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  1. Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    After the meandering nature of the tv shows and the good but predictable Black Widow I was getting rather worried about the MCU. Eternals looks poor and this was a complete unknown entity for me. I simply had no knowledge of the character, a first for me with the MCU. But I needn’t have worried. This is a fantastic yarn with a great cast, some rip roaring fight scenes, a cracking script and assured direction. Obvious similarities to TESB but I didn’t mind that at all.


    It’s only weaknesses are a poor score and the fact that it’s a good 10-15 minutes too long. 

    The  MCU feels safely back on track with this exciting and heartfelt film.




  2. 13 hours ago, Sane said:

    Pusher - 3/5


    Super low budget Danish 90's film with very young Kim Bodnia (Martin from the Bridge) and Mads Mikkelsen. I enjoyed this a lot, the film is about them trying to make money doing drug deals and generally having a bad time.



    Pusher 2 - 4/5


    Only Mads Mikkelsen this time. This was very good, a much more mature film than the first one (it was made a while later in 2004). A great performance by Mads as the not too smart main character being released from prison and descending into his miserable life of crime again. 



    A Dark Song - 3/5


    Recommended in the horror movie thread. A woman hires a man to perform a ritual to come into contact with a dead person. It's pretty good, very character driven. The ending didn't really do it for me though.



    Aliens - 5/5


    I've been revisiting some classics lately and I hadn't watched this in at least 10 years. Happy to say it's still every bit as brilliant as it was in my memory. It has all the things you love, the aliens, the one liners, the atmosphere. But also, it's just a really really well made movie. The pacing is great, every moment is interesting, there's actual character development. They don't make em like this anymore.



    Predator - 3/5


    Controversial opinion incoming. Unlike Aliens this didn't really hold up too well I'm sad to say. Of course the concept of the predator is still cool, but there isn't really a whole lot more to it than that. The plot is paper thin, there's really no interesting characters and the ancient CG effects don't do it any favors either. Even the one liners felt a bit try hard. 

    I watched Predator a couple of years back and found it decidedly average. This was a movie that was in my top 10 of all time back in the 90s/00s.


    Funny how your taste changes over the years. 

  3. Finally got round to seeing this today after 2 abortive attempts (including one where there was a fire at the cinema!)


    I thought it was very good indeed with a fantastic cast. Standouts for me were Seydoux and Wishaw who were absolutely perfect. Craig remains my least favourite Bond even though he’s been very good in the last 3. And he is a great actor which is most evident in this film. He’s just never really felt like Bond to me. Wright is also an odd one for me, never been a fan of his film performances but think he is amazing in Westworld. 

    I was aghast at the ending, totally didn’t see it coming. The action wasn’t the best of the Craig era and it’s telling that I decided to go to the loo once an action sequence started. 

    Quick shout out for Rory Kinnear who I have really enjoyed in the role of Tanner for the last 4 films. 

  4. Personally, I’m getting serious franchise fatigue from the MCU. Up to this year Iron Man 2 was the only one I hadn’t seen at the cinema. But I missed Shang Chi and doubt I will bother with this. Four movies in 6 months is just too much. 

    The poor reviews aren’t helping either 

  5. Baby Driver


    A little odd in that this is the first NEW film I have seen with Spacey since the revelations about him came out. It was a bit weird, but I persevered. The film itself is excellent, a great vibe. Unlike everyone else on the planet, I’m not a fan of SOTD at all but I’ve thought all Wrights other films are really good and while this doesn’t reach the heights of Scott Pilgrim it’s still a great yarn that has a sharp script, flows extremely well and utilises it’s eclectic cast to great effect. It’s all rounded off by a killer soundtrack.


    Impressive, very impressive 



  6. 9 minutes ago, englishbob said:

    Attack the block


    A CBBC X rated production. A weird film from the standpoint of Jodie Whittakers character whereby she almost has to resign herself to the fact that she has to become the protected eventually to her assailants because they have a compelling backstory that justifies mugging a single woman at knifepoint


    I had no idea inner city Londoners referred to the police as "the feds", not sure how true that is, if it is hopefully they've stopped that by now



    I think its a very odd movie - the whole mugging thing is strange

  7. The app on iPad is atrocious when watching a download show. Its so poorly designed compared to Netflix or Prime. It’s pretty much on par with iPlayer which is insane when you consider who developed it. 

  8. Phantom 


    I was really enjoying this submarine movie, then the last 5 minutes happened. One of the oddest ends to a film I’ve ever seen. Just bizarre.




    Without Remorse


    I don’t think the forum warmed to this much. I thought it was good, if a little poorer towards the finale. A great cast is used well, although once a certain actor appeared I had no doubts who the antagonist would be. Some well shot action 



    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 


    Utterly spellbinding and perfect film making, hard to believe it was made for tv. Rapace is beyond perfect as Lisbeth and the rest of the cast are, without exception, brilliant. If this passed you by then hunt it down. I’m also a huge fan of the remake, but it’s a different beast and doesn’t feel as authentic to the source material. 




    Apparently everyone hates this. I loved it, it’s camp and bonkers and it’s less than 80 minutes long. Since watching it I haven’t been able to get Lisa Loeb out of my head. 





    Micro budget Aussie zombie flick which I found effective and it’s telling that this does a better job of feeling like a lived in zombie world than The Walking Dead. 

    not perfect but always interesting.





  9. 26 minutes ago, cassidy said:

    The Trip - Netflix 


    Norwegian movie with Noomi Rapace directed by what did Dead Snow. 

    If you like your comedy black and Gordy then I highly recommend this. 

    A couple in marital strife head to their cabin for a weekend. Shit goes places. 

    Not saying anything else but I loved this 


    4/5 cos the signposting is a bit on the nose and it could do with a smidge more budget but me and the better half laughed out loud and would recommend it. 

    Well that’s my nights viewing sorted. 

  10. On 17/10/2021 at 12:51, Hanzo the Razor said:

    I couldn't get through Halloween 2018 so I'm not even attempting this one.

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought 2018 was awful. After hearing so many good things about it I was amazed at what an utter turd it was. H20 was such a great continuation of the story and is one of my favourite horror sequels. 


  11. 3 Best picture winners I hadn't seen....


    West Side Story


    Great songs, but the rest of the film fell flat for me. It was a mediocre film and had none of the life that imbued every scene of The Sound of Music. 






    I was hoping to be surprised by this but I got exactly what I was expecting - an expertly crafted movie that really wasn't my cup of tea at all. I'm simply not the target for this sort of thing - shame as its so well made and I totally get the plaudits. Strathairn was brilliant.




    Driving Miss Daisy


    I enjoyed this a lot. It really doesn't put a foot wrong. 3 amazing performances from the 3 leads. Zimmer's score is great and a nice departure from his usual stuff. I was totally surprise by how good this was. The saccharine was dialed up to 11 but sometimes I don't mind that at all.



  12. 9 hours ago, Alan Stock said:


    If its a morph-ball sized gap you can hang off the edge and then jump elsewhere. It teaches you this right at the start. You can also wall jump by jumping in the opposite direction when you hit a wall, but the game never tells you this and I think its not necessary to progress, just a nice optimisation to get around quickly and to get some of the optional powerups.

    Cheers, but I meant enter the small gap above where I’m holding on. 

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