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  1. I’ve always thought First Contact was absolute cack. Possibly the most overrated sci fi movie ever made. Love the rest of em though, even the crap ones.
  2. I’ve watched a stack of 4K’s recently. Here’s my ratings Godzilla (kick ass one) Wow. An absolute stunner of a disc. 4/5 Leon This is even better. What a belter this is in 4K, really makes you realise how good Besson can be. 5/5 Jurrasic Park A slight letdown. Picture quality is extremely variable. 3/5 Man of Steel. A great film in 4K with the opening Krypton scenes looking staggering. 4/5 Apollo 13 Major disappointment. Didn’t feel like any kind of upgrade. 1/5 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Sublime picture quality throughout. 5/5 Sicario Brilliant. 5/5 Kong Skull Island An incredibly vivid picture and amazing sound. 4/5 Fantastic Beasts 1 and 2 Both of these are great. Particularly the night scenes. 4/5 Indiana Jones and the last crusade Great stuff. A real upgrade from the standard blu ray 4/5 Jaws. Absolutely amazing, miles better than the standard blu ray. 5/5 Power Rangers Poor. No different to standard blu ray. 1/5 The Mummy (Brendan) A mixed bag. Some of the CGI shots look abysmal in 4K. 2.5/5 Speed Absolutely first class picture quality. 5/5 Waterworld A fantastic film in 4K. 4/5
  3. if I want this preloaded on my consoles do I just download the multiplayer game on gamepass or is there a separate thing for the campaign?
  4. The Maze Runner Trilogy An interesting set of films with only the middle movie feeling a little flabby. Incredibly well realised with a consistent feel. Having the same director across all 3 certainly helps and means that we don't different people pulling in different directions. The films use their relatively small budgets extremely well and the films boost some excellent action scenes (particularly the start of the third film, which is just a superb opening sequence). The young cast are all putting in a first class effort and the supporting adults are also fun to watch. As far as kids dystopian films go these really don't put a foot wrong. In fact, I would call them the most over-looked trilogy this century. 4/5
  5. I thought there were 2 more books to go - am I remembering it wrong?
  6. House of Gucci I thought this was very good, but overlong. TBH Pacino and Irons (two of my favourite actors) sharing screen time was more than worth the price of admission for me. Driver and Gaga are simply breathtaking (rarely have I been so wrong about an actor, but I hated Drivers performance in Force Awakens and wrote him off. Fast forward a few years and he’s the most interesting actor working today). Its bonkers, often slowly paced, fantastically shot and utterly nails the time period. The accents feel a little out of place in the modern era yet somehow they work perfectly. Scott can still deliver an interesting film and I’m quite enjoying this period of his career (certainly more so than his 90s output) 4/5 ( 3/5 from the wife, 5/5 from my daughter)
  7. I think the Mandolorian is absolute cack. Not even finished the second season
  8. Garfield is the best Spidey by a distance
  9. City on the edge of forever is surely the best episode to show a newbie. Pretty much everyone has the cultural touchstone to know who Kirk and co are and it’s a great story.
  10. You’ve really made me want to watch this now. And He’s Just not that into you
  11. Fucking brilliant so far. That is all.
  12. I've been playing this over the last few days and enjoying a lot.
  13. I got this the other day - its an amazing port. Some of the cutscenes are extremely odd.
  14. Vice This felt like very immature movie making to me so I was surprised and baffled to find out it was the director’s 10th movie or thereabouts. What saves the movie is two amazing central performances from Bale and Adams. They add a prestige to the film that it really doesn’t deserve. Perry is also fantastic, but Rockwell is woefully miscast as Bush. When it works, the satire is good, but far too often I felt it lacked any finesse at all. 3/5 The Da Vinci Code An excellent thriller that moves at great pace. It’s utterly daft of course, but the cast all seem to be enjoying themselves and Howard juggles all the plot threads with ease. Bettany is almost unrecognisable as Silas and gives a wonderfully over the top performance. 4/5
  15. I own an S, X and PS5. For me, the PS5 is the clear winner. Now, I really dont want it to be because hardcore Sony fans are absolute tossers, but there's no denying that, for me at least, it feels like a proper next gen console and not a slightly better way to play old games that the S and X do. The only thing that's truly awesome on the Series consoles is quick resume which feels like a totally necessary missing component when playing on my Ps5. The PS5 has had the best exclusives by far and there's still nothing on the Series that's blown me away apart from The Medium. However, I still play on my One X more than any of the next gen consoles. Its my favorite console of all time and, most importantly, it actually fits under my TV. I have a cheap external HD drive fitted so I can have a huge library of games ready to go at a moments notice (vitally important to me). Beyond even that, the switch is my most played console at the moment, mainly down to the under-rated (and somewhat looked down upon on here) switch lite. If they release an OLED lite then my life is complete.
  16. I know my view of Dr No is unusual But I’ve never met a single human soul who likes Thunderball
  17. S Goldeneye Licence to Kill Skyfall From Russia with love OHMSS Live and let Die A Goldfinger The Living Daylights Octupussy Quantum of Solace Tommorow Never Dies No Time to Die B Casino Royale Spectre The Spy who loved me A View to a Kill For your eyes Only Moonraker Die Another Day C You Only Live Twice D Dr No The Man with the Golden Gun The World is not Enough Thunderball E Diamonds are Forever.
  18. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood So much to absorb here. A richly layered film with an almost unmatched sense of time and place. When watching it I wasn’t sure if it was a masterpiece or hogwash. But now I’ve had an hour or two to take it all in, I think it’s definitely a masterpiece. Tarantino does it again, coaxing career best performances from pretty much everyone. It’s so refreshing to see a director and cinematographer who actually know their craft and relish in telling a story with patience and skill. 5/5
  19. Assault on Precinct 13 Meh. I’m sure this has a few ardent fans on the forum, but it left me cold. I had no empathy for any of the characters and it wasn’t at all exciting. It’s certainly nowhere near peak Carpenter. I’d put it about the same level as Vampires and that’s mainly for the amazing score and sound editing. The criminal held up in precinct looked about as threatening as Rupert Bear. The rest of the cast were okay considering what little they had to work with. 2/5
  20. The guys on TCGS were saying how amazing this was and I just didn’t get it. A competent middle of the road platformer
  21. Leon Why I have I left it so long to rewatch this? Quite simply one of the best films of the 90s this is pure cinema with a star and director at the absolute top of their game. The plot, script, cinematography, score, cast, editing and production design are all beyond perfection. For the few who don’t know, it’s the tale of an assassin and the young girl who he ends up caring for. Besson is one of my favourite directors and this is his magnum opus. Portman needs good direction to bring out her best work and she is stunningly good in her debut. Flawless. 5/5 Its also a stunning 4k disc. Has anyone ever dared to check out his Arthur and the Invisibles movies?
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