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  1. Up to episode 4, bleak but gripping stuff. I became aware of this topic from Behind The Bastards which talks about the foundation of the FDA (immediately doing amazing work and blocking the sale of Thalidomide in the United States, to becoming the shower of bastards they are today).
  2. We made it through. It ended less interesting than it started. Not sure I'm that interested in a sequel.
  3. And yes, I do know who owns Manchester City.
  4. Mixed emotions as a Villa fan; obviously we're losing a football match, but after being trolled by 80s glory boy Liverpool supporters for my entire time at university I'd rather see Villa Park explode with everyone in it than see Liverpool win an unprecedented four titles.
  5. The Midlands be trolling the entire league.
  6. It was so close it was uncomfortable. I'm at the point where the only thing I'd watch is Next Gen continuity (i.e. the TV series, TV series themes), 400 years in the future.
  7. It was my friends' wedding dance. A corking choice.
  8. I always think the Giant Bombcast do a credible job here also. But Buxton is the KING.
  9. No more writing of feam tunes, no more singing of feam tunes. A life.
  10. I hope they are OK. My 12 year old lad is a bit sensitive and he hated it; it was too violent and tonally so different to his favourite Marvel movies. I'm brewing on it, but I actually feel a bit blindsided by this. The trailer doesn't hint at any of the tone and I felt like I was on pretty safe ground given it's Marvel lineage. As a parent I'm pretty fucked off and I thought I was long since past checking the BBFC website. As a Marvel fan I thought it was really interesting, with some great flourishes. But overall my experience was a bit like someone spiking my party food with a super hot chili. Sure, I'll get over it, and it may make for a good anecdote, but I didn't enjoy it at the time and I look back on it as an opportunity missed to have some fun. Fuck you marketing guys, you totally failed.
  11. Fuck. Ing. Hell. That was shite. My more extensive review would be: "We are Picard Season 2 and we're here to make you wish for death and get sad and stuff"
  12. I always thought Bond Vs. Trevelyan on the crane was brutal and stylish and really exciting.
  13. I also built myself a stupid standing desk in the outside office like a massive wanker. Obviously this was before I applied any cable management. Which thankfully is all sorted now.
  14. I stand by my work as coolest Dad.
  15. I built the kids matching battle stations in the loft. They don't know they are born.
  16. Consensus is that this is great right? I mean really good. Batman is a bit like Bond (much more so if you consider the comics) in as much that it's challenging to come up with something new to say and show. I think The Batman achieved this with some aplomb. Things that didn't look ideal in isolation (like that Batmobile) came to life as part of a broader canvas. I thought it was amazing.
  17. The Batman 5/5 I thought it was gripping and ugly and beautiful. Patterson was excellent, as was all the supporting cast. The car chase sequence was absolutely thunderous. The design elements, the world building, all excellent. I would sign up for the trilogy now.
  18. I find it's always edging on the verge of exciting (some would call that a pot boiler). No one has mentioned how excellent Ethan Hawke is. So I will. He's excellent.
  19. But he remembers Budapest very differently.
  20. Where does Tim Burton get all his idea from? Other than The Nightmare Before Christmas, his entire oeuvre is exactly the same and utterly uninspiring.
  21. LOL. That ship sailed about 10 minutes into the original movie.
  22. It's bleak ennit? I'm also not a fan of the sexy Nazi sex lady. She's revolting (in more than one way). It's just a pile of hideous. How are they going to dig a movie out of this?
  23. Bucky

    Foo Fighters

    I think Ryan Davis (RIP) once said, in an uncharitable moment, that the Foo Fighters were no one's favourite band. Well, they are mine and this is horribly sad news. I've seen them a couple of times live and they were ace. His poor family.
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