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  1. I'd like a plot or two in Rllmukshire please! (ID:llyrie).
  2. Walking Dead episode 5. When Clementine I had this incredible burst of emotion that I've not experienced in a game before. Film hasn't even done that to me in a long time. There are lots of moments across the season that stand out too (opening of episode 2, end of episode 3). Max Payne 3 when he shaves his head and heads into the Favelas - everything just came together there for me. Airport scene was also amazing, but I felt a bit pressured to make all my actions cinematic there, rather than it being an organic thing. All the little anecdotes Far Cry 3 produces due to it's systems. That game throws curve balls at you all the time, just like it's predecessor.
  3. Is there any way I can preload from GMG in the uk? Or do I just have to wait for midnight tonight?
  4. Very early on but two things annoy me. The Warthog sounds like it's reving in first gear / a broken lawnmower. They've changed the shield recharge sound. There's no rising tone in it! Everything else is Halo/10.
  5. Finished the game. Shite. 14 hours of busywork. A shameful creation. Naval battles were pretty good, for a mini game. Every other part (story, stealth, fighting, hunting, chasing etc.) were mostly shallow, repetitive and clunky experiences. There is very little challenge to any of them. I don't understand how anyone in their right mind can get to the end of this and then post a 9/10 review. It's imbecilic. This AV Club Review sums things up perfectly.
  6. I'm struggling to get to the end of this really. I've given up on all the side missions, buying weapons, upgrading the ship, recruiting assassins etc. because at the end of the day none of it matters. It makes very little difference to gameplay, you don't really upgrade any of your abilities and anyway I'm pretty sure you could complete this game with what you start out with. The scope and breath of this game is immense, but there's absolutely no depth. The thing that sums this game up for me is the bow and arrow mechanics. You wait until your target has a white outline, and press the Y button. You shoot the target. You can hold Y down if something's in range and Connor will ready the bow, but that's pretty much it. There's no tension, you can't lead targets, you can't aim for parts of the body, you can't shoot an arrow to distract etc. It's GTA 3 level mechanics and it's fucking boring.
  7. Sensible Software 1986–1999 Expensive ($38!) book about Sensible Software. I've backed it because SWOS and Cannon Fodder are my happy places.
  8. If 1991 started at the 2 minute mark it wouldn't be as great, you need the first bit for contrast. Same goes for the amazing place this song goes at 2 mins:
  9. Damn is this seriously not coming out in the UK until November? :
  10. [media=] Incredible song. Can't wait for his album later in the year.
  11. Yes that's part of the appeal for me. The only other tv show that has a similar effect is Louie.
  12. This has been confusing me too. In these kinds of shows, every season ends with some big event (party, breakup, proposal, "I'm leaving" etc.). So the story arcs have to be scripted, but if they are then the lives of these 'real people' are basically scripted, down to the timing of relationships, infidelity, marriage proposals etc. So it's basically just a soap opera with shit actors?
  13. Got out of a truck on a deserted road. No sound but the wind. And then the steadily rising screams of a sprinting zombie woman. I draw back my nail studded bludgeon in anticipation Seconds pass. Just at the right moment, I side-smack it in the head. The impact launches it to the left, splattering its face against the car door. It bounces off and flops at my feet. $14. Silence... This game is jam packed with moments like this, and I love it. Analogue melee combat is amazing. Fuck the reviews, this is Deadly Premonition all over again.
  14. Played it for a few hours tonight..Really promising start, especially the analogue combat - Reminds me of Mount & Blade. Upgrade trees look nice and deep too. HOWEVER, the FOV is incredibly narrow (55?). First game that's ever given me headache/nausea. Hopefully somebody finds a way to increase it, or we get a patch. I'll probably have to suffer through it though.
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