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  1. Its a couple of screws and conductive foam placed on the antenna. There's no way to screw it up or even a way to find out whether it was tried. The foam is just placed in, not stuck in or anything. Just need the right screwdriver. EDIT: Check out https://www.cnet.com/news/nintendo-switch-joycon-desync-connectivity-issue-fix/ He does a before and after shot of a repair. The only difference is the foam. It worked, he removed the foam, it didn't, put it back, it did. Not complicated at all.
  2. Maradona is suing Konami for use of his likeness. I refuse to believe they never got the rights. Maradona's a crazy. http://kotaku.com/diego-maradona-wants-to-sue-konami-1793873894
  3. What's the process of fixing the left joycon issue yourself? I see that conductive foam is £2.50 a sheet in Maplin. What screwdriver would work? Looking at this I can't actually see the shape of the screw, it looks kind of like a Y. Do you need a special one to get at it, or just a flathead with a small enough head? Should be a simple enough fix?
  4. I found it quite easy. Failed once because I didn't spot one of the guards.
  5. I decided to mop up the last of the memories last night so headed to Hyrule Castle for the first time. Upon searching for the memory I fought a I then came across my first Lynel that I felt confident enough to take on. A 3000 HP boyo. I then found the final memory and took myself back off to Impa.
  6. Haha! Oh right, yeah well whoever it was looking the Travellers Sword, it's pointed to above!
  7. Yup, definitely where you want to head. Image in spoiler.
  8. I don't think you can get a Travellers Broadsword? I'm pretty sure the couple I saw were Travellers Swords EDIT: Yeah, I'm 99% sure they were Travellers Swords.
  9. 1 & 3 are both out it seems. The common line I've heard about 1-2 Switch is that it IS fun, when you have a group of people playing it for the first time. Libation seems to help too. But beyond that first playtime, there's not much fun in subsequent plays.
  10. Depends on how you define "price drop". You will most likely see bundles for about £320 at Christmas with a game, but I don't see the base price dropping until Xmas 2018/Q1 2019. Yes No
  11. No, that definitely scares them, and critters, off.
  12. If you like point and clickers in the vein of Monkey Island or Broken Sword. with a healthy dose of British humour, I urge you all to have a look at Her Majesty's Spiffing. (Not just because I know the guys that made it, it is genuinely fun.)
  13. I don't think the question should be "The future of 3D Zelda" it should be "The future of 3D open world games".# But in response to the actual title, reduce the team and make a smaller MM or LBW style adventure with the same engine. The assets are there, the AI is there, the physics are there. They'd be able to get a solid game out the door for Holiday 2018. I don't think this will happen, maybe 2019. But they could also go down your route of the ocean. They already have the expansion DLC planned with a new dungeon, so why not give players a faster method of sea travel and expand into the ocean? All I know is that I just want more of this type of Zelda!
  14. Akkala Tower: Again, as so many people have different solutions it shows the genius of the world.
  15. Ok, so there is a limit on the amount of food you can have, I knew there would obviously be a limit because you can only fit so many dots under the icon but thought it might be more. My question would be, why have you all got such a big stockpile of food? You don't need that much. I generally only have the one page of food, use what I need then cook up more when I come across a pot. I only now have 3 pages because I decided to cook as much shit as I could be arsed to, rather than any need. Surely you can't need more than 60 food items! In saying that, I have only used heat/cold resistance food, health and extra heart foods. Heat/cold food is no longer required so I just eat for sustenance! Extra stamina, speed, attack, defence, electric resistance, etc. I've never used and therefore never cook.
  16. You can't...I didn't mean to imply that. (But don't know how I did...)
  17. I completed the first (Elephant) dungeon with 3 hearts and 1 extra stamina. He means if you create a dish, that is the same as the other dish it takes up an extra slot as opposed to being dish x2. However, you can create the exact same dish with so many different variants (eg. +5 hearts vs +21 hearts) that each dish needs a slot to itself for information purposes. Besides, you can have an unlimited supply of them so don't see the issue with just filling more slots.
  18. Damn you Broker! I was gonna complete this in the next couple of days and Twitch stream this over the weekend. I expect it would take me much longer as I get distracted by various things. (Which was gonna kind of be the point of the video as opposed to just timing it.) But I feel like my thunder has been stolen.
  19. MojoChin

    Sonic Forces

    This looks like a faster Subway Surfers. Fine for mobile. Shite for console.
  20. You guys that are complaining about the gyro aiming in Zelda being "laggy" or whatever, you realise it's not meant to be the main method of aiming? You aim with the stick as per usual then fine tune with the gyro. It's brilliant.
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