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  1. Er....... Halloween H20 An excellent return to form for the series after a number of dodgy sequels. I am not sure whatever happened to Josh Harnett - I thought he was pretty good and this film "intoduced" him - yet I haven't seen him in anything in years. I found this inventive and well directed. 4/5 Halloween (2018) Oh dear. This I didn't like much at all. I am not sure that turning Laurie into Sarah Connor from T2 was a great idea. It also ignored all the lore from the sequels whereas H20 took them onboard. The problem
  2. The Godfather Part 2 Not quite as good as the first. TBH it really misses Brando and the stuff in the past doesn’t really add much. Still, the rest is brilliant even if this entry in the trilogy is the one that made the least impression on me. Pacino puts in a staggering performance which might just be his best. 5/5 Prince of Darkness I honestly think Carpenters movies get better with age. Even Village of the Damned doesn’t seem quite the disaster it did on release. This fells unique and is extremely well crafted. It’s funny and siniste
  3. Danny was my favourite as a child and his true masterpiece IMHO. the film adaptation is excellent.
  4. WOLVES Absolute trash! 1 - Dodgy werewolf makeup - Check! 2 - Dodgy script - Check! 3 - Jason Mamoa being a bit shit, but still kinda cool - Check! 4 - Directed by Solid Snake - Check! 5 - Questionable sexual politics - Check! 6 - Totally rips off The Howling and loads of other cool movies - Check! Still, I really rather enjoyed this. As usual McHattie is effortlessly amazing and it has a real heart to it. It also has a decent ending. 3.5/5
  5. Surely these aren't remembered fondly enough to warrant a remake? I've never been close to tempted to watch them again - must be close on 40 years since I saw them
  6. I’ve never got the Leto hate. I like him as an actor.
  7. All 3 of the reboot films are bloody excellent and miles better than the dreary TNG films
  8. Thelma Wow, just wow. A brilliant bit of Norwegian cinema. Best to go in blind. 5/5 The Godfather There were some oddballs on the forum saying this was a bit pants. So, I thought I’d better rewatch it to see if it was, in fact, total crap. Well, it sure as hell ain’t. It’s reputation as the greatest movie ever made is fully deserved. Just perfect, there is only a single line of dialogue I would change and thats it. It’s so perfect and so iconic. Brando and Pacino give some of the best performances ever put on the big screen. 6
  9. Scanners. Considering this was known as “the exploding heads movie” at school there ain’t many heads exploding. It’s a first rate bit of early Cronenburg and has a great feel to it. It also looks absolutely stunning on a standard blu ray. 4.5/5. Equilibrium Another fantastic performance from Bale. This is a first rate mid budget sci fi film with a real heart. It’s wholly unoriginal but steals from the best and mixes them up with aplomb. Great fun, only let down slightly poor actors playing the antagonists. 4/5. Veronica
  10. This is one of the greatest Tv shows ever made. That is all.
  11. Ditto, but with a Phillips CDI!!
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