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  1. I've not looked into it properly, but I believe everything up to mythic raiding is now cross server AND cross faction. So we may be able to get a few groups going regardless of our servers.
  2. I'm coming back, at least for a few months. Then I think I'll be a bit too busy as a new dad to play for a bit, at least in any sort of serious fashion.
  3. I tried windows 11 this week I tried windows 10 this week. My overall review, don't. A slightly longer review. It always feels like Steam/Windows/GamePass are constantly fighting each other. No gamepad support where there should be, the work arounds are buggy at the best of times, and completely inoperable at the worst. When docked, I lost a good 20 fps from games I normally play in desktop mode. There were really weird delays with initial loads on any gamepass game Overall, just an unpleasant experience all round. But the few hours of Persona 5, natively loaded while in bed were good... once it got going. But tonight:
  4. Very close to switching over to win11. I want my gamepass stuff, I want viva piñata, and I want FFXIV with damage meters.
  5. So, I've played this ... Enough so far to say this is already in my top 3 games for the year. This is absolutely incredible, if you've clicked on the thread, just get it. It's cheap enough at the moment. That's all I'm going to say, and now I'm going to leave the thread until I've finished it... Look at the time, I've not had a game have that moment where I look at the clock and it's nearly 1am in YEARS.
  6. Is there any indication about what price that's going to launch at?
  7. *Raises hand* I've got a question. I've only played Vanilla FF7, and bounced off the extended story the moment I finished Advent Children. I saw the trailers for everything announced today... Who the feck is Zack? Zack to me, is a man who finished his story before 7 even started. Why am I seeing almost more of him than Cloud now? OH... And what the hell is going on in the "remake"?
  8. Yup, and it's now more like a fruit machine than ever.
  9. Looking for a quick bit of advice. The missus has someone at work selling this for charity for £100: Now, I've not been keeping an eye on prices, how does that line up with the current value of them? Given it's for charity, I'm not going to haggle too much, but very much considering it. Just making sure the price isn't too high.
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