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  1. Didn't touch anything previous gen, just wasn't into games anymore. Got a Switch mostly for playing with the kid, it's great, got some games for me that I'll dip in and out of, but ofen have the odd mess around on Mario Kart with the family or help the little one on Let's Go Pikachu. Was given a Series S by a client before Christmas, hammered some games (mostly Wolfenstein, love shooting Nazis, what can I say) but for the past few months it's barely been on just really to have a nosey at what's on Game Pass, not much really interests me there. Think I just much prefer the Switch when I fancy playing something.
  2. Wordle 213 6/6 ️️️️ ️️️ ️️️ ️️️ ️️️ That was mildly annoying today.
  3. I’ll win the award for lowest gamer score. Oh how I wish I could play OutRun on my Series S
  4. I know it’s an older one, but what’s the deal with Daytona USA and Jet Set Radio as they’re unavailable? I had a Google and was under the impression that I could buy them on the website, but when I try and pay it just hangs. I’ve been completely away from gaming for what must be 8 years before I got a Switch for last year and only just recently got a Series S, so I’m gutted I could have missed out on Daytona! Likewise would love to see RR6 on the store too sometime, shame that OutRun won’t happen!
  5. So I finally got my Series S set up last night, and tried Dreamcast, mostly Crazy Taxi, just didn't seem to play welll, slow down all over the place. Was sort of expecting solid 60fps, unless I've not got something set right? Using RetroArch with Flycast. Even Virtua Tennis was noticeably dropping frames, felt off.
  6. Having a go with SA on my Series S, wow it’s dark… I tried turning up the brightness but doesn’t seem to do anything. Before I ended up with a Series S I considered this one for Switch, if I was to buy it, imagine owning it for Switch seeing as it’s not exactly nice looking these days and at least it’s portable.
  7. I've got the PowerA one, can only do up to four though. But it's nice and tidy.
  8. Best Hibs kit in years. Love it.
  9. http://www.redcafe.net/f6/top-group-without-breaking-sweat-cl-group-stage-dead-me-342895/
  10. I went wild, but in a totally opposite way - I was fucking raging, if Blackburn had won my accumulator would of come in. £4 returning £471.
  11. Noooo, I only wanted her to stay in because she was a bit fit. Stuart should of been sacked anyway, winner or not. Bellend.
  12. http://www.dimenoc.com/ I'm tempted to drop a mail to abuseteam(at)dimenoc.com reporting a possible scam or e-mail address harvesting site to see what happens... Unless these guys are the one running this scam? Imagine the e-mail address database they could build to sell...
  13. But it's on servers on some shared shitty host, whilst Sega US and JP sites are all hosted in the same cities as their headquarters, dedicated servers at that.
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