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  1. Horsham store gone. No idea it was going. Was there ever a list of the 40 stores that are closing.?
  2. Hellboy (2019) What the heck? What is it with trying to turn comics into R rated films? Apparently there is some swearing in Hellboy but I don’t ever recall it in the (utterly brill) stuff I’ve read. It was the same with Wolverine with geeks wanting an R rated film for years despite the comic being suitable for all ages. A good cast is wasted and some of the casting is bizarre. The film does at least have a decent climax and at least it wasn’t a retread of the Del Toro pics, but an awful lot of it is terrible and laughably bad. I thought some of the CGI was poor in Tomorrowland but it was amazing compared to this (think Lost in Space film from the 90s). 2/5
  3. Yeah, but I don’t even have a 4K tv and I was playing Gears 5 and Assassins creed Rogue remastered on my S this morning and thought they both looked amazing Ive no incentive to get a 4K tv and would have thought one was essential if I get the new Xbox
  4. So, my info on this console comes exclusively from Elmo and the lads on TCGS It sounds like a cheap X (er, the one that’s been out a few years I mean) is the way to go for the next few years. Is this correct?
  5. Tommorowland I recall not liking this at all at the cinema. I think it's because the trailer totally mis sold the film. This only reinforces my total dislike of modern movie trailers. Most of them try to reinvent the film. I now try and avoid them at all costs. Does anyone actually like the damn things? Going back to the film, it's actually a first rate family film and the best blockbuster I've seen since the new Star Wars. Yet more proof that Lindlelof is actually a genius with a cracking story and a great script. The performances are uniformally excellent as well. Only the effects work and score let the side down a bit 4.5/5
  6. I couldn't find a thread for this. Is anyone else watching it on Sky Atlantic? Based on a Stephen King novel (which I haven't read) and starring Ben Mendelsohn and Jason Bateman. Its riveting stuff so far and is up to the usual HBO standards. Not sure if its going to go supernatural or not at this stage. From what I've seen so far, definitely recommended
  7. Collateral Beauty One of the oddest films I have ever seen, and certainly the oddest with such an impressive cast (as well as Will Smith we have Norton, Pena, Winslet, Knightley, Mirren and Naomie Harris). Although I didn't hate the film it was super disturbing that these 3 people would come up with such a plan to make their other partner sell the business. It also falls apart at the end with a right daft twist. 2/5
  8. Transformers Dark of the Moon Despite being a good 15 minutes too long and despite it still having too much shouting I thought this was an excellent blockbuster movie with a fantastic climatic action sequence. Of course, it still has some of the slightly disturbing Bayisms but they are dialled way back compared to the second movie. Nimoy is excellent and, as usual, Bumblebee steals the show. 4/5
  9. So, everyone going on about the cat thing kinda worked on me. Started it earlier, an interesting documentary so far. I hope it doesn't do the usual Netflix thing and outstay its welcome
  10. Aargh. Get it away from me Christ, I hate cats
  11. I've posed you just because you ain't talking about that bloody cat thing
  12. So, am I right in thinking that the real Star Wars fans, you know the real hardcore super duper fans only love 3 of the 11 movies. Episodes 4, 5 and 7. I think the only other thing these uber fans like is that Clone Wars cartoon (not the CGI one, that other one) and possibly that new show from Disney that they are all watching illegally (at least in the uk) I think they should give up SW and find something else to become obsessive over
  13. It will be like that bit in The Force Awakens where Han tells Finn and Rey that all the stuff from the OT actually happened. The Tv spot for this had me lolling when they were saying stuff like "sir Ian Mckellan" when of course it would be some bloke from a boy band from 20 years ago at best.
  14. Reading this thread has certainly saved me 3 hours of my free time. Sounds like it goes to shit at the end. Thanks forumites!
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