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  1. Was thinking some local co-op would be good, especially Overcooked, or Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, or a Jackbox Party Pack. OR Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! Also probably play some Dirty Bomb and W:ET. DOOM, Flame And The Flood, Titan Souls. ABZU for the wee hours, or maybe play some Silent Hill on PS2 instead! I'm beginning to look forward to it now!
  2. Yeah might invite friends round for a bit to help, but the whole point is to do the 24 hours! I feel like I will be fine, I'll be a mess live to the whole world (2 people at best!) by the end but it'll be worth it. Gonna try to come up with some interesting (for me anyway, hopefully for viewers) things to keep it moving and will probably heavily schedule it. Until the wee hours anyway when I'll probably sloth out with a less frenetic game! You come round for a bit of multiplayer @fattakin? What do you think the chances of getting someone to sponsor to give some extra controllers/joycons?
  3. http://gameheroes.macmillan.org.uk/ Anyone going to take part in this? 24 hour game marathon in aid of Macmillan Cancer. The official date is 20th/21st May, but I think you can do it anytime. I'm thinking of doing a Twitch stream, playing some PC, Switch, PS2 and Xbox 360 games. It might be good to get a list of streamers and I can update the OP, we could also cross stream for people that need to go to the loo or whatever. Up for it? My JustGiving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/peadar-mcmahon-gameheroes
  4. What's so bad about it? I think it looks like a neat idea. Would get boring really quick I'd assume but it's a proof of concept that seems to show the mechanics working.
  5. Not entirely true. It is only related to the blood moon in the fact that it spawns new enemies. Their level is not a direct "killed one, replace it with higher". First time I went up the Hebra mountains I came across a silver bokoblin. Never been there before so never killed it before. Similarly, I have been to areas I have cleared out previously that still have red bokoblins floating about. The more enemies of a certain type you kill, the more CHANCE they have of spawning as a higher level. It's not universal though or all you'd see at the end are silver versions.
  6. Yeah £40 seems like the right price for me, was hoping to get it digitally though, which will probably put it at a Bomberman level.
  7. There's no price yet for this is there? Hoping for a £40 tag is a bit ambitious isn't it?
  8. You might want to get your eyes checked. Also, can you not delete the JP demo and download the UK one? I don't see why that wouldn't work.
  9. I dunno, there must be a more awkward way of holding it, I have found it great. Maybe playing guitar has allowed my hands to contort into weird shapes more readily.
  10. Haha! No, that is still a WIP. Everyone has tons of game ideas though...right?
  11. I'm a separate joycon guy as well. I have BIG hands but have never felt them to be uncomfortable. What IS uncomfortable is using them in the grip, that thing just doesn't do it for me. I'm sure the pro controller is great and all, I just don't feel the need for it when I've got the freedom of the joycons. (Left joycon sync issues not withstanding) In saying that, the majority of my playtime is in handheld mode.
  12. Dammit that seems to have stole my game idea somewhat...Still have some USPs under my sleeve though!
  13. Thanks for Invisible Inc @wavey! I'll pay it forward by offering The Witness when I get home. Anyone that fancies it PM me and I will send the code across later this evening! EDIT: The Witness gone!
  14. Christ is that the Switch t-shirt you get with the Expansion Pass? I had in my head that it was going to be a "handsewn" logo on a red tunic, without the lettering. It's...just a t-shirt. That is very cack.
  15. I took a dander up towards the Gerudo Highlands, with my 4 year old watching me. I spot a bear and my kid shouts "KILL IT!". I thought I'd go one better and try to ride it, he's bound to think that's cool. So I glide down to it, but it scarpers. I go in chase as it runs up a hill and towards a cliff. It runs along the edge of the cliff then...fades out and disappears! I was right behind it so it wasn't like the pop in/out that is quite prevalent. I look around at him and expect to see him disappointed, but he has a face of pure awe and says "That is so cool! A magic bear!" Even when the game doesn't really work it still produces magic! He is now instructing me to go to the "bad castle". Trying to put him off for a little while longer. (Up to 85 shrines with 10 quests to do, haven't used a guide yet...I feel that might have to change!)
  16. I saw it at Gamescom 2015, so that's your timeframe out. Because something was announced around the same time and is now out is no way to judge anything. Cuphead was announced in 2010, still not out. Last Guardian took 9 years. <Insert numerous other examples here>. I'm not saying it will come out, but I certainly wouldn't consider it vapourware.
  17. Halo 5 - 4.7m Gears 4 - 2.8m Forza Horizon 3 - 2.1m Forza 6 - 2m They will only switch tack when them numbers no longer work for them. Having played it at Gamescom 2015, I can honestly say it is terrible and would not be surprised if it is cancelled or shipped out like No Man's Sky and hope no one notices. It LOOKS fantastic, a really cool feel. But the gameplay is boring and old-school in a terrible way. Unless they have changed it drastically I can't see the game doing well at all, but it has been near 2 years since I saw it, plenty of time to change it! But seeing as I saw it after 5 years of work...I'm not so sure.
  18. Why do you need to disable the Goron ability? It works fine with it active. It just means if you miss, you won't have a fiery death.
  19. All of the current players or legends? All of the current players are licenced by FIFPro, the legends I would have thought that they were done on individual basis, but they wouldn't be stupid enough to just go ahead and use them without some sort of agreement in place.
  20. Yeah but I feel both things happened for the same reason. The bombing of RB4.
  21. One guard was standing right in front of the door you need to exit.
  22. Harmonix laying off 17 staff yesterday seems related.
  23. That's the one, didn't know what you would call it, cheers.
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