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  1. Reacher always read to me like Marv from Sin City.
  2. Has anyone seen this trailer? It looks cool. But so did the Transformers show... Anyway, I think I'm gonna introduce my kids to this.
  3. Moisture farming. On a desert planet. With two suns. While raising the son of an arch war criminal. A magic wizard boy who is basically a genetic sociopath ticking time bomb. A boy who is bound to be looked for, the possible (and actual) result of him being discovered in your possession is a firey death. You give that a go for two and a half decades and see how good you look on it.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bosch is fucking coblers. Piffle if the highest order. A wash of hogs. It's also fucking ace.
  5. I thought today's effort was top. Really happy.
  6. They've been companions on train rides, garden walks, hospital waits and holidays. Someone once told me that all you had to aim for as a parent was that the good memories outweighed the bad. By that measure, the Giant Bombcast was a definite success.
  7. That jump scene gets me every time.
  8. It's the Easter holidays. During lockdown. The kids are bored shitless. We bought this on Amazon Prime and cranked the volume to 11. They walked out. My impressionable, excitable kids walked out of this. A giant axe wielding monkey punching a laser firing monster in the face. And they walked out on it. How did they fail to make this exciting? 2/5. At least I wasn't being made to watch YouTube videos.
  9. The first movie was really good. Every time I read this thread, it makes me a bit sadder.
  10. I'd like to +1 "Invincible". What a voice cast! J K Simmons, Mark Hamill, Gillian Jacobson, Jason Mantzoukas. It has a feel of The Boys to it. Go in blind. Don't Google it.
  11. I'm not sure Kelsey Grammer is the type of "liberal intellectual" I need advising me on my mental health and/or making me laugh at these trying times. I love Frasier to bits, but just like how I can't enjoy the Lethal Weapon movies now I know Riggs is a bit racist, I don't think I'm going to be as sympathetically inclined to invite Frasier into my home. Booooo people and my own stupid lack of suspension of disbelief.
  12. Grosse Pointe Blank. I don't think this film puts a foot wrong. Cusack is charming, rambling, deadly, recovering and ultimately hopeful. My 20s something me constantly falls in love with Minnie Driver who is consistently spiky and funny and vulnerable in all the right places. As a film it's equally comfortable laced with action and comedy. The soundtrack's cracking, they invented a Doom 2 arcade machine just for the movie, it has an adorable baby scene, the fight scene near the lockers, the excruciating reunion talk. As I say, pitch perfect. T
  13. ^ these are good points. At one point I thought it was a pretty interesting treatment of grief and trauma, if so the resolution of this will be interesting. Maybe I'm just a man who needs more "lasers out of faces" man these days.
  14. It's an interesting show, but it is dragging whatever plot it has out for as long as it can. I feel like Lost, that even if they climbed out of Zeus' butthole at the end, the payoff wouldn't have been worth the journey. Agree with all the comments r.e. the performances, they're all great.
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