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  1. I'm looking for someone to design a simple logo and a html / css template for a music related website. I have no PS skills whatsoever. I also have no idea what the going rate is. Anybody interested?
  2. So I've known about the new Resident Evil Degeneration CG movie for a while now, but there is a distinct lack of solid info on the net about it, I'm fucked if I can find the official website (if it even exists). IMO any resident evil film that moves away from the god awful fuckup that has now become the hollywood POS Resident Evil Trilogy (thanks Paul W S Anderson) is a step in the right direction. I mean, I fucking love the Resident Evil games, the story and execution in the main titles (excluding the gun survivor series) is pure gold. I was so excited back in 2001 when the first movie came out but then proceeded to stick large blunt objects in my eyes after seeing the butchuring of the francise. Don't get me wrong, if the first RE movie hadn't have been called Resident Evil it wouldn't be so bad as a film, but to label it with the golden capcom title was a bad move. So when the second film came out boasting to be more like the game I gave it another chance. I can safely say that I have never been so disappointed in my life when I saw that POS. Somebody please cut off Paul W S Anderson's hands. And if that wasn't enough, he goes and manages to not only piss all over the RE francise, but manages to fuck Milla Jocovich! Bet he's laughing. RANT OVER. Anyway, back on to the main purpose of this thread. RE Degeneration is a computer generated movie bases more closely to the game without as it seems any notion of a half human half monster clone ninja russian hottie called 'Alice'. The trailer looks awesome and looks to follow on from the story of the actual games. If you haven't seen the trailer yet feast your eyes here. Peoples thoughts?
  3. Sounds good man, look forward to having a listen.
  4. I'm in London, learning drums at the moment, been playing for about six months, guessing thats not long enough? I could record some stuff if you wanted a listen.
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