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  1. Enola Holmes Must admit that I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. It’s fun, well scripted and MBB is utterly likeable in the central role. I had no idea she was English until today. I think she has a fantastic career ahead of her. It’s a tad too long and the first half is slightly better than the second (just like Zack Snyders Justice League!) but I still had a really fun time with it. 4/5 Sixty Six Sweet but totally unfunny yarn about a young boy whose bar mitzvah is the same day as the 1966 World Cup final. I still find Marsan extremely creepy. I really liked the final 15 minutes which really echoed my relationship with my father. It’s also has a good message about how family can be horrible to each other without ever intending it. 3/5
  2. The Last Temptation of Christ Now largely forgotten, the most controversial film of the 80s is an interesting watch. Dafoe is spellbinding in the central role and Scorsese does an admirable job of making the film feel vibrant and as plausible as the gospels version of the story. It is very wordy and also a little overlong. Peter Gabriel’s score is mesmerising and helps to alleviate some of the boredom that sets in in a few minor places. 4/5 Zack Snyders Justice League A huge improvement over the original version but I still can’t stand Cyborg and found him deeply annoying in almost every scene he was in. I actually thought the first half was better than the second and it was nice to actually understand why the villains were attacking earth in the first place. As a huge DC fan it was refreshing to see my favourite superheroes getting a decent team up movie. 4/5 Triangle A rewatch. I had forgotten just how good this film is. Hard to believe it’s from the same director as Creep (easily in my top ten worst films ever). George is perfect in the role and it’s hard to think of many people who would have been better ( Blunt perhaps ). I still haven’t got a clue as to what’s going on. 5/5 Godzilla. King of the Monsters Its taken my 2 attempts to get through this. It wastes a great cast (who are all excellent without exception) with a plodding story and poorly shot action. Luckily, it does redeem itself somewhat with an excellent final fight sequence. It seemed to me that bits of the story were simply missing as it leapt about from scene to scene. 2/5
  3. I always skip the first 20 minutes. Shame, as the rest is the best podcast on gaming full stop. But the bants is just, and always has been, utterly immature
  4. Last Thing He Wanted An extremely poor effort which wastes an impressive cast and is the most boring film I’ve seen in some time. Apart from the lack of mobiles no effort is made to make it feel like it’s set in the 80s. Hathaway tries her best, bless her, but the material is so poor that not even she can redeem it. 0.5/5 Death Note An excellent palate cleaner after the last film, Great fun, if insanely daft. I’m sure fans of the manga hate it, but for someone new to the tale I thought this was a great introduction to the saga. Very clever in places and visually it was very interesting. 4/5 that’s 2 films starring Dafoe . I will have to think of a third
  5. Cujo is 99p for just over 2.5 hours
  6. Might have to pick up the following in the next few days The church in the darkness Beat Cop Hotline Miami Scott Pilgrim Serious Sam Grandia HD Romancing Saga 2 Final Fantasy CC Blimey - my bank account is gonna suffer!
  7. A great direct, much more pleasing for me than the Xbox thing.
  10. The more I think about it, the more the Xbox feels like the Primark of gaming where Sony is the Selfridges. A low fixed monthly cost of okayish games that are often unpolished ( I’ve just been playing outer worlds and unpolished is definitely the word ) that just about do the job of entertaining you. Meanwhile, people’s jaws are continually dropping to the floor over in the Ratchet and Clank thread.
  11. Well, I was sorely disappointed. No Fable, Perfect Dark or Halo campaign. None of the games (with the possible exception of Stalker 2) impressed more than Max and The Curse of the Brotherhood which I was playing on my series x before the show started. Max is excellent BTW.
  12. Yyyyyyeeesssssss!!!!! I was watching this on Prime at it suddenly got taken off. It’s absolutely brilliant
  13. I’d rate them Mad Max 5/5 Mad Max 2. 5/5 Mad Max BT. 4/5
  14. Forza Borza. H4 is excellent but it has enough content to last me for years.
  15. Fable, Halo campaign, gears of war campaign etc
  16. Xbox is my favourite platform but they are moving away from the type of games I love
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