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  1. It's a brilliant game. It made me wonder if I'd burned enough people, and especially dogs, during my playthough. Maybe it's just my memory, but the second game didn't have anything as personally threatening as that confrontation in the snow where I genuinely thought Ellie was going to get raped then murdered. But the overall dread and that soundtrack made it draining to play. Just like the first one, I thought it was compelling, masterful and almost perfect. And just like the first one, I will never play it again.
  2. COVID-19, toxic racism, Liverpool's first Premiere League Title. The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse may as well turn up now and get it over with.
  3. I think it's finally getting to me. I ended a play session this morning asking myself if "I'd burned or sniped enough dogs". Have I? Can there ever be too great a quantity of hostile dogs burned? Video games. VIDEO GAMES!
  4. This was my exact response to TLOU. It's ab game totally frozen in that specific moment of play.
  5. The trailer is smart and fucking terrifying.
  6. I can't stop playing this. And when I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about it.
  7. Part of me feels sorry for kids (younger players I guess given the nature of the content) for whom this is the first generation of games they get to play. Games will be expected to look like this and I suspect in some areas TLOU 2 will remain a benchmark for the next 5 years maybe. In my life time, I've gone from Bruce Lee on the Commodore 64 to games that look like this. I mean, fucking hell! Players today won't see the gulf in performance and sophistication like I'm seeing...part of the enjoyment of the game is the sensation I keep getting which is "OMG...VIDEO GAMES can do this now...VIDEO GAMES!" The gap in the fidelity and craft between the games I started playing and this just won't be as big. Staggering stuff..
  8. My lad has the graphic novel of the first book which is brilliant. And paints a much more interesting and diverse world than we get here. I thought it was pretty dull and it didn't really hold my kids' interest. Shame really.
  9. I like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's Mary Poppins best.
  10. Beastie Boys Story (Apple TV) Fucking amazing. Hitting me right in the feels. It doesn't go too deep into the facts or the story but it conveys the creation and friendship behind a band that will still feel fun and fresh and angry and caring in 100 years time. It's most successful in making you feel the real behind the thing we all loved and consumed at lighter levels than perhaps we should have. Brilliant. Beautiful. 5/5.
  11. I know what you mean, but sometimes he just unloads all that pent up rage on something that makes me laugh like a drain.
  12. Bucky

    Nintendo Switch

    The first will do.
  13. Halo has lots of them but slipping into the sky in a banshee for the first time was pretty special. The snow effects, the orchestral score, the realisation that the game world was huge. That game is ace.
  14. Dredd (2012) I think this may be one of my favourite action films of all time. Urban and Thirlby leap out of the screen as perfect representations of their characters (especially Urban). The action scenes are frenetic even in slow motion. It frames things just like the comic. It's funny and grim and totally compact. It doesn't put a foot wrong. It's a brilliant action movie and a brilliant comic book movie. 5 dead citizens of Peach Trees out of 5.
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