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  1. Cutthroat Island The film that sunk a studio! What saves it from being a total disaster is the fact the cast are so into the whole thing. Some great stunts as well. It looks like it was filmed on cheap stock, even in HD. And the score is terrible. 2.5/5 The trial of the Chicago 7 An excellent courtroom drama with a fantastic cast. I’m amazed at how farcical much of the trial was. And Rylance, Langella and Keaton bouncing off each other onscreen is my idea of heaven. 4.5/5
  2. I’m a massive fan of Extreme Measures, a really underrated thriller IMHO. Enigma is an excellent thriller too. Blink is a great watch and is recommended. Nell is an acquired taste and TWINE is my least favourite of the Brosnans. Thunderheart was extremely well thought of back in the day, as was Gorky Park.
  3. Upgrade Normally my view on films and tv runs opposite to the forum prevailing viewpoint ( for example, Breaking Bad - meh, Rise of Skywalker - awesome and Halt and catch fire - awful) so I had avoided this forum darling for a good while. But, boy was I wrong about this. Pure brilliance from start to finish with a fantastic central performance from that guy from Prometheus. His physical performance was utterly spectacular, I have no idea how he did some of it. A great script and some amazingly assured directing. All I can say is thank you rllmuk as I would n
  4. It’s awful! Shame as I loved it back in the day
  5. MI Ghost Protocol An interesting one this. I wish I had left it longer between watching this and 3. GP is a great movie, but feels somewhat familiar and has little originality. Bird directs with aplomb ( I’m also a big fan of his other live action film, Tomorrowland) but the villain simply isn’t in the film enough to feel threatening ( a bit like TWINE) so this isn’t the classic that 1 and 3 are. Still, Patton is excellent ( a shame she didn’t get a big career ) and Pegg really shines. Some great action as some really great cinematography. 3.5/5 Battle Beyo
  6. This is just brilliant and certainly the most underrated game of the year. The lack of exp from battles is a very odd decision though.
  7. I’ve got about 30-35 3ds’s. Every special edition one with the exception of the choddo Mario one, and a few other “normal” ones besides.
  8. I’ve never heard of anything referenced in this post.
  9. Despite the Falling Snow A cold war thriller that more or less wastes a great cast (Feguson, Dance and Head are all first rate here) due to lacklustre direction. The plot is also poorly laid out in places. 2/5 Final Score Basically, a poundland version of Die Hard. Bautista is no Willis and the script isnt even Sudden Death level, let alone Die Hard. Poor action, poor score and poor cinematography. Brosnan is barely in the film. 1/5
  10. I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement i fucking despise the whole “box set” mentality
  11. MI 2 Most definitely the black sheep of the MI family this wastes a fantastic villain with a crap plot and dodgy sexual politics. Even Cruise seems bored for a lot of the movie. Newton looks impossibly young and pretty and is actually rather poor here as she hadn’t got the whole acting thing down yet. Hopkins is also the worst I’ve ever seen him and even series stalwart Rhames is a bit rubbish. It’s also Woo’s weakest movie by some margin. Only Scott can hold his head up high as he gives a great performance as Ambrose. 1/5 MI3 After the
  12. Anyone played To The Moon? Looks intriguing
  13. Control Just such fun to play, great combat, bonkers story and fantastic immersion. Remedy really do make my type of games that feel tailored just for me.
  14. This has turned out to be my Christmas game this year. Just a sublime game to play with perfect controls that show up the likes of Luigis Mansion 3 and Cyberpunk (the other games I’ve been playing over the last few days) There is a bug when I try to play on my Series X, something about the game not being installed yet. So, I’m playing on my One X.
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