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  1. He died extremely young and that’s why his career suddenly stopped
  2. Jesus - are you playing on a Series X?
  3. I own the 360 version - if I put it on my series X will it upgrade or do I need to buy a newer version?
  4. The Man with the Golden Gun Well, the run of excellent Moore Bond movies had to end somewhere. This feels very mundane, its not that bad but its not particularly good either - kinda like a Greggs sandwich. Lee is admittedly pretty decent but the daft plot is uninspiring and it just limps along. 2.5/5
  5. These sound excellent. I will be checking them out ASAP
  6. I'm with you apart from thinking the main character is superior. I just find him bloody annoying. Back to gamepass talk - cant believe how amazing Halo 4 and Sniper Elite 4 look on my series X.
  7. I have never completed Prey - I find it extremely difficult even on "story" mode (what a joke that is) I've managed to complete both Dishonoured games on the default difficulty but Prey is just insanely hard for me
  8. But last time I checked I could get to the end of any film I chose to watch. I might not get the same out of it as Mark Kermode but my eyes will still have the skills to get me to the end
  9. Why shouldn’t every game be for everyone? Imagine being told you aren’t good enough to read Hardy or watch Coppola. It’s this viewpoint (which is an undesirable leftover from gamings arcade roots) which holds gaming back from being taken seriously as an art form.
  10. Tesla If you ever wanted to see Nikola Tesla singing Everybody Wants to Rule the World then this is the movie for you! Utterly bizarre biopic that wastes Ethan Hawke. 1/5 Captain Marvel Wasn't a fan of this when I saw it at the cinema. With this rewatch my view of it has done a complete 180 and now I think its top tier MCU. It has a real heart, its exactly the right length and has fantastic performances. 4.5/5
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