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  1. So an optional dpad option is there...Why is that holding back the game? I'd be willing to wager 99.9% of people don't use it and probably, like me, don't even know it's an option. Also with regards to the distance on the analogue stick, without the ball I can definitely make my player walk. With the ball, I'm not sure, but you have R2/RT which allows you to keep close control. What functionality do you think you are missing?
  2. No one plays with dpad anymore, because you can't and haven't been able to for years, and there is definitely analogue movement in both angles and distance. This is nonsense.
  3. It's ok, it's on Steam.
  4. It's on Steam?! I'm IN! (Wish it was on Switch )
  5. I played some battle mode with guys over the weekend. There must be some skill involved, I had won all Grand Prix previously but one of my mates ended up with 20 more points than anyone else, with the other 3 of us coming in the mid-table area. Don't know how the hell he did it, but I streamed and recorded it all so am going to study his tactics!
  6. On Humble Monthly? Are you subscribed? You can go in and get the early unlocks now.
  7. So Thumper then, I've watched some videos and still don't understand what the hell the game is. Anyone want to drop some info bombs about it?
  8. You're wrong. Oh well.
  9. I've never had an issue with any of the 3 apple tree korok puzzle. Are you sure you have removed all the extraneous apples?
  10. It's going to be a load of "shrines" that need to be solved in order, like Candy Crush. Using lots of different techniques in each one.
  11. This talk of licking and rubbing flaps has got me quite distracted.
  12. That's what I was thinking of too. I could be wrong, but I've never noticed it being of a different texture!
  13. Don't understand...Apart from the rubber pads for grip, it is the same texture?
  14. Well looks like I'm getting another set of joy-cons...Or pro controller...
  15. Might dive in on Minecraft too at that price. My 4yo loves watching videos of it on YouTube, but has never played it. I've never played it either, will there be a way for me to play with my kid in 2 player? Preferably with a joy-con each.
  16. The one linked in this thread looked like the one I have that is too big. Might be just the picture though. I suppose I've bought enough now, what's another one. **Off to ebay**
  17. My smaller tri-wing arrived yesterday. It was too small. So I have 2, one too big, one too small.
  18. Well this is true, there is no physical release for NBA Playgrounds specifically. Which makes the pricing all the more strange. Switch will definitely be my multiplatform console of choice, if it is released on it, but it hurts that it will cost more, even if it is worth it!
  19. I just don't see why the download price can't be the same across platforms. But it is simply higher on Switch because the physical price is higher. That's shit.
  20. I get the whole carts being more expensive therefore boxed copies of games may be more expensive on Switch, but why are download games more expensive?! The latest being NBA Playgrounds, £15.99 on Xbox One/PS4, £17.99 on Switch. That's just extremely annoying. It surely isn't a requirement to have parity on physical and download prices?!
  21. Ok, I'm fine with that then. Tiny graphical differences don't bother me that much.
  22. Can't watch this at the minute, but why? Performance? I'm happy to lose a little performance for a portable version. So long as it's just a little.
  23. Yeah just looked at the Apple guidelines: Shame
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