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  1. Will the Mario pre-load become active at midnight or will I have to wait to some ridiculous arbitrary hour? I just can't wait, have been planning a sleepless night all day!
  2. I am not a fan of retro pixel art in games. That Moonlighter though is pixel art done right. Looks great.
  3. I've a handful of keys to give away, usual deal, PM for the key. Shadow of Mordor GOTY Neon Chrome Oxenfree RIVE Flame and the Flood Warhammer: Vermintide (DLC & Item) Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition Stories Untold
  4. He scored 1 in a 2-0 win, 1 in a 3-0 win and 2 in a 4-0 win. Hardly invaluable.
  5. No, played many before, have the Blu-Ray app and all. (It was that app that was throwing the unreadable error) Just doesn't seem to be reading anything.
  6. Eventually got my Oculus set up last night, after fighting with a new PC build for the past month, and I have to say the opening tutorial, with the flying robot, is an utter, utter delight. I had a big smile on my face the whole time. Only other thing I had a go at was The Lab. Longbow was a standout there. What are essential to have a look at? Got Google Earth downloaded as well as Rec Room and Keep Talking and nobody explodes. Probably going to get Superhot VR. Haven't installed the free games from the Rift purchase, Robo Recall, etc, because I can't find where they are. Read that they are meant to just appear in your library? Can't see them. What else should I get? (Preferably free for the minute!)
  7. Has anyone ever had an issue with the disc drive? Went to stick a DVD on for the kids yesterday and it wouldn't read. Took it out, gave it a wipe and tried again. Still nothing. Different DVD. Nothing. Game disc? I assume nothing was read because I couldn't find the tile for the game anywhere. Is it borked? Is there anything to try beyond a hard reset? Is it easy to crack it open and replace the drive?
  8. MojoChin

    SNES Mini

    Yup, got my shipping text too. Good ol' Argos.
  9. But what makes Picross better than the "Picture Cross" game I have on iPhone?
  10. I have been playing an iPhone "picture cross" game for a while now, with many more puzzles than this will have. It is free. I have never played a Picross game, what excuse can I give myself that I have to spend £7 on this? Really wanted Picross 3D.
  11. That wouldn't have helped in this case, if it was a cloud save or saved to SD, it would get overwritten just as in this current way of working. And how many people backup saves to SD just in case someone overwrites their current save? No one. I get it, but it is like literally every other similar game in this respect. You have Continue Game and New Game. Yes, it breaks from the Zelda tradition of the multiple save slots, but that's what the switching profile is for.
  12. @Rsdio I'm playing on Xbox I've never really looked at the auction house but did stick a 5-star Armenia scout on my wishlist. When it cam up last he was going for 29k and I didn't have enough. Have over 60k now so will be looking at that the next time it comes around. Still need to find another 5-star scout that Mkhitaryan fits with though.
  13. @Rsdio Yeah, I don't think most of what you have described about the defending is what happens for me. Certainly your description of the latest goal is not reminiscent of what I see. Depending on player momentum, positioning, skill, etc. I can't say that what has happened is out of the ordinary. I generally feel like these is a reason for it. One thing that I do have issue with is that I feel that when online there are random decisions made on which team is going to perform well. I could be passing the ball around with fluency in one match then the next has every pass go a foot in front of or behind the intended recipient. All of the player "emotions" are fine or better but they still can't pass 10yds away.
  14. I am coming at this from someone who really only plays MyClub, but the times where I play against the CPU (like the Champions League cup Rsdio mentioned) I can't say I agree with much of the above. Player switching is all about the right stick switching. L1/LB can only get so far, I agree it could be better but decisions have to be made about who should be selected and everyone will have a different opinion. I have no doubt had frustrating, "I didn't want to pick him" moments, but it's difficult for the developers to mind read for every scenario. Players not reacting can be mitigated with proper player switching and Super Cancel use. I can't say that it's been much of an issue for me though to be honest. Defenders taking an extra touch are definitely a lot less of an issue this year than previous years, mostly because X is an instant hoof as opposed to having to build the power up. I haven't come across any issues yet, but I can see that it might happen at an inappropriate time. I did find that crosses seemed a bit OP in the demo, but playing the main game and I can't say that they are, if anything I wish my players were a bit more clinical when attacking crosses. The number of times I have been on the end of a cross, inside the 6 yard box, smack in the middle of the goal, only to see the resulting header skew wide, is ridiculous. Defending I feel has a real good feel to it. I've put more time into playing MyClub and checking out the opposition play analysis and adjusting my defensive instructions accordingly. They like playing long balls > man mark, through balls > Swarm the box, possession game > gengenpress, narrow midfield > hug the touchline. Granted, I can't really comment on how the AI plays against you as I've haven't much experience, but any games I have had haven't been the one dimensional football that has been described here.
  15. I had to do a whole new PC rebuild and thought I had to take advantage of the £399 pricing! But you shouldn't have to tape anything like that as part of wear and tear. Especially an expensive consumer product. I'd keep pushing. Did you buy direct from Oculus? If not, go back to the retailer.
  16. Hmm...I haven't even taken mine out of the box yet and am a bit worried about the above and it not being covered. Is this one of those times where it is a very minor chance of it happening (like the Switch bendy dock) or quite likely (like the DS hinge)? Seeing as I actually know @papalasarou it makes the potential more real!
  17. I've been having much less issues than last year (and last year was pretty good). I've had 2 games cancelled because of the lag but I think that is more to do with my setup in my house, which I am in the process of getting sorted. So I can't corroborate your experience.
  18. You can sell them but the amount of GP you get is measly so I always convert them into trainers. Convert them all and use them to train Neuer and he'll be up around 90 or more after that.
  19. The quick sub thing is basically the same as PES manager support settings, using auto-sub means the AI makes the sub as opposed to offering you the sub. During my time with the FIFA demo, any time it offered the quick sub, I took it. So beyond giving the illusion of agency, it's the same deal for me. Plus the tactical options are much more intricate and easily changed in PES than FIFA from what I've seen. If the quick sub gave you a choice of 3 options say, with a change in shape possible, I'd be more interested.
  20. Aha! Last year they started at their base level and went up? Or at least, they started a lot higher. Or maybe most started at level 30? Anyway, might be worth sacking off all the shite and pumping it into Pique then.
  21. Really want DOOM, Wolfenstein, Mario Odyssey, Rocket League, Golf Story and would have loved the Mario Party Top 100 to be on Switch. I think the 3DS is hurting the Switch at this stage, not a lot obviously but could you imagine Metroid: Samus Returns on that screen? But what a time to own a Nintendo console!
  22. My experience is that it is slower than the demo, but I can't be sure on that. Got all of my MyClub players through (11 of the fuckers). Ended up with 4 CBs! Klavan, Lovren, Benatia and Pique. That is now my backline with Klavan and Benatia at LB/RB. The only other people I remember are Bolt at LWF, Guerreiro from Dortmund, Julio Cesar and some Turkish CF. Feel a tad ripped off, especially as Pique seems to have a rating of 78! After 2 matches with Utd last night, editing the Utd kit and all of the above, it was then 2.30am and I had to go to bed! So getting stuck into some MyClub matches tonight!
  23. Yeah it's been mentioned, but I can't wait to give him a go! All the early MyClub players are going to be running around with Bolt, Maradona and a Barca guy, it's gonna be great!
  24. I got Iniesta last year, hoping for a forward as I was stuck with Giroud up top for far too long last year!
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