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  1. It's in my rotation of games that I'm playing at the minute. Get it, well worth £8.24.
  2. I want them to open Medusa in WCW style, just dumping the 3DS in the bin. As much as I've loved it, it is now redundant, I want EVERYTHING on Switch. Massively improbable wishlist that I would love to see: Bayo 1&2 & Vanquish pack OUT NOW Bayo 3 and Vanquish 2 coming next year Animal Crossing Smash Bros DX Never thought of MK8 DLC but now that people's mentioned it... More on Metroid Prime 4 Picross 3D Round 3 on Switch Zelda DLC packs 3&4
  3. So wait...Is that Wednesday or Thursday night?
  4. If this gets released on Switch under £20* I'll get it. Was always interested in it back in the day but never got around to buying it. But can't say I want to drop more than that on it. *lololololololololololololololololol
  5. You should have got in on the beta test! Yeah, have to echo the compliments in this thread, it is a really well put together package and some genius ideas for this type of game. The cricket is incidental in it all, but as @glb says it could lend itself very well to other sports (already got a few ideas myself). But even though it is incidental, the way the cricket is built into the core of the game is brilliant. Can't wait to get my hands on the full version.
  6. Of course you can. There are 4 tactics on each of the d-pad direction when you hold LT (I think) and hit the direction. Change attack/defence by double tapping d-pad up/down. Double tap d-pad left or right to drop your defence deep or move up to play an offside trap.
  7. I think this feels a step above what the beta was and a leap above what has came before. The control over the player is on another level and the team mate AI seems very good. The opposition AI does seem to leak a couple of goals even playing at Top Player and if you turnover the ball down near your own cornerflag the opposition seem to just turn and run back towards their half (may be specific team tactics at play). But the keepers seem very realistic and most goals I was scoring were probably in the last 15-20 mins, so maybe fatigue? But in saying that I did get beat in a couple, even when massively on top so it wasn't always a rout. I play 99% of my games online, so the opposition AI doesn't really apply as much. Pre-ordered.
  8. I very rarely hit the bar and I'm hundreds (if I haven't broke the 1000 barrier yet) of matches in, so don't know what's up with that. I'm not even sure double tap shooting or pulling back on the stick makes a difference anymore, I certainly don't play with these in mind.
  9. I've got a key for ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD if anyone wants it. PM me. EDIT: Also A Story About My Uncle too. GONE
  10. It's not Unity's fault. There are far more ambitious games with no issues. This is not a knock on Overcooked as it is superb.
  11. In your Switch profile it will list your games and give a breakdown, in 5hr increments, of how long you have played. (After the first 10 days.)
  12. I don't think it does work the same way. What you do is the same, but the result is vastly different. In Assassins Creed, yes it opens the map, but the icons are placed for you. As @dood says, this could be accomplished by chatting to an NPC or any other method they chose. In Zelda, the towers do fill out a map, but it is pretty unpopulated. The whole point, and requirement, that it is a tower is so that YOU pick out the important parts and mark them up accordingly for future travel. This is a very slight but significant difference.
  13. Downloaded, ready and waiting when I get home from work.
  14. I have owned a Xbox One since day 1. I have never used voice chat. I have no care for Nintendo's solution as I will never use it. If I want to talk to people while playing a game I will use one of the many, many different options out there. But I won't, because people are annoying. Lets see what else the app can do though.
  15. Not sure, just noticed myself a couple of weeks ago. I feel like it was as I saw some lectures at GDC in 2014 that talked about this type of stuff.
  16. On XB1 go to the achievements for the game you are looking at. It will tell you your time played. As well as a lot of other info.
  17. Snapped this up. It's coming to consoles as well isn't it? Maybe a Switch release?! (Not likely )
  18. I just refunded Hyper Light Drifter for the same reason. Give it a go.
  19. If he gets us 25 league goals a season for 4/5 seasons, it's a good price.
  20. I get that Lukaku is not the most technical player in the world. No doubt Morata, or Lacazette, are much more gifted footballers. But Lukaku is guaranteed goals. In the past 5 years, he is the 2nd top goal scorer in the Premier League, behind Aguero, and that has been while playing for Everon and West Brom! Given the chances we let go by last season, he would have mopped a lot of them up, and created even more with his brute force and ignorance. He's also more direct than what we have had up top for quite a while, always on the shoulder of the last defender and keeping pressure up top. I think that alone has the potential to make our play more attacking and enjoyable. I'm not sure Mourinho could reign him in on that. Either way, if we sign him I'll be happy, if we sign Morata, I'll be happy...But I kind of think Lukaku will be a better player for us. Hell, I wanted us to sign him when he was leaving Chelsea!
  21. MojoChin


    Best (cheapest) place for a RealTone cable (or equivalent that works on Xbox One)? I'm sure mine is in the house but I cannot for the life of me find it.
  22. Yeah, I fully expect to have purchased all the games in the next Humble monthly. Would have been good to know before I committed to the purchase!
  23. The Humble Monthly unlocks on the 7th. The sale finishes on the 5th...
  24. It's pretty much the Firefly game I have envisaged forever.
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