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  1. Loving this on my Series X, not a single technical issue so far. Only problem is I have is the unfathomable map.
  2. Yeah, Absolute Sandman is the pinnacle of comic presentation IMHO
  3. Miracle man is probably your best place to start Then The Dark Knight Returns is essential From there you should check out the following in no particular order Locke and Key The Boys Planetary Geoff Johns Green Lantern run Batman Year One Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run Sandman Dan Slotts Spider-Man run Elektra Assassin Daredvil Born Again Grant Morrison’s Animal Man The Invisibles Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol BPRD Mark Waids Daredevil run Ultimate Spderman Batman Hush And, to finish off - Watchmen
  4. Christoph Waltz is fucking awful. He plays the same role over and over. The most over rated actor of the last 20 years
  5. X the Man with the X ray eyes Interesting, but hampered by when it was made. It’s Corman so you know you will be entertained throughout but it needed a bit more zip to really get going. 2.5/5 Saint Maud This was captivating and utterly amazing. Fantastic performances and skilful direction. I haven’t got a clue what was going on though. 4.5/5 Friday the 13th remake My only exposure to the FT13th universe. This starts really well and is nice looking. It also has some fantastic boobs in it. But about two thirds of the way through it starts to lose its way and ends poorly with badly a edited climax. Shame as the Performances are very good for the most part. 2/5 Nightbreed Narrative coherence is entirely absent from this odd bit of Barker. Some great ideas but they are chucked with abandon so that what you end up with is the horror movie version of Homers car. I am interested to see the newish directors cut as it apparently fixes some of these issues. Cronenburg is well creepy in his role. 2/5 Evil Dead Its….ok I suppose. I liked the premise and it is watchable. But I was never scared or excited at all. It just kind of rolled on and then it ended 2.5/5 Evil Dead 2 This was…..better I suppose. It starts really well but I found the cabin a boring set and they spend far too long there. Campbell I found equally brilliant and annoying. Raimi is more assured here but I found it less and less interesting as it progressed. 3/5 Army of Darkness I found this quite funny and utterly bonkers. My favourite of the 3 films, but still far from classic status. At least it wasn’t set in that bloody cabin! Reminded me of The Spaceman and King Arthur. 3.5/5 I’ve also stared watching Ash vs Evil Dead which is excellent and more fun than the films IMHO The House of the Devil. This takes an absolute age to get going. Once it finally does it great. But it’s nowhere near as good as the reviews make it out to be. Solid, but unremarkable. Noonan is his usual brilliant self. It’s too restrained for its own good. 3/5 Cabin Fever 2. Hard to believe this is the same director as House of the Devil. It’s basically American Pie meets Carrie. I did enjoy it for what it was, particularly the grosser bits. 2/5
  6. An American Werewolf in Paris Well, I rather enjoyed this considering it’s reputation. It was a fun romp that wasn’t a complete retread of the first film. The CGI was heavily criticised at the time but I found it passable. Obviously it’s nowhere near as good as the original but it was still a decent sequel 3/5 The Harvest Spellbinding performances from Shannon and Morton help elevate this spooky tale. I wasn’t expecting much from this and it blew me away a little. Not an original bone in its body but I didn’t care as I was having so much fun. It’s about a boy who can’t walk and his odd parents. 4/5 Dawn of the Dead Firstly, I was confused by the three different versions on Prime. I went with the theatrical cut and it started off well enough. I got further confused as it didn’t seem to be like the Snyder version. Where was the shopping mall. Then they eventually get to the mall and for me this was where the film kinda nosedived in quality. I was bored and kept looking at my iPad for gaming news. I’m slowly making my way through Romero’s career but have yet to work out why he is so revered. The zombies look terrible. Luckily, things take a turn for the better in the last 40 minutes. The film ends really well. 3/5
  7. Help! I am currently trying to complete the Radio Free Monarch quest and can’t get back into Stellar Bay. Both doors say they are sealed. I need to speak to Phineas but don’t seem to be able to get off Monarch. I’m assuming the landing bay is in Stellar Bay. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
  8. Hmm. I hated The VVitch and Babadook is possibly the worst film I’ve ever seen. But Midsommar and Wicker Man are absolutely brilliant. So I’m not sure what to make of your disapproval of this.
  9. I much prefer The Americans to any of the shows you mention
  10. I’ve recently started this on bone and need some help! ive just had to kill Stingtail to get some oranges for Griff but he killed 2 of my team. I don’t have any resurrection scrolls. What do I do?
  11. Yeah, horses for courses and all that. Flight Simulator I played for around an hour and didn’t go back to. It’s nowhere near as impressive as Ratchet IMHO
  12. Picked up Ratchet and Clank yesterday It absolutely awesome! And it’s so far ahead of anything on the Series X it’s almost laughable
  13. An American Werewolf in London Like a fine wine, this has only improved with age. For such an old film it feels incredibly modern. It’s an absolute masterclass in efficient movie making. Not a single scene is wasted or goes on too long. It’s a cracking plot with great performances and a brilliant script. And the effects. Wow. 5/5 Wolves. A daft romp, but everyone involved is having an awful lot of fun and it shows. I’ve yet to be convinced by Momoa but he relishes the role here. It’s like a 15 rated Twilight but with more fun. 3/5
  14. Well, you’ve certainly piqued my interest
  15. Am I too old to know what Robux is?
  16. I love stuff like 12 minutes and David Cage's output What I fucking hate is some of my favourite single player franchises getting turned into multiplayer bollocks. I cannot stand multiplayer gaming (well, local is good but online can do one).
  17. Couldn't agree more with this. It simply isn't MGS
  18. The Blob The original, not bad for a 50s sci fi horror with a young Mcqueen. Some decent effects for the time. 2.5/5 Derailed Anniston and Owen in a decent thriller with excellent support from Cassel. Nothing even remotely original but it plays well apart from the saccharine ending. 3/5 The Empire Strikes Back Is it as perfect as I think it is? How much does nostalgia play a part in my enjoyment of the film? A more than worthy sequel to one of the most important films in cinematic history. Its also utterly stunning in 4k. 5/5 Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom I've gone back and forth on this over the decades. I've finally concluded that its brilliant despite a few mis-steps. An action tour-de-force that is thrilling from start to end with some amazing set pieces. 5/5
  19. I keep starting this, playing for a few hours then giving up as I just get totally confused as to what I’m supposed to be delivering and where to. Then a few months go by and I start again. Does anyone else have this issue? I find all the text on objectives very confusing and am often unsure what to load up when I do set off
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