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  1. Hah, what a load of shite they've got for us this mont.... Wait, is that...
  2. Don't worry, I had the same e-mail and it arrived just fine sans pins.
  3. Was considering picking this up on the switch... Jesus, not at that price I'm not. That season pass was free on the PS4. WAY too pricey for my tastes. I'm keepin' mah money.
  4. Preach did a decent video on it. I'm really enjoying 8.3 so far.
  5. It's also VERY frustrating that a random dude can come up with a patch that makes the experience far worse for console players.
  6. I guess this means no second series of all systems Goku.
  7. The game is screaming for an "Online edition" with rollback
  8. Similar to Joffo, 3rd strike. Dreamcast XBox PS2 360 PS4 Switch PC
  9. As a side tagent, and I don't want to rant too much. I still don't get Abby as a hiring. I've not watched or listened to any of their content since last years GotY and hearing lines like "Who asked for multiplayer Tetris?" in that first ep immediately rubbed me up the wrong way. I get they wanted female representation on the staff, but there had to have been better choices, surely? Even Ben serves a purpose by covering some of the blind spots they always had (mostly weeb/fighting game stuff). I just don't get what she brings.
  10. I made it about 45 mins into day one. They've neutered the heart and soul out of these, I just couldn't listen any more. As ugly as 2017's got, at least it had passion and most importantly, was entertaining to get to the end of (For the record, Dream Daddy still has no right being in that top 10 at all). "Oh yeah, this came out this year. Did you play it?" "No" "No" "No" "I got a few hours in, it was ok" "Cool, next game" It almost hurts to watch GB forcing itself on like this, but I don't even think I'll give 2020 the 45 mins either. Are there any good gaming podcasts anymore that even come close to what GB used to be like?
  11. Been told by the missus to stop faffing around and get some custom art sorted on my Chun Li TE2. So been spending this evening designing this rather than watching Home Alone 2. Pretty pleased with it so far, and trying to pull myself back from adding too much more. Thinking a bit more text in the bottom right, or maybe a logo of some sort, but not sure what. Any thoughts?
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