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  1. Is it possible to have different icons depending on the region it's released in? @Jonathan_Kerr
  2. I know you can't really tell from an image, but that looks the same size as the one I got off Amazon, but it was much too big.
  3. This has sold me on that bundle. EDIT: And with that it means I have 2 games to giveaway! PM me for either of the below: Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings Hacknet EDIT: GONE!
  4. Battery magic! (HD Rumble, advanced gyro/accelerometer stuff) Also, need to remember original RRPs for both other controllers were £60 and add Brexit tax and you arrive at the Switch Pro Controller price.
  5. Yeah, that fatter one seems to be the one that I got sent, need the smaller one it seems. Near twice the price of the ones I ordered though!
  6. The fix isn't a big deal, although I ordered the tri-wing screwdriver off amazon which said it fitted "DS, Wii, Wii U and 3DS" but is far too big for the Switch joy-con screw. Raging, but I'll be sending it back and trying to find a smaller one. It is literally, unscrew, place a bit of foam in, screw back together.
  7. I use one of these as a case.
  8. It's been 10 years (!) since Prime 3, the market has drastically changed since then. As @joe bazooka says, what if it sells much more? I don't even subscribe to the fact that it needs to sell much more to at least break even. With the Switch doing great and the optimism high for the console, there has to be ambition from within Nintendo to bring back some old franchises. Federation Force, I would argue, doesn't go against the want for a new Metroid but actually enforces it because of the backlash against it, mainly from it detracting from the Metroid name. I mentioned 1-2 Switch simply because it sold 1m units, despite by being, by most accounts, a throwaway party game that'll get played once as a best case scenario or turgid shite in worst case. If IT can still sell 1m units, surely a Metroid with the marketing and quality of Zelda could be a barnstormer too? It is about taking a risk and Nintendo at it's best is a risk-aware business, but it is not always restricted by it. TLDR; Its been 10 years since Metroid Prime 3, maybe it can sell more now to make it worthwhile. But needs a bit of a punt from Nintendo.
  9. Yeah, when I say a new "Prime" I mean a new FPS Metroid.
  10. I know where you are coming from with regards to the sales figures, I'm not saying that it is a profitable number, I'm saying that there is enough latent interest to at least dip a toe back in the water. The original Crackdown sold similar numbers and Microsoft have pumped a lot of money into 3 when they didn't have to. 1-2 Switch has sold about 1m! There is a market for Metroid.
  11. Metroid Prime 3 sold 1.8m and Zero Mission 0.9m (Last 2 mainline 2D/3D games) I'm surprised that this is not enough for them to send out another game in both flavours. But comparing Axiom Verge's "success" to Metroid isn't really valid. No sales figures have been released, but the best I could find was that there were about 130k sold on Steam. I don't think this would come into Nintendo's thoughts when deciding on the future of Metroid. I'm actually confident this year for a new Prime.
  12. I couldn't imagine using a d-pad with this game, either on Switch or Wii U. Played with my 4 year old over the weekend and it was a joy. He "played" it on the Wii U as well but the assists just up the enjoyment factor 10-fold. He came in last in 3 races of a GP and enjoyed every second of it, but then he came 7th and he was near in tears. It was a sight only Nintendo could produce. Beautiful.
  13. Having it as a post-Ganon extra would have been good, like the completion stats. I still haven't beat Ganon 100 hours in, and I subscribe to your notion of working out where I haven't been, just by looking at the map. But certainly I know after beating Ganon, there will be numerous places I will have missed entirely and the tracking would be good to see at that stage.
  14. MojoChin

    Edge #306

    So ARMS getting good words from Edge then? I guess there's another £100 to spend on Switch (inc joy-cons).
  15. But you CAN make really good courses?
  16. Not sure...but I assumed there might be one in there. When I entered first I was well underprepared. Might go back and lay waste.
  17. What are/were the course creation tools like? That is the most interesting part for me. I'd like to create my local courses, how good is the approximation?
  18. So everyone one that has been to the Forgotten Temple has fought all the guardians? ... 110 hours in, some things I know I still need to do: - Golf - Horseback Archery - Horse track race This is just from listening to people in here. I'm sure there's much more things I haven't even thought to come across.
  19. Amazon went to take money this morning for this to be dispatched today, I was short 20p so it was held until I paid. I woke up to the email informing me of this, so I paid straight away. Delivery is now due on Tuesday. TLDR; I am selling a physical version of MK8D, brand new and sealed, for £40 if anyone wants it (And happy to wait until the end of next week for delivery). I'm going digital tomorrow. Edit : actually I can just return it can't I? How does that work for gift cards?
  20. Did you play MK8 on Wii U? No voice chat in games and even in the lobby there wasn't much chat going on. Never affected anyone's enjoyment in that.
  21. Exactly what I said in the second paragraph. Maybe Adelman rubbed them up the wrong way and his involvement is scuppering things. Certainly coming out in such a public manner won't help.
  22. As an indie developer myself who was working on a game for Wii U, I can tell you that dev kits for that were easy to pick up. For the Switch, they require a specific agreement between them and the developer before they allow you on. Big publishers are there by default, others are still decided on an individual basis. They have obviously decided that Axiom Verge is not a big enough pull at this moment in time to allow it on. Is that the right thing to do? I'd say not, as the bigger their indie portfolio the better, but they will have made the decision to not allow it on for business reasons. It isn't as big a game as the ones you mentioned, but is surely bigger than some that were announced in the Nindies showcase. I feel like the "no ports" thing is them picking and choosing words from the official correspondence from Nintendo though.
  23. Is it wrong I want to neg this? I ordered from Amazon, said delivery for 5th May. I just wanted to use up some credit I had. But last week I got an email from them saying that they had upgraded the delivery and it is due on Friday! Well pleased with that, but I'm now more anxious over the delivery date than what I was when I thought it would be on 5th! Will it show up on Friday?
  24. Devastation is the way to go. Proper G1 models. As SeanR says, environments are very samey, but the mechanics, look and feel of the game is what makes it. However, you could get the disk cheaper almost anywhere. I got it for £10 off this very forum. EDIT: Actually, I saw the euro price (€22) before the pound price (£12) so yeah, good value.
  25. For anyone interested, my JustGiving page for this is https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/peadar-mcmahon-gameheroes
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