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  1. Thank you everyone for your generous posts, I can’t wait to delve in. I know I should be listening to the full albums. I started with a best of complication and still can appreciate the artistry of their songs on their own, but yes there’s a synergy with the other tracks. Just a stunning band of no equal.
  2. Anyone have any tips here? I’ve been getting into them intensely, now my favourite band of all time. But still mainly mainstream stuff so to think there are other masterpieces excites me like nothing else. Ed’s post makes me feel like a total noob, gladly. To prove it here are tracks I’ve listened to and adore (haven’t listened to whole albums except Dark side) Comfortably numb Wish you were here Time Great gig in the sky Hey you High hopes Another brick All of dark side album Gunners dream Take it back Set the controls Extremely impressed by Waters’ lyrics, and Roger Waters the person. Their solos are orgasmic. I really want to hear the good rare versions.
  3. Haptic fleshlight.
  4. Anyone know the classical music piece at the start of his Cyberpunk review?
  5. No there you go What a match, what a day
  6. No Foreman too. My long shot wish is Julius Jackson.
  7. Skimmed through the roster, didn’t see Tyson, Pacquiao, Mayweather, Prince Naz (but seem to have his son!) and the one I want most ... James Toney.
  8. Are they missing any big names?
  9. Day 1 Made by actual hardcore fans
  10. I’m thoroughly enjoying this game through this thread in a Tokimeki Memorial Action Button review meta kind of way, with the stellar cast of the likes of Fallows, Stock, K, Flosh, Stadia Zok et al. I’ve not actually played it and have avoided videos so I’ve little idea of what’s it’s actually like but from my perspective now it seems both incredibly intriguing and dauntingly laborious and broken. I’m torn as to get it now or wait for the inevitable super-patched special edition with a 4080ti and continue enjoying the mythos here.
  11. True, that Matrix demo blew my socks off.
  12. Agree that they’re very powerful and thoroughly enjoying them, I mean underpowered relative to some of the games - one of the first games released this gen suffers jarring stuttering when you turn RT on.
  13. These new consoles have felt underpowered since day 1. From the very beginning of this gen, raytracing has clobbered frame rates in eg Cold War. Reading the compromises in Cyberpunk is painful. With VR on the horizon too I wonder if Sony/MS will release hardware refreshes sooner, which I’d be all over.
  14. Thank you beautiful people, went in with more tempered expectations, enjoying the shit out of it I do wonder what a cubensis escalation might do to the experience but that could be for another time. I know nothing about Psychonauts but now also very intrigued @JPL
  15. Thanks to the thread that’s the fastest I’ve ever gone from being aware of a game’s existence and purchase, @cassidy sealing the deal beyond any doubt whatsoever.
  16. I now want to learn Japanese to play Tokimeki Memorial. These reviews have given me more entertainment than all of my gaming last year.
  17. Incredible thread. These are so entertaining.
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