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  1. Where are you seeing these impressions? (Note, I have not ventured in to PS threads in a long time) Any gaming podcast, or site, I have listened to basically said that they don't see why it exists. Some games have inexplicably worse performance on Pro and the use cases aren't defined at all. Most recommend getting the slim, or if they are feeling a bit more flush, get a Pro because there might be an actual reason for it's existance down the line.
  2. Well fuck... That'll teach me to not take things at face value!
  3. Well that FIFA looks sub-360 level of detail there. I don't know why I thought EA might actually put some effort in.
  4. I've never had a problem with the network code, what is the issue with that? But yeah the battery usage is ridiculous, is it a 3D thing or is it constantly working at something? It reminds me of Pokemon Go, but it had an excuse of needing to keep your position updated. What constant work does Golf Clash need to do that drains the battery? Plus, it's actually worse than PoGO.
  5. Don't forget the Z button.
  6. I have to say I'm not bothered by the coin burn rates. I have been up around 50k then half an hour later at 50. Another half an hour later and I'm back up to the same level again. Yes, you can lose money quickly, but you can also win it quickly. I'm ok going up and down the tours and don't feel ripped off. I have no experience of how Clash Royale handles this sort of thing and how it may be better, but the likes of 8 Ball Pool and Soccer Stars are even harsher as when you win you don't even get the same amount as you put in back out! There is an admin/agent fee. So could be worse.
  7. VR is not AR and this AR representation is much more impressive than a VR version in my opinion. VR would be much simpler to implement than this seems to be, and much less impressive because of it. Also for the stuff behind the portal to be visible would require an actual camera at the centre of every portal you make. It's impossible. You might be able to Trump it and give an approximation of the environment, but it will never be even close to right. Also, Portal in VR would work up until you step into one. Instant boke.
  8. It's not magic ffs! Why would you even think this would be a thing? If that's what you want, invent a portal gun.
  9. Ok, I did some back of my hand calculations... According to the below image from reddit, the Switch is around 300g (minus joycon), DK1 Rift was 380g, PSVR is apparently 610g! Add some weight on for a holder. DK1 had 7" 1280x800 screen with 215dpi Switch has 6.2" 1280x720 screen with 237dpi PSVR has 5.7" 1920x1080 screen with 386 dpi
  10. MojoChin

    Edge #303

    Yes I'm really interested in Switch. Yes I have one pre-ordered. But I also had a 12 year relationship with Edge that only recently broke down, but now they go and do something that I don't necessarily agree with and want to find out why. I don't see why that comes as a shock. Despite differing opinions, I'd like to know why opinions differ. Your final 2 points are irrelevant and wrong respectively.
  11. MojoChin

    Edge #303

    Oh somehow skipped that. Edge's opinion pieces have increasingly become less and less relevant to me, so not surprised at their thinking, but would like to know their reasoning. Even though I ended my subscription (which lasted over 12 years...) last month, I might have to buy this just to read it...Dammit.
  12. MojoChin

    Edge #303

    I really want to know, has Nintendo got it right this time?
  13. Because it was intentionally left in because it gets people talking about it? They can hand wave it off, "Listen to the ruffians and their vulgar chatter, we are Nintendo we are above all that."
  14. I generally just drop them in the Steam thread for anyone who wants them. You could sell them on if you wanted.
  15. I had 3 months there, ran out for this month, resubscribed for another 3. I've found the games to be really good, but I only have 100-odd games on Steam and haven't seen much crossover. I'd say it's really worth it, through £20 at it for 3 months of games, see what you think. Bargain.
  16. I've not had an issue with ShopTo for WiiU and Xbox One for launch delivery. The WiiU showed up a day early, Xbox One showed up before noon on launch day. In saying that, I've pre-ordered at Game for midnight launch just to ensure I have one, even though I've not had an issue before. Switch has me so excited I'm willing to risk Game, something I haven't done since Modern Warfare 2!
  17. WWE Champions is pretty cool, from the half hour I spent with it last night. It's basically a match 3 puzzler that I'm sure rips off some other games. But the mechanics feel pretty good and wrestlers are rendered well. It felt as though I was just about hitting a paywall when I finished playing last night, but that remains to be seen. Still think it was pretty good.
  18. You know 62.5MB/s is not 90MB/s, right? (Which is why I kept the case of the MB/Mb for pedantic shits.) You know what else? IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER!
  19. So, which of your statements are true? 90MB/s or 500Mb/s? Oh yeah, that's right...IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER!
  20. Or stop caring about speeds which are at least 3 times faster than Blu Ray?
  21. Blu rays have a read speed of 27 Mb/s, yes they are installed from the off on Xbox One and PS4 but this brings other issues, are we actually saying that during Xbox 360/PS3 days we were massively hamstrung by having to read from disk?
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