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  1. I now have 22 games for £52 in my cart...Like @CheekyLee I need to hold off until Wednesday when my bonus comes in!
  2. After my earlier panic that none of my wishlist were on sale, I currently have 11 17 games in my basket for a grand total of £38. Still searching for others! EDIT: Scratch that, one of them was a bundle of 7!
  3. Also, literally NOTHING on my wishlist is in the Summer Sale. EDIT: Actually, think it's just really slow and hasn't updated the wishlist because I see some of the games on the front page at a discount.
  4. I have a number of Steam keys to give away if anyone is interested. PM for codes: Undertale Hacknet Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings The Stanley Parable Steamworld Heist (Might be used but you are willing to try!) Goat Simulator: GOATY SUPERHOT Volgarr the Viking Also some codes for games developed by NI game devs that need more visibility!: Wailing Heights x3 x2 (Point & Click-esque) Schrodingers Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark x5 (Platformer) (I also have 3 Xbox and 3 2 PS4 if anyone wants) PM me for the codes!
  5. Seems to be good! Just saved it to my wallet there now!
  6. Yeah so if you claimed the offer yesterday, but didn't use it, you will still have access to it. If you try to claim the offer today, it isn't available. What most people are doing is using Enhanced Steam to add £20 to their wallet and paying for that via PayPal. £5 will get transferred to your PayPal wallet.
  7. It was for the first £24,000 that they gave out, ie. 4800 people. Was gone from early this morning. Try it, it doesn't work anymore.
  8. Aaaaannnnndddddd.....It's expired.
  9. Very well put. But we're not in for Ronaldo.
  10. The general rule in user testing is not to listen to the specifics of what they are asking. Take their feedback as "the movement doesn't feel right" and work out your own solution for it, or don't if you think it is fine as it is. How many people have similar feedback? Was it just them 4 from last week? If so, it's not a wide enough test to give you proper feedback. I don't think the movement looks bad though. Gives me mad feels of #IDARB which I love and is crazy hectic. I think it looks good, can't wait to give it a go. It's out next week right?
  11. Yeah as @fattakin says, they have said you can get in touch with them to say you hadn't received the Mixpot. Also, check that your account is linked properly in Settings.
  12. You could have came back and watched the Xbox Daily show. I don't know how many minutes you needed to watch to get the Mixpot, but expecting it for watching just 10 mins seems a bit ambitious. You could have just left it on the screen and continued doing whatever you were doing.
  13. I have never had a problem with online lag for at least the past 3 games. Smooth as silk, so can't offer any solace for you there.
  14. With Pauline in there, and it being New Donk City, you'd have to think so. Maybe Pauline got married to DK and the pair are now advocates for the impending Bowser/Peach wedding. Mario has always been the one that has stood in both of their ways and now must be eliminated for the world to be happy.
  15. With far less variance than the One X.
  16. Has any Nintendo folk said, "See that satellite dish? You can go there!"
  17. @sir shrew You seem to forget the fact that there will be justification for his foray into the real world. His fantastical world is still there, just takes dips in and out of NDC. There will be in game reason for this, we just don't know it yet.
  18. This definitely is, just didn't know if it was DLC as well.
  19. Is it not a standalone game? Was The Old Blood DLC and a standalone?
  20. I keep flip flopping between Ubi, MS and Nintendo. Ubisoft simply because of the unexpected brilliant looking Mario + Rabbids and BG&E2. Plus the seemingly genuine love for games that exuded. Microsoft because of shear volume of really good looking games, with stuff like SoT, Ori 2 and SoD2 looking really good. Nintendo because everything looked great if a little sparse. Sony didn't really have enough for me, granted a lot of stuff looked ok, but I'm bored of their Uncharted: Zombies/God Man/Robot Dinosaurs/Uncharted games. SotC was good to see back, and Spider-Man looked decent, but not enough to excite me enough. EA had Battlefront 2, but if they had have had the blow out of Anthem on their conference, it probably been much better for them. And Bethesda I didn't watch, because fuck that shit, but Wolfenstein looked good.
  21. I don't know, going by that Eurogamer article, they are at least implying it with the last question. Maybe there's something more to it?
  22. New trailer revealed today. Random Usain Bolt as a player thrown in there. Looks good, seems like they've added a bit to the dribbling which looks real nice. (See the Maradona and Coutinho bits)
  23. That's what they WANT you to believe.
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