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  1. Well, silly me for having an opinion that doesn’t match yours.
  2. Watched 3 episodes and am not really sure why. It’s a terrible adaptation, completely missing the point of the comic despite heavy involvement from Gaiman. It might be a bit obvious to say this, but it’s my favourite comic of all time and pretty much single handedly kept me going through some difficult times in the late 80s. Every change is for the worse and the acting is below Eastenders level for the most part. The script is often banal and it simply doesn’t flow like the comic does. I will probably keep watching in the hope it improves but by god is it awful so far. They even muck up minor characters l8ke Mad Hettie
  3. 1 correct 2 utterly incorrect 3 incorrect
  4. This looks amazing, much better than Black Panther You had me at Tim Roth. I really fancy her when she’s green, much less when she’s human.
  5. I think the original is terrible, and I love Swayze
  6. So let me get this straight, people would rather a male actor replace a female actor in a movie just because she liked an anti vax video or something. I know this forum can be insane with its pro-vax stance but that just takes the biscuit and smells all kinds of wrong. She’s young, she possibly made a mistake, get the fuck over it.
  7. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a movie trailer. Looks fucking amazing
  8. The Village is M Nights best film
  9. Absolute perfection as an actress which is why no one else who has played Uhura is even a tenth as good in the role.
  10. She is totally wrong for Death but I think that’s the least of the problems with the show from what I’ve seen.
  11. No issues as far as I am aware. When I turned it on it was like the first time you buy it where you have to do the initial setup.
  12. The password entry was fine. It just can’t see my games, access the internet, see my external drives or basically do anything apart from turn on and login.
  13. My Series X is borked. It seems to have lost my account details/ gamertag. I’ve re entered them but it still isn’t right. I can’t access my games despite the hard drive showing as mostly full. I can’t get gamepass to work either. Anyone had a similar issue. I’ve just turned it off for now in the hope that it will sort itself out.
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