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  1. These days, I don't think there's any drama good enough such that I'd put up with breaks every 15 minutes. Oh, that was a mighty tense scene, wasn't it, now please hold that mood for a few minutes of made up science about hair conditioner and updates on the latest processed crap available at Iceland. (I haven't watched an advert in years, so I apologise for any inaccuracies.)
  2. hmm


    It's silly but I wanted Thiem to win partly just because he's so considerate with the ball, um, people. Most players kind of leave them to it, slightly dismissively hit back the balls that they don't want for the serve, etc., but Thiem actually goes out of his way to help them out - I noticed it throughout the tournament. It's a tiny thing but just nice to see - says a lot about someone, I reckon, that they can continue to act that way even in such an unimaginably stressful and exhausting situation.
  3. hmm


    That was an incredible final. I felt a bit sorry for Zverev by the end, with the way he was struggling so much with his second serve late on, but Thiem was just a force of nature. The women's final wasn't exactly bad either. Great tournament, considering.
  4. hmm


    My trusty Barista Express gives me no trouble at all and produces wonderful coffee. Maybe I have low standards! Either way, it's been an excellent investment. Seemed pretty damn expensive at the time but now, five problem-free years and who knows how many cups later, not so much. And if nothing else, all the extra practice during lockdown has upped my coffee game significantly...
  5. Haaland seems to be Fowler reincarnated in an actual athlete's body. Absolutely deadly, completely instinctive left-footed finishing. Hope he lasts a few more years than (peak) Robbie did.
  6. Apparently season 5 will be shooting soon as well, and it's currently intended to be the final one.
  7. hmm


    Watched the start of the match and just tuned back in to catch the later sets and... wow. The easiest grand slam, relatively speaking, that he was ever going to play, and he's fucked it. Extraordinary stuff. I only started properly following tennis comparatively recently; have there been similar incidents - or punishments anyway - in the past?
  8. I think it's more a general sense that he hasn't spent much time just being Bond and doing Bond missions. Pretty much every one of the earlier Bonds was exactly that, at least until License To Kill. With Craig it's all felt like personal this, rogue that, repeated worries over whether or not he's past it, etc. Sure, Skyfall, for example, is mostly him on business, but it's also almost entirely personal. Ironically, Casino Royale is the closest to a traditional Bond, despite how much of a change it felt like at the time. In fact, Mission Impossible feels more like Bond than most of the new Bond
  9. Bit torn about rewatching this. So much of it is brilliant, but then obviously the latter parts are so unfulfilling. Is there a particularly natural place to stop, before the decline takes hold too much? Or is it not as disappointing the second time around, when you already know it's a bit of an Abrams-style mystery box at its core?
  10. I'm guessing it's the standard Amazon approach of offering a UHD / 4K version but making it almost impossible to find.
  11. hmm


    Amazing performance but, yes, you have to wonder what state he will be in. When would his next game be - Thursday or Friday? Just catching up on the Djokovic match from yesterday. His play in the first set was preposterous. So aggressive but devastatingly accurate with it.
  12. This is getting terrible reviews, mostly along the lines of it being a very generic, CG-heavy mess and generally an unworthy sequel. Shame.
  13. We watched this tonight and loved it. Wouldn't have worked at all without the deadpan Irish humour. It's more comedy then horror, and you probably have to be in the right mood, but it definitely hit the spot here. The climax (pun intended) is brilliant. BTW, if anyone is looking somewhere for it, the title is actually deliberately misspelt as two words: Extra Ordinary.
  14. I do have to wonder how the PL ended up with contracts without exceptions for force majeure.
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