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  1. I think this is going to backfire on them big time - people will see it as bad form to have to pay extra when they are already paying a monthly fee. Imagine if Netflix had charged an extra £30 to watch The Irishman
  2. Unbreakable I had forgotten just how good this is. Pitch perfect from the acting to the direction and script. It’s a fantastic yarn with such an unusual take on the superhero genre. 5/5 Split Another brilliant film from MNS. Not quite as good as UB, but still a great watch. McAvoy is so good in the central role. He effortlessly switches from one personality to another and is utterly convincing. 4.5/5 Glass Not seen this before. I think it was poorly received, but I thought it was great. True, it’s slightly poorer than Split but there’s still a lot of good stuff here. What a great little trilogy of movies that seem fresh and original. 4/5
  3. Will we still see the likes of Justice League, Endgame or Pirates of the Caribbean again? Cinema will, I think, never again see the numbers pre-covid. Numbers were already on the decline anyway (well, away from the MCU anyway) and I can see a few studios closing or at least dramatically cutting back on their spending. Things like John Carter or The Lone Ranger will never be seen again IMHO. Even Star Wars can under perform nowadays. So, what do you guys think? Will we get back to $250 million movies in a few years time? Will we get to a situation where only Disney can afford those sort of budgets? Will cinema even survive?
  4. This - the price on them has skyrocketed this gen. They used to be £70-£100 - now they can be £200 easy. Nintendo generally don't take the piss - but they sell out far too quickly. I've got the LA and BOTW ones as well as the Metroid one for the 3ds.
  5. I fucking love Judge Dredd and Stallones performance in particular
  6. sandman


    Sorry, but this attitude needs to fuck off and die. It’s the sort of attitude that led to Michael Jackson and Jimmy Saville. Alan Moore is simultaneously the best comic writer of all time and a prick who just needs to get over himself.
  7. sandman


    Excuse me. What the fuck is this. You really think this is appropriate behaviour?
  8. sandman

    Xbox Game Pass

    Neighbours is fucking brilliant. And you mean Paul, not Karl
  9. sandman


    No, it isn’t. It’s an incredibly well made film. as for Alan bloody Moore I do wish he would just stop fucking moaning. I’ve not known another comic writer moan even a tenth of much as Moore has over the years. Just get over yourself you big pillock. and while I tv show was excellent I don’t think it holds a candle to the movie.
  10. sandman


    I also consider it a masterpiece and the 4K ultimate cut which I watched last week is utterly fantastic
  11. 3 films starring (the lucky) Jason Clarke Swerve I am a big fan of Aussie cinema, some very interesting and original films have come out of Oz in the last 40 years. Shame then, that doesn't quite work. Its not at all original and doesn't seem to have anything to say. Its a predictable thriller involving drugs, lots of cash, cops and robbers - you know the sort of thing. In this film Mr Clarke is married to Emma Booth (lucky bastard!) 2/5 All I See is You If ever a director has had an interesting career, its Marc Forster. From Monsters Ball to Finding Neverland then on to Kite Runner and Bond, then World War Z, this and the Disney Christopher Robin film. This starts very promisingly with an interesting premise with a husband not at all happy that his blind wife can now see and is becoming far too independent for his tastes. Trouble is, it doesn't build up to anything and really loses it in the final act. In this film Mr Clarke is married to Blake Lively (luck bastard!) 2.5/5 Everest I've saved the best for last. This is an exceptional film which simply doesn't put a single foot wrong from the cast, to the direction to the plot. An expertly crafted film a director who has never been better (or even close to this). Clarke and Brolin are both on top form as well. Its exciting and does a first rate job of telling the story. You never fail to believe that the entire film is shot on Everest. In this film Mr Clarke is married to Kiera Knightley (luck bastard!) 5/5
  12. Er, okay off you go mate
  13. Has the forum been invaded by a bunch of weirdos recently?
  14. The Crysis port is an incredible piece of software. I think it’s the best looking game on switch.
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