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  1. Developers can specify this, for games that are verified/playable on Steam Deck. You can also request Valve specifically test the Windows build rather than Linux when doing Steam Deck compatibility checks. So it'll vary by game, and by how much the developer engages with the Deck verification system.
  2. Might be worth trying to contact them via Twitter. A few people have found they're quicker to respond that way.
  3. Made a basic Spectrum emulator for the Playdate the other day, just to see how it runs. Speed seems fine, though not doing audio yet. A few graphics issues due to the lack of colour. Was wondering about doing a Space Invaders arcade emulator, as that's pretty simple, and also has a monochrome screen.
  4. Don't know if it's changed since the pre-orders, but mine was about $18 shipping plus $40 VAT.
  5. It doesn't - you can switch the display to 40Hz (or any whole number between that and 60). So you can fiddle around with refresh rates until you get something that the game can consistently meet.
  6. If you've not tried it, enabling gyro controls works well for Powerwash Simulator. I have it set to enable the gyro just when R2 is held down, so you can use it to adjust your aim while washing stuff.
  7. I've just given this a try on Xbox, and the lag is awful. I've been playing the Steam version, which has very slight input lag, but Xbox is miles worse. The Game Pass version on PC seems about the same as the Steam one, but on Xbox it's terrible. PC version is generally okay, but seems to have issues with vsync - the option appears to work in the museum bit, but I get horrible tearing in some games (especially Pac-Land). The scaling is dreadful, too - none of the three settings available are integer scales, so you get uneven pixel sizes and shimmering as things scroll. Plus, there are no dip switch options, and the defaults aren't always ideal (they've turned off stage select in Pac-Land for example). I have no idea why they don't offer full-screen options and filtering - they'd be trivial to do. For Pac-Land in particular, the stand-alone Switch version that came out a few weeks ago from Hamster is much better than this. It's a decent selection of games, though, so if they sort out the technical issues, it'll be a pretty good pack. I'm enjoying playing Pac n Roll again, albeit with the story removed for some reason.
  8. Total chance shot while on the ferry from Manhattan, but this came out alright. Ring-billed gull by James Sutherland, on Flickr
  9. I've not had it crash again since - seems like it might have been related to docking, possibly. Been solid sticking to handheld mode.
  10. Don't know what it was like pre-patch, but it's crashed on me three times in the first couple of hours, with the new patch. Once in a cut scene and twice opening books. All in docked mode. Hasn't crashed in handheld for some reason.
  11. Not the highest quality as I've had to crop a bit but a couple of (I think) Honey Buzzards decided to have a fight above me yesterday when I happened to have my camera with me: DSC_0186 by James Sutherland, on Flickr DSC_0185 by James Sutherland, on Flickr DSC_0180 by James Sutherland, on Flickr
  12. My wife has bought me a photography experience thing at a local zoo, which I'm doing tomorrow, and I'm a bit nervous about. Normally in zoos I just stick on a longish zoom lens so I can get decent close-ups of the animals, but this will be going inside the enclosures, so I'm not really sure of the best approach. My options are basically 35mm or 50mm prime lenses, which might give nice looking pictures with a wide aperture or the 15-55mm kit lens which is a bit slow (though it's meant to be quite sunny tomorrow). Otherwise it's a 70-300mm zoom, but I'm not sure I'd be able to use that if I'm close to the animals. Anybody got any suggestions? I'm worried I'll go and not get any decent pictures
  13. Went to Donna Nook on the Lincolnshire coast yesterday to have a look at the seals. They come to shore to give birth around this time of year. DSC_0601 by James Sutherland, on Flickr The pups lose the white fluffy coat after a few weeks so you get loads of it all over the ground. DSC_0877 by James Sutherland, on Flickr They have a rare all black seal there this year. Couldn't see that one, so had to make do with a mostly black one instead. DSC_0859 by James Sutherland, on Flickr DSC_0749 by James Sutherland, on Flickr
  14. You can sort of fake presets, but it's not great. You can copy and paste settings from one photo to another, so if you create a collection in LR desktop with a few pictures in, apply the presets to them and sync to LR mobile, you can copy/paste the settings from those pictures onto new ones. Don't think camera calibration works, though, if you have custom profiles.
  15. The naming doesn't help, either. It's a nightmare trying to find information on Lightroom CC to figure out what does and doesn't work with it, as every search result takes you to information on the product that's now called Lightroom Classic. They really should have given it a unique name, rather than taking the name of another product. Classic is a terrible name too - they might as well have just called it Lightroom Obsolete, as that's what it sounds like, even if it's not their plan. I've given up on trying to get all my RAW files into the the cloud. Doesn't seem possible while still maintaining your original catalogue for use in LR Classic. The migration process is completely mad too - it duplicates your entire collection of images before uploading them. So if you have 1TB of RAW files, you need an extra 1TB of free space to migrate to CC. Why it can't just upload them from where they are, I've no idea.
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