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  1. I previously linked a fextralife review as being the review that was closest to my opinions on the game. I'm now going to change that to this: As this is pretty much 1 for 1 with my own opinions. (Although I'd still argue it's too graphical with its violence, and the casual pacing of the first 10-ish hours is almost to the point of tedium)
  2. I've got so many issues with this game, that honestly, I don't know where to start. And looking at the replies in the main thread, I really don't have the will or energy to fight for my opinions, as I just don't think this product is worth that effort. In short: But looking at the vast majority of the posts in the other thread, I feel like I've been experiencing a completely different game to everyone else. I've read a lot of reviews from all over the spectrum over the past day, and this one is the one that is very close to my own opinion https://fextralife.com/the-last-of-us-2-an-honest-review/ That's all I've got to say about the game, For those who disagree, I'm happy you're enjoying it, but I just don't get it. I think, as an overall experience, it's average and I personally had a "great" time with the first game. As a note, I'm not going to respond to any replies to this post. The polarising discourse is just way too exhausting for me to enter in to. I just wanted to have my tuppence.
  3. Hyper violence to the point of titillation.
  4. £20 is the price I would have REALLY considered burnout at. As I never had it before and always remember it being cheered as a game that was constantly supported throughout its life. But £45? GERROUTTAHERE.
  5. TiP is more an expansion.
  6. What if they show a Viva Pinata 2...
  7. This reveal tonight will have to show an exclusive of some real impact to sway me away from going for a series X next gen. As there's a good handful of games from the Xbox one that I really want to play (read as: upscaled viva piñata), and having them all on the gamepads is one hell of a temptation.
  8. War is by far the worst card game I've ever had the displeasure of playing.
  9. Oh god, that feeling. Tony Hawks used to do it to me as well. "Bah, didn't land at the angle I wanted to..." [START, DOWN, DOWN, X, DOWN, X].
  10. As a heads up, as I've seen a few people mention it in passing. You don't HAVE TO select 3 games. You can just pick one and queue for that. The other hint I'll give is for Riichi. Don't Pon/Kan until you really get a hang of the game. Doing that "opens" your hand, really restricting what hands you can go for. My advice for beginners is to get rid of any 1's and 9's, any "special" tiles (Like the winds) and go for a hand of basics while you get the hang of it. Riichi is AMAZING fun, and I'm so glad there's finally an English version of the game that isn't riddled with Gatcha anime titties (Or hidden behind FFXIV's subscription fee).
  11. 51 Worldwide games is now live, and is an absolute treat. Nice little feature that shows where your friends are playing from: Don't worry @NEG, you'll find your Amy Rose one day.
  12. I'd rather they'd half the echos earned (Or just brought it more in line with the M+ rewards, say equiv to a +10 for a full clear) and just removed the cost to enter. I'm trying to gear up a lazer chicken at the moment, and visions as a chicken feel rough. I'd love to push for more of the currency and the higher gear, but the fear of "wasting" 10k is too great, given that I'm still after echos for rank 3s and corruptions. They really should be sticking echoes on pretty much all content at the moment. It seems baffling that it's not on islands. Just let people do what content they want, in the way they want to do it. I wouldn't say they shit the bed with 8.3, but they're infuriatingly close to solving all the issues I have with the current vision of what WoW is. I've been holding my tounge about Shadowlands at the moment, it LOOKS great, but they've not shown the endgame loop yet. There's a few bits of the covenant system that look slightly concerning. Mainly the venth ability to teleport to a location is WAY too powerful, to the point that it just needs to be trashed right now. The other one is the priest night fae ability, which is currently forcing the missus the consider droping the priest entirely in Shadowlands if it stays in (It's not a spell for you, it's a very powerful spell for someone else, and people are going to get activly narky about who gets to use it on an hourly basis).
  13. Man, I think Unholy is great fun in 5 mans. Just feel like an exploding beast when you have a whole pack together. I find it's single-target rotation to be pretty lacking though. Frost is the same spec is has been since MoP.
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