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  1. If we are going for actors in live action films then Michael Caine would be my guess
  2. Schindler’s List A strong candidate for the greatest movie of all time. It’s almost the anti-Spielberg movie as he films in a documentary style, stripping away almost all emotion. An insanely good ensemble cast are all at the peak of their powers and virtually every scene is as it happened. A must see masterpiece 5/5
  3. I’m sorry, but this looks utter shit. It’s Villenenuve so I still have a sliver of faith but everything I’ve seen looks poor. The production design and lead actor are the two biggest problems.
  4. The Imitation Game Spellbinding biopic that I found utterly captivating and exceedingly well made. Cumberbatch gives it his all and is well matched by Knightley (who continues to impress me with her post POTC career). Everyone else is pitch perfect and IMHO this should have won ALL the Oscars. It’s such a well told tale. Apparently it takes some liberties with the facts but I can’t think of a biopic that doesn’t. 5/5. Darkest Hour Another fantastically well made film of the enigma that was Churchill. Simultaneously one of the best and worst Britons to have ever lived, the film definitely leans towards a very sympathetic portrayal. But it’s no less brilliant of a film as Wright effortlessly draws you into English politics in the WW2 era. Oldman is, of course, perfect in the role. 4.5/5
  5. Dunkirk. Absolutely astonishing, a perfect disc to show off your setup. Black Hawk Down A good disc, but nothing special. Perhaps I shouldn’t have watched it the day after Dunkirk. It’s certainly an assault on the senses but it’s very very saturated.
  6. Blimey, Witcher 3 is simply amazing to behold on the Series X - just lovely Christ knows what the upgraded version will look like - it will probably melt your eyes!
  7. I’m watching this at the moment, started a day or two back. Excellent stuff
  8. Jesus, this is like a different game without the sodding motion controls. What a difference! This is pure amaze so far
  9. Anyone read The Poppy War? If so, did you enjoy it?
  10. OT, but Cyberpunk had an actual paper guide!
  11. A couple of Sky shows that I'm pretty sure NOBODY watched but me Hooten and the Lady - trash, but highly watchable trash with the 2 leads bouncing off each other extremely well. Just the right level of budget to. Dracula - starring Johnathan Rhys Meyers - this was actually rather good and got cancelled off far to quick
  12. Cheers. Mr Gerbik to the rescue! I might give that Immortal Hulk series another try now.
  13. Thank you. But I’m too old and grumpy for social media
  14. Yeah. That’s where I went. No help at all.
  15. Xbox controllers have terrible build quality full stop
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