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  1. Jack Reacher Never Look Back Nobody likes this but me. Everyone else is wrong 4.5/5
  2. Why cant I get proper subtitles for foreign shows on Netflix? If you watch in the original language the only choice seems to be subtitles for the hard of hearing. Is this right? How come people aren't up in arms over it? I can hear when a phone is ringing on a show, I just want the speech shown so I can see what is being said.
  3. I would say it's the ultimate Marmite film.
  4. Based on the excellent write up by Yakumo I thought I would give this a go. It's good, but can't I have normal foreign language subtitles like I was watching a DVD or film four movie? I I know when a door is creaking, I just want the French translated to English. Does Netflix provide this?
  5. Mother! A masterpiece. Possibly the best shot movie of the decade 5/5
  6. sandman

    Nintendo Switch

    Is anyone aware of Super Rare Games? They make limited physical copies of downloadable games. Does anyone have any?
  7. Has anyone played ALL the Tales games, or at least most of them ? its not too hard to find someone who has played all the FF games, but not the Tales games
  8. Never heard of Tabu. What the heck is it about?
  9. Batman and Harley Quinn Conroy as Batman is about as normal as this gets. I never thought I’d see a movie where HQ gets the farts in the Bat-mobile or where she jiggles her tits while singing Hangin on the telephone on karaoke. But I have now. This is excellent and is another great DC animated movie (they’ve been on a role with these things for awhile now) 4.5/5
  10. It’s an interesting list. A couple of films there I couldn’t finish, Mr Turner and wolf of Wall Street. A couple of stinkers, gravity and hurt locker. Great to see Paddington 2 there. Hard to argue with the top 3. Where the heck is Ant Man?
  11. Hellblade has an auto combat mode? Christ, why didn't I know this. I hate the combat in it
  12. I picked this up a few weeks back after someone on a podcast was recommending it. Its........ok. The stealth is fucking horrible
  13. This doesn't seem to be anything close to the "event" movie that the first one was. I am going to wait for the blu ray I think as reception seems mixed at best
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