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  1. I've managed to clear the first zone, and that was only done by getting up at 5am and sneaking in an hour before getting ready for work every day. Honestly, this is a fecking joke. Just got home and saw a 223 minute queue. Nearly 4 hours. I'll be getting ready for bed at that point. I'm going to have to miss the majority of the first tier at this rate. I don't think I can be on Draenor any more, it doesn't fit in with a proper working life.
  2. Well, that was my first time playing Elite. First game I've hit since installing my 3080, and it's absolutely stunning, isn't it? However... This isn't made to be played with keyboard and mouse, is it? What's it like with a controller?
  3. Managed to actually snag a 5600x today. So it's almost bloody time to build my PC! Absolutely chuffed to bits with how this has all finally come together. 3080 5600x B550 ROG motherboard 3200 RAM (2x8GB) <-- I'll look at upgrading this in the future if more than 16gb is looking like the norm.
  4. Goddamnit, I hate DPD. They charge us £12 for the pleasure of delivering to the "Highlands" (I'm just over an hour away from Aberdeen and you never leave an A road to get to me. It's not like I'm half way up a mountain 2 hours north of Inverness). I see my status change from "Out for delivery" to "Return to depot", to find out the driver broke down and is going home. He must have taken a swipe from one of the Wampas outside of Elgin, and cascaded down the side of a mountain. I've had nothing but issues with DPD since moving up here, and yet with Amazon, I can order something the pr
  5. Kind of jealous of that. I could have so gone for some fun Heroic raids for the past few months, but our guild has at a maximum of like 6 people online at any time, especially since our GM gave up on mythic once we hit the last 2 bosses. I've been getting some characters ready for SL, and I've finally decided on my main. I'm going Hunter for the next expansion, but I'm a bit worried about how many of them are actually going to come back for the expansion launch.
  6. First time I've popped in to this thread in a while. Abby is/has gone? Does that mean we can have the old style GOTY discussions back. I want the salt to flow again.
  7. Just want to say a massive thanks to you all for the advice on how to scout these cards, and to @Uzifor the advice about using Amazon pay (Was so painless and smooth). Just need to pick up a Zen 3 and I'm laughing. Anyone know of any watch groups for Zen3s?
  8. Would it be worth going for a 3900X? They're fairly comparable performance wise, aye?
  9. I'm completely deflated. I refreshed at o'clock on CCL to get a 5800X, added to basket, got to check out, got to processing payment and then my bank pops in: "We just need to verify this, could you enter the code we sent to XXXX?" XXXX is my old phone number, i ramble through to get my number updated and sorted. Then "Your basket has timed out, sorry". First no luck with the 3070, now this, I'm not even sure if I should even bother going for a 6800 when they come out. Clearly this isn't meant to be.
  10. Right, so I know there was a little confusion last week and for some reason everyone wanted to use scan.co.uk at the same time? So, if you could all just avoid using it this afternoon until I pick myself up a Zen3 and B550, that'd be great. Thank you for your understanding.
  11. How much are you looking for, for the 980? It might be a good option to use while I build the rest of my system.
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