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  1. Yes, the bias cultivated isn’t the cartoonishly brazen variety (usually). Make no mistake it’s an apparatus that empirically works. As Mike said, these budgets set aside aren’t an act of charity. As implied by Alex and Darren there are practical difficulties to impartiality (due to the current socioeconomic setup) with potential consequences to access etc. It’s particularly striking with companies like Apple. DF to me seem more impartial than most, there’s a sense they genuinely strive for it and I love their output. We just can’t ignore the fact that no one is impervio
  2. That’s not the expectation. Yes I am intimately involved in this kind of thing professionally. Not that it matters.
  3. Yes. Sure partial ethics has its advantages but it’s not a particularly lofty goal.
  4. Unfortunately true. I did say “in many places”. And even in hospitals/wards where they still allow this practice it’s been massively scaled back, limits etc. Of course there should be none at all.
  5. I generally like DF’s output. Let’s not be naive though, both MS and Sony will be looking to inject bias at every single turn, especially in popular/influential outlets like DF. Corporate lobbying isn’t always ham-fisted bags of cash. In this case simply having their travel and accommodation paid for by MS is a competing interest. There’s a reason this kind of practice was eradicated in many places in eg the medical/pharma industry, where factual veracity matters a bit more.
  6. Fuck that. Tempted by the hardware but no chance in hell. I hope someone else takes the lead in investing in VR.
  7. Was enjoying everything about that except for the thread moaners! Just because it wasn’t put through a LexisNexis deep search and didn’t achieve 88.7% original syntax within two decades of threads it wasn’t any less enjoyable or valid.
  8. Have all rollmuckers who wanted a launch one got a preorder yet? @womblingfree @LowCostMonkey We should try to alert all these folk directly when preorders are back up. Can’t have our rllmuk brethren left short.
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