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  1. Finally! I don't blame Yodel at all for the delay. Game clearly didn't send mine and lots of others in time.
  2. Glad I’m not the only one who is in for day 2 of hope and pray it shows up.
  3. Still nothing from Game/Yodel. No wonder Game we're panic emailing yesterday. I've just about given up hope of it coming today. Anyone else had any updates?
  4. Has anyone had this update yet from a Game Yodel order? My F5 key is taking a battering.
  5. I’ve had most consoles since the Dreamcast at launch but the most memorable console pick up was just after launch. I didn’t preorder a PS2 because the launch line up was weak and then regretted it. Nowhere had stock and it looked like there would a long wait. Not long after launch Tesco announced they had procured 2500 consoles from mainland Europe which Sony weren’t happy about apparently. They were seeking 500 at 5 different stores around the country and one of those was my local store in Cardiff. Sped there with my mum and sister and joined the queue about 20th
  6. https://www.game.co.uk/en/hardware/playstation-5?langId=44&storeId=10151&catalogId=10201&categoryId=1714606&pageView=&pageSize=48&resultCatEntryType=&catgrpSchemaType=&RASchemaType=&searchTerm=&searchType=&searchTermOperator=&searchTermScope=&filterTerm=&filterType=&filterTermOperator=&catGroupId=&categoryType=&sType=&minPrice=&maxPrice=&inStockOnly=false&showOutOfStockProducts=false#Page2 If you change stock availability to show out of stock items. You can see all the bundles. It
  7. https://www.game.co.uk/en/playstation-5-marvels-spider-man-miles-morales-2836762 Try that link
  8. Just got one from Game with Spiderman MM.
  9. Got the Game All Access queue. Won't deal with me because I don't have a store preorder OR have been in the scheme previously.
  10. I'm in the Game queue for All Access. 29 minutes to go. Will they get the website back up before the end of my wait time..........agony
  11. It's like the Smyths site is just waiting for someone to open up the shop. Shambles
  12. Thanks for the Amazon Smile Link. Got One. Still trying to do all access but all the sites are broken it seems
  13. No money down, small monthly payments for 24 months and access to a large gaming library for 2 years, now including EA Play. This is going to be a no brainer for the masses. Does it really matter what the PS5 price is unless they can compete on these terms? The hardcore will be in whatever, but look beyond that and the PS5 could be a hard sell in comparison.
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