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  1. Thanks for your response Poper. What filters would you have used, and how would they have helped? What exactly do you mean by vignetting?
  2. Some pictures from my trip to Finland. Any advice or critique would be much appreciated. Not sure which of these is "better"
  3. What a novel (*snicker*) idea this is. Today's word is SALE SALE OF THE CENTURY - EVERYTHING MUST GO! Pride, dignity and self-worth. I found the cheapest deal. What did I lose along the way? @130story
  4. So I baked my first cake of the year, for a girl's birthday at work. CHOCOLATE OWL DEATH!!!!
  5. Thanks for your advice guys. In the end I bid on a "as new" 18-55mm lens from ebay. It's the IS (latest) version of that lens and picked it up for £60 including delivery and two filters (One polarising and one UV) which is nice as I don't have any filters at the moment. Crossing my fingers for delivery in short order. Do you have any recommendations for cheap tripods? Or manufacturers to look for / avoid.
  6. Could anyone recommend a lens for a Canon 550D. I'm going away in a little over a week, so I was looking to pick up a lens and a tripod. I already have the nifty fifty and a telephoto lens. I'm thinking I'd like something with a smaller mm than the 50, as it makes it difficult to use for wider angle shots, like group photos and landscapes. I'll be going to Finland and spending time in the lakes / forests and want something I can use that's versatile. Problem being I need it to be less than £100 ideally. I was looking at the bog standard 18-55mm lens, as feel this would do the trick, but maybe a prime lens around 20mm would be better? Any Idea on a cheap tripod. I'll be using it to maybe take landscape shots at night, so needs to be stable for long exposures. I don't mind buying second hand, but cutting it fine for delivery if I'm getting it on ebay.
  7. guys..GUYS!! Don't worry, I've worked it out. I know why Microsoft have acted they way they have and it's all going to be OK. Microsoft recently read a copy of "The Game" by Neil Strauss. They are attempting to "Neg" their audience in order to create confusion and arousal in their consumer. But it's not really them, it's just an act, pretty soon they will stop playing mind games. Right? RIGHT?!?!?!
  8. For one she's wearing make up in the second picture. Two, the thing that made her unique and independent, her bow, has been removed completely. Three, they have made her waist slimmer, propagating the lie that barbie doll proportions are the ideal. Four, not only have they placed her in the dress, she hated so much in the movie, a symbol of her bondage and inequality as a woman, they've sluttified it by cutting it low. It subconsciously sends the message to children that you have to be skinny, wear make up, dress like a slut and conform for anyone to find you worthy or attractive. I think it's fucking disgusting. Brave, was a wonderful role model for children, especially little girls, and now she is just identikit barbie.
  9. Just in case anyone is interested. I have some Dreamcast stuff for sale in the trading folder. Might be worthwhile looking through if anyone is a collector?
  10. I'm on a PC running Windows 8. Sorry, I should have mentioned that before. I had a look for Expression 3.3 on WIkipedia, but the download links don't exist any more. I had a look on Microsoft's site and there is a Expression 4 which is downloadable and free, will this do?
  11. I've borrowed a version of Adobe Illustrator, with a view to buying my own copy if I can master / get on with it.
  12. Guys, my girlfriend bought me one of these for Christmas It's a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch Medium, with a view to me using it for drawing and painting on a computer. neither of which I've done before. Have you got any tips for using it, training resources, tutorials etc ?
  13. Just spent 20 minutes investigating shrink plastic on the net. I'd never heard of it before. It looks amazing
  14. Can anyone recommend some drawing programs for the PC and maybe a graphics tablet too. I want to get back into drawing, but I'd like to try digital as it seems more forgiving, being able to track back and undo mistakes etc. Is this the right way to go about things, or should I just get some good instructional books, pencils, pens and fairly decent paper?
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