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  1. Gw2 is not something you have to rush to the end game to be able to enjoy. The process of leveling and exploration is the favourite part for a lot of people. I know a bunch of people who have literally 20-30 alts because that's the part of the game they enjoy best. It's the first MMO where I haven't found leveling to be a grind or a chore, too. Also, you have access to basically all of your abilities almost straight away, so you can enjoy each class all the way up. Even once you get to endgame it's pretty much choose your own fun. Because of the horizontal progression each option is as viable as the other. And they are all optional. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's no 'should' for what you're asking. You'll figure out which aspects appeal as you play. I mean, you could get really into the PvP aspects of the game and never need to touch either expansion. Or you might really want to do raids, which means you'll need HoT. If you start now you can do F2P, or buy HoT for £10-15 and have most the content available right now.
  2. I haven't used mine, either. The revenant is the only character that I boosted a bunch with tomes, and I have nfi how to play her. I genuinely think boosting is a bad idea. Except perhaps if you've played that class a bunch in PvP
  3. Here is another tip. If there's something you don't know or understand in game, you can type /wiki karma or /wiki ascended or /wiki then shift click an item you got. It'll open your browser on the relevant gw2 wiki page. Handy.
  4. I was answering Flub and you snuck your answer in first 400-500 in crafting is all exotics. It can be expensive or it can make you money. Totally depends on the market right now. There are websites that figure out the most efficient way to do it based on current prices. You can buy exotics with karma. And cultural weapon skins. Not sure what else might have been introduced.
  5. Ps. You can get cheap level 80 exotics through WvW. I find ascended gear worthwhile because 1) it will never be replaced (looking at you, WoW) and 2) you can replace the stats on them if you ever want to switch it up.
  6. You can't buy an ascended weapon, but you can buy the materials to craft it. If you haven't levelled your crafting to 500 though it'll be a bit of a slog. You do have a chance for them to drop from Tequatl, Wurm and Fractals. Maybe some other things as I'm a year or so out of date. They have a really high chance of dropping in raids, and you can spend the currency you get in raids on buying more. I crafted 2 sets then got the rest from raids, so not 100% sure on all the other ways to get them because it's never been an issue. Probably worth checking the wiki.
  7. The HoTs expansion includes the base game, correct. It might be worth doing it F2P to see if you get into it, though there are some restrictions. I don't know how the new expansion will work with regards to getting the previous content.
  8. If it's coordination and communication you want, then just wait till you get to the Raids <3 Ten people and supremely focused.
  9. Sure, it's definitely tough. And I think I have it easier than most on my mesmer (who is my main) because she has loads of blocks and evades as a chronomancer. My friend plays her ranger with full beserkers and seems to do well. The mobs just go down really fast, which is, after all, the most efficient way to prevent damage. And the pet draws in the aggro. Positioning and learning the tells of the Mons can help a lot too. I recommend looking at the builds on https://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki and finding one that works for you. You can be quite clever with the way you spec out and build your characters to see a big increase in survivability and damage. I also think the elite specs are great. I definitely use them in my mes, else and ranger. You have a huge boost to healing on ranger. I get that it's frustrating, I really do. The flip side, however, is that as someone who was really bored of being able to afk literally any of the PvE content, it was really refreshing for me to have to pay attention, optimise, and be able to feel good about what I was achieving in the new zones. Plus my mesmer is a badass
  10. You absolutely don't have to play with others to level if you don't want to, but there are some easy things to do if you want to make it more MMO and less single player. 1) prioritise the orange circles and stars on the map. These are "Events" and can be done by a single person, but will often draw others in to help. A lot of them will chain together, so be aware of what it is you're actually doing. Eg. If an event is to collect a bunch of doohickeys and hand them in to an NPC, hang around when it's done. That NPC will run off and do something with this doohickeys that will start the next event. And so on. Some of them will be prefixed by [Group Event] which means it's designed for at least 5 people. They all scale. When you're higher level there are some cool world boss fights that take a lot of people, too. You can do dungeons or fractals (mini-dungeons) that need a team of 5. Just the other day 2 of my friends advertised in LFG that they were completely new to fractals, does anyone want to help. They had 2 other newbies join and one old hand who talked them through everything. They spent a whole day playing together and everyone"was lovely." So, use the LFG function if there's something you're stuck on, or want to do. Likewise ask in Map Chat. This is the most friendly and cooperative game I have ever played. By design. Someone will help you out 4/5 times. Lastly, if you play with someone who is fun, ask to join their guild, and then you have another resource of collaboration on your hands. You can be in up to 5 guilds at once, so there's no need to be precious about it. Hope that helps
  11. Get a better spec, gear or class that you can play better? There's definitely a learning curve but you need to be able to dodge, cleanse and dish out some fair damage. On my mesmer I use some all rounder gear and she can just keep going forever, on my warrior I use berserker gear and just kill them before they kill me. On my elementalist I do similar but she's stacked with heals too. You can't just run around blindly anymore, and sure, having a friend with you doesn't hurt, but you absolutely can solo it, and it's the best game in the world for getting help from people if you need it. It's also worth working on getting the top level gear. It takes a bit of work to get there, but once you do you can start doing the higher level content and get more really easily. The main advantage of guild wars is that they're not constantly moving the goal posts. Any top level gear you get now, or 5 years ago, is always going to be top level. It makes a big difference when you're fully kitted out in ascendeds.
  12. FLGS in London selling the book with preorder PDF https://leisuregames.com/products/critical-role-tal-dorei-campaign-setting-pre-order-incl-discount-code-for-pdf
  13. I haven't read Matt Colville's books but his youtube videos on DMing are on point. I'm happy :3
  14. So, at $52 shipping... are any UK companies stocking it with the preorder PDF?
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