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  1. Yes, I did actually have that too, but my laundry list of complaints was probably long enough already! I think it encapsulates everything that's wrong with this game that a single main mission has so many different issues. It's all pretty far from a 'AAA' experience - it's not really buggy, like so many other releases, it's just shoddy. I'm mainly surprised that Ubisoft would allow this for one of their major franchises, but perhaps they've concluded that pumping them out more often at lower quality is the more profitable route.
  2. While there's definitely fun to be had here, it's all so very rough: occasional bursts of competence and inspiration but mostly a decidedly half-hearted effort. And while there are some nice vistas etc., that roughness very much extends to some of the visuals too, especially a few early cutscenes like when Fring takes his son into that prison cell. I'd say they're middling PS4 graphics, and this is the PS5 version. Tonight I played through the early mission that takes you off the first Island and it was just so poorly choreographed. The intention, it seems, was that you stealth your way around clearing out the two boats. I gamely made an attempt to do so but accidentally fired the wrong, unsilenced weapon practically straightaway. Now, I'm no more a fan of enforced stealth than the next guy, but it turned out that as soon as I initiated this firefight, my allies remembered that in fact they had a spare attack helicopter, with which they proceeded to wipe out every enemy without any further intervention from me at all. Once I realised that I was mainly just getting in the way of this process, I took a seat at the top of one of the crane things so I could watch the enemies on the other boat follow an endless juddering loop around the ladders and ziplines, presumably in the hope that this route would eventually lead up into the sky so that they could fight the helicopter, until they were in turn gunned down. The rebel leader, Clara, radioed me once this farce was concluded to let me know she'd be coming to pick me up, then literally 5 seconds later my player character came out with a very mournful 'where are you, Clara?' like it had been 5 hours and she was fearing abandonment. It was all very odd. As we sped away, Clara commented on how beautiful the carnage behind us looked, and I wondered if she'd played the new Ratchet & Clank yet. I did have quite a good time rampaging around on a rickshaw just afterwards though.
  3. How, from their POV, sitting on top of some pretty substantial piles of cash that it all brought in, was it a failure? I mean, it's an utterly abject failure as entertainment or art or almost any other metric you care to mention, but financially?
  4. No, they're still coming, but maybe not this year now.
  5. There's a HUD option to turn off the zone/area titles. Maybe it stops that happening? Hadn't really noticed it myself yet. While I'm only a few hours in, I'm not sure how much I'm enjoying it so far. There's somehow a faintly low budget whiff about it: nothing is quite as slick as it should be, already various aspects seem bolted on in half-baked, unnecessary imitation of things like CoD Warzone, and there are weird little gaps in the basic feature set like the enemies' guns (and often their bodies too) disappearing, which I presume must be a conscious decision but it feels more like it's simply missing. I suppose this does all tally with the talk up-thread of this being mostly handled by one of their lesser studios. The background story and setting are, of course, incredibly lazy - liberate an oppressed tropical island nation from a cartoonish celebrity villain one area at a time, you don't say! - and the way they dole some of the plot and features out is similarly so. They tell you on the back of the box that you get an alligator buddy and, sure enough, 15 minutes in, there's the little guy, arbitrarily given to you by a complete stranger the moment you meet them. Maybe this is intended as a humorous way of doing it, even satirical, but again, it just felt like a shortcut. It's also a pretty terrible gameplay mechanic so far: it seems the standard pattern is that you drive (or ride on a strangely inanimate horse) across the map to the next objective and kill everyone solo while he slowly scuttles across the couple of kilometres that you covered. Why would you not quietly teleport him reasonably close once combat kicks off? Did I get palmed off with a defective 'gator? The basic gunplay is ok, but the enemy AI is utterly dreadful, and since you get the typical X-ray vision for enemies once they're tagged, you can enjoy them running into walls or round in circles at your leisure while crouched in cover, safe in the knowledge that even the ones that aren't yet stuck on minor environmental obstacles probably won't manage to advance on your position. And as others have said, the ammo types - indeed, most of the gun customisation - are utterly pointless and pretty amateurishly executed - more examples of mindlessly lifting features from elsewhere, I think. That's all way more negative than I had been feeling overall, but I do think that I'll be taking advantage of the fact that this was a rental and sending it back sooner rather than later.
  6. I can't imagine the execs see the Craig era as anything other than an unqualified success given the money that the films all made (even if more films = more money) and the way that it completely revitalised a pretty unfashionable franchise. As a viewer though, it's hard not to see the overall outcome as a huge missed opportunity, especially after the way it all started off. Subsequent films were always unlikely to live up to the freshness and energy of CR but the steady decline in quality and relatively sparse output are things that could have been avoided or fixed, if they weren't too busy obsessing over the creation of some Marvel-rivalling cinematic universe with Bond's ancestral home and estranged family, sticking with favourite writers regardless of result, and giving over swathes of runtime to aspects like Bond suddenly being completely over the hill and having to tediously prove otherwise or repeatedly retiring. I'm glad to hear it's going out on a high but I wish the middle years hadn't been so fallow.
  7. The bigger clubs, plus also Arsenal, are valued at a billion plus so I suppose there's an investment case for buying Newcastle for a bargain £300m, pumping the same in again to make them competitive, and ending up with a vastly more valuable club once they've achieved great sporting success. Nothing can go wrong with that plan, surely?
  8. Dinner In America Loved this. Deeply weird, almost confrontationally so at first, but stick with it because it's eventually so much more, not least due to the brilliant central cast. 4/5
  9. I somewhat accidentally have this on the way from Boomerang - well, unexpectedly at least, in the sense that I chucked it on my list a few weeks ago, but thought it was still quite some way away. But that's all good: I get it on release, more or less, and can just send it back as soon as it inevitably starts getting repetitive, rather than feeling some sense that I need to get my money's worth. Not that I haven't always enjoyed the FC games, but I would say they're perhaps suited to a quick rental. Anyway, the most important question: are there honey badgers?
  10. A cut-off 6 hours from the time you start playing would be bad enough, let alone this.
  11. While the hosts might be one small good sign, it's a bit overwhelmed by the news that they're focusing on the winning formula of D-list celebrities ineptly flailing away at each other in some beat-em-up or another. This was crap enough back in the early 90s but in the modern context, where anyone that's interested in watching games being played has enough choice on the various streaming services to spend about a million hours a day doing so, and the streamers become genuine celebrities from doing it, it seems like a bewildering choice. Are they hoping this will somehow recapture the Taskmaster magic or something? If, say, Rob Florence had been involved from the start then I might be a bit more optimistic, because Consolevania was (well, still is) pretty great and there is surely a way of making something a little more mainstream from that template. Sadly, all we've seen so far is them posting misjudged appeals on jaded gaming forums and promising yet more exciting opportunities to hatewatch ex Love Island contestants.
  12. I think he's deleted that most recent YouTube comment now. But the funniest/saddest thing is that if you look through the older comments, it looks quite a bit like he's been there replying on a couple of other, not quite so glaringly obvious accounts over the years... "Don't even know how I came upon this" indeed.
  13. Feels like maybe this should be the rule and not the exception!
  14. Stockwell retired about 7 years ago!
  15. I don't think a 4/5 rating for the Matrix or indeed any other ratings in here really need great justification. It was more you being surprised by subjectivity about genre classics moments before... well, you can see where I'm going here.
  16. hmm


    That looks like the same generation of WebOS as on my LG. If that's the case then you close apps by moving the highlight - either with the directional keys or the magic pointer thingy - up to the top left, where the app name is. Once you're there, an X should appear next to the app name, and that's the close button. (I do tend to close apps manually whenever switching because leaving them running in the background - which it seems to do by default, like Android - has caused problems in the past. That's also one of the reasons why I have Quick Start disabled, which I would agree is good advice - it didn't ever seem to make a huge difference to performance anyway.)
  17. To be fair, that is the best kind of reboot rumour.
  18. I certainly didn't expect to be looking back at QoS 13 years later thinking, relatively, not actually so bad.
  19. The GamesAnimal YouTube channel is all faintly tragic. I was generally feeling a little bit sympathetic about it along with his apparent efforts to shoehorn himself into the GM reboot - middle aged gamers still feebly attempting to recapture past glories being something many of us in these parts can perhaps empathise with - but that didn't last long when I saw him still earnestly discussing how he was stitched up for that fucking Mario challenge in YT comments from only a couple of years ago.
  20. Just me or do Brentford seem to have Chris Kamara's son in goal?
  21. No, they're right - the retailer responsibility and/or your rights change after 30 days and then 6 months: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-do-i-do-if-i-have-a-faulty-product-aTTEK2g0YuEy#how-long-do-i-have-to-return-a-faulty-product If it was fine for the first six months, it's the manufacturer you now need to talk to.
  22. Quite into oat milk for hot drinks these days, though I haven't tried it in much else. All the different brands I've tried have basically been fine so I tend to get anything that's on offer - it can be a little bit expensive otherwise. My wife likes soya milk for everything, including on cereal. (It's not that she doesn't like oat milk; she was having soya long before I started using oat and has just stuck with it.) Several people have mentioned soya milk splitting but there's an easy solution for this when making tea: just put a tiny bit of the milk in first, only enough to cover the bottom of the mug. I'm not sure if the problem is caused by a chemical (acidity?) or heat reaction but this reliably avoids it. I tend to hold the tea bag by the corner and pour the water through it, rather than letting it sit in the milk as I pour, otherwise you can end up with it rather weak.
  23. I had to double check that this wasn't a bumped thread from about 10 years ago. Several channels, I think including Ch 5, have been showing about 21 hours a day of these things for years. I reckon it must be about the cheapest TV that's it's possible to make. At least 50% of the footage used is itself old enough to drive.
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