinued. If you don't like modern, highly connected, service based, frequently updated products then that's obviously your prerogative, and you're hardly alone or unjustified, but that is what they are and you probably shouldn't buy them if you can't accept that. The feature that we're talking about, that requires the 'phoning home', is pretty integral to various of
  2. No, I think it's simply not really Sony's responsibility literally decades down the line. It would be nice if, and arguably right that, should they ever decide to switch the servers in question off - which, to reiterate, they apparently have no plans to do - they somehow enable future operation, but I fail to see how they have any obligation to mend their product that long after purchase, any more than you would expect your toaster to be fixed that many years later. It seems like a fundamental misunderstanding of the relationship you have with them, that just because you still care apparently
  3. I'm genuinely curious as to what duration of service and support people believe they're entitled to when they purchase a product. "This thing I bought so long ago that it's now of legal voting age might stop working at some indeterminate future date and I'm outraged." In general, I believe that companies are treated far too laxly and far too many anti-consumer tactics are permitted - e.g. Sony's appalling customer service stance in the past - but, seriously, for how many decades should they be expected to maintain a product for a one-off payment exactly?
  4. They're disinterested because there's currently nothing to fix. If, in the future, they want to turn off these login/authentication servers then they should release a small patch to drop the requirement. However, I rather doubt that they will actually be turned off for the foreseeable, perhaps ever, because there is little to no cost involved for Sony and it's almost certainly not worth the flak. I mean, literally all they've done so far is say that you will no longer be able to buy digital copies of games for some of their older platforms, presumably because they sell so few that
  5. It's well over a decade since Ford just about, sort of, got away with still doing action stuff in the last effort. It's six years since he didn't really in Force Awakens. I honestly don't know what you're hoping they're going to put up on the screen. You've got about as much chance of a good Back To The Future sequel being made (which I mention because, thankfully, they have recognised the practical difficulties in that situation and sworn not to make one). I would dearly love a worthy Indy sequel but it's 20 years too late.
  6. I think it was the more the blanket coverage of it as some kind of peak of human civilisation. I really liked it but the fawning was quite absurd. Not that this was her fault. I feel like the right thing to do, if he's so aware, is to buy up and destroy all extant copies of KotCS rather than doubling down. Watching a sequel where Indy is now the Sean Connery role just doesn't seem that appealing, or indeed worthwhile.
  7. It's quite incredible how much people's experiences have varied. I've played basically every Bethesda RPG at launch yet this game has been by far the most broken overall. I haven't actually hit any progression stoppers but that's partly because I actively avoided some I read about that it turned out I was quite close to, and it's been a continual parade of lesser bugs. Just a couple of nights ago I had the quest with River where you have to go to the back entrance of the station. He was standing at the front entrance, refusing to move, and whenever I started following the path on t
  8. I do know what you mean but, um, Sony removed it from sale and it remains unavailable five months later. While there's more to that than purely the state of the game, I'm genuinely struggling to imagine how a game launch could realistically go more badly.
  9. Nice post/thread otherwise but I have to say: these quoted parts sound like either rose-tinted memories or you doing everything with guildmates originally and rarely teaming up with randoms. Your description exactly matches most PUG experiences I ever had in WoW back in the day (which would be up to and including the late 00s, I guess). Fundamentally, these approaches to getting temporary groups together doesn't really encourage much 'team spirit' and most people are just rerunning the same dungeons they've done 50 times before. Obviously, this doesn't mean you have to be an arsehole about it,
  10. Patch 1.21 brings another few thousand bug fixes and so of course, to celebrate, literally within a couple of minutes of loading the latest and greatest version up, my pistol suddenly decides it will no longer fire while in ADS, until I restart the game entirely. Really close to the end now, just mopping up a load of side missions and gigs, and I can't help but love it, the stupid broken mess that it is. Even this far in, I still keep stumbling across swathes of previously completely uncharted territory, all of it wonderfully realised. Bethesda may be the long-time masters of the a
  11. Didn't make contact - that was one of the things checked by VAR.
  12. Currently about 3 or 4 hours into the unskippable opening cutscene and it's quite a battle not to uninstall the fucking thing on principle. (Genuinely only haven't because I was hoping my daughter and I could play through it together.)
  13. Thought that it was maybe just me being impatient after playing Demon Souls with its crazy fast loads, but I did think the checkpoint loads in this were noticeably worse on PS5 too.
  14. Sure, maybe, but even a team that small has burned, what, the best part of £10m over 5 years?
  15. I'm a bit curious about the funding model. There are no IAPs, are there? And presumably Hello aren't big enough to be working on something else at the same time, like paid DLC or a sequel. So is the incredible support keeping a steady stream of sales going or are Sony still seeing enough value in this to keep paying for it?
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