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  1. Has this been confirmed as 30 mins? If so, I think they'll do: 10 mins - Mario (leave a more in depth thing for the Treehouse) 3 mins - ARMS & Splatoon 3 mins - Zelda & Mario Kart DLC 3 mins - Nindie showcase 2 mins - Online pass/VC discussion 1 min - Mario + Rabbids 3 mins - BG&E exclusivity announcement + snippet of gameplay 5 mins - Retro Studios game
  2. I've read that there is some agreement with Sony to keep performance equal across platforms. So because PS4 Pro can't hit 60 fps, Xbox One X isn't allowed to. Could be absolute bullshit though.
  3. I have never played BG&E, even though I REALLY want to, so I don't have a frame of reference for this trailer. But I really liked it. Having it on Switch would be awesome, more play time for me, but I don't expect this to be any time soon. Looking forward to seeing more though.
  4. The cloud computing is useful for the physics calculations required, not the storage of the data. Having been present at a real-time demo, specifically to show off the multi-server usage, the number of servers required is ONLY to calculate the physics of the destruction. Once the destruction has finished, the number of servers used drops down as well. Leaving the current state of the map, which could be saved off. It seems to me a fairly simple concept to maintain the damage across sessions. It may be a relatively large save file, but making approximations for rubble below a certain size, etc, could easily been done. You are certainly not saving all actions by all players and reconstructing from that. For one, as it is physics based, the same explosion can end up with vastly different results. My point being, I don't think the volume of data to save the state of a destructible city will be much more than the volume of data required to store the original state of the city. I don't think the decision to not include the destructibility in the single player had anything to do with tech, but to do with game design. Happy to be told "bullshit" by @S0L though.
  5. Been waiting for this for AGES! Ordering when I go home!
  6. Well, I don't think that would be necessary. It would obviously still be only in instances when the player is playing. State of the city is saved locally, or in the cloud, when you leave and server instance shut down until you come back. It would be no different in scale than everyone that plays the game only playing the multiplayer.
  7. For someone that has never played a BB/GG game. What are the commands usually like? I always split fighting games into SF/KI commands or SC/Tekken commands. I don't know how to describe it, but SF/KI feels like it requires multiple d-pad inputs + a button to perform a move, whereas SC/Tekken mostly uses a d-pad input + multiple buttons. There are obviously exceptions but I find the SF/KI way of doing things ruins my thumb!
  8. Think of it like this. Big tower where the end boss hangs out. You can't get there yet because you haven't collected enough agility orbs. "Fuck it, tear the tower down." Game complete after 10 mins.
  9. Quite probably, yes.
  10. I logged in to Mixer there on my phone, after watching the conference last night, and in the notifications it says that I have received the E3 Mixpot. I have no idea how to redeem it! @Flub You need to go https://mixer.com/xbox it has a list of the schedule. Come back on and watch one of them the they are live. But remember to sign in and link your account to your Microsoft account.
  11. Co-op. Most of the games I mentioned are either better in a local setting, or are not games that I think would be played in that group. Wasn't dissing everyone! Just don't have anyone to come around and have the craic! Hell, I only own my Day One controller, never had the need to have multiple!
  12. Yeah, I know that, but even factoring in inflation since the original launch, it's about the same.
  13. After you link it once, that's it, shouldn't need multiple signins. Although I watched it on Mixer on my Surface, so don't know if it works the same in the app. The X is the same price as Xbox One on release ($499/£429) and I paid that. So, if I find the cash, I'm in day 1!
  14. It looks decent in handheld mode is the general consensus.
  15. What this conference, and the EA conference, really told me was that I need to find friends for co-op! Sea of Thieves, Anthem, State of Decay, Cuphead, Crackdown, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and A Way Out (on EA conf) all look like games that will be fantastic with friends. I thought the conference was really good, if not spectacular. It felt like it needed one thing to blow everything out of the water, which it didn't have, but what was shown, looked pretty great.
  16. I find it funny sometimes, if EA hadn't have said that it didn't use Frostbite, would they have been able to tell? Obviously shinies are going to be less on Switch. I suppose it depends on how much you care. What I think is obvious though is that this has been dumped out to a bit part team to make, it'll get shat on for graphics, it'll sell fuck all and EA will go "At least we tried. It was a nice experiment but I think we'll not bother any more." When you see what Nintendo have been able to produce with the likes of Zelda and Mario Kart, there is really no reason for them not to take a bit more pride in their efforts.
  17. What did they show? It's hard to tell, when watching a 1080p screen, what benefits the 4K showing has. I would have thought Forza, Metro and Anthem at least would be more than enough to show off the 4K. Yes, only one is exclusive, but I'm sure they are a big enough deal to get people excited.
  18. What level of "Test of Strength" was it? If it was Major, and you have only just started the game. GTFO
  19. I enjoyed playing this via EA Access, for the couple of hours it gave me. I really liked the more realistic approach, no spin in the air, no zoom in to the area of landing, having to rely on the hole overview more, etc. (Don't know when they stopped being in the game though). I also quite liked the age old swing mechanics and felt they were on the right side of risk/reward. However, that was until I played my first Open in career mode. Shot +2 in the first round, then proceeded to hit -5, -7, -6, in the next 3 to win by 4 shots. I haven't touched it since, it was too easy and it lost all enjoyment factor. I shouldn't be winning The Open having only played the game for 2 hours previously. I would probably have a go at the other modes, but I just don't have the time.
  20. Bale + Varane for de Gea. Fair deal.
  21. I had to remove the Switch from the HDMI splitter it shares with my Xbox One and Fire Stick because it would switch input at the most annoying of times when using the other device. The other 2 played nicely together, just the bully Switch demands attention.
  22. Argos are doing a deal for Xbox One S, FIFA 17, GOW4, Overwatch & an extra controller PLUS £20 of vouchers for £220. Looking at prices on CEX, if I traded all the extras and my original Xbox One + Kinect for cash, I would get £145. I'm sure outside of CEX I can do even better. Taking into account the £20 vouchers as well, it means I could get the Xbox One S for £55. Worth it? Can I convince the wife it's worth it? Should I just wait for the Scorpio?
  23. You understand incorrectly. All tracks and all (bar one) characters are unlocked from the start. All karts, wheels and gliders, still need to be unlocked by playing through the single player (or local multiplayer it seems).
  24. Check out https://www.twitch.tv/videos/145392764 at around 14.5 hours in! He's the Link in the bottom right. We only played 4 battle matches and I think he was ordinary in the 1st 2, so check the last 2. In fairness, on the stream (and the recorded footage) his corner is mostly covered by our stupid mugs, but you might be able to get something out of it.
  25. Check the first post of the Mario Kart thread
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