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  1. Has http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/129466 been linked to yet? I was emailed it while I was away. I don't see any Simon Byron machinima.
  2. You can get it live on www.resonancefm.com and apparently the signal is now working a bit better around London. However, as Richard said, the podcast is probably the safest route.
  3. Ah! The Okami stuff only just arrived a few days ago after weeks of bugging Capcom. The good news is that the tshirts are lovely. I'll send you a game and a tshirt if you email me your address again. I should have replied sooner but...umm...some excuse. I'm sorry about that. Do you want a boy's tshirt or a girl one? robATonelifeleft.com Also, Develop: I'm not very good at arguing so tried to do joking instead. It's hard to argue with things you wholeheartedly agree with and it was confusing that people would come up with a title then make their speech only vaguely related to it. Which are all
  4. Baked cheesecakes are not old fashioned at all and really really common! I've made loads of no-cook cheesecakes too but prefer the baked ones (apart from my goosberry and elderflower cheesecake!) OY VEY! It's Aleeta again, not Strobes!
  5. I'm making one with my recipe in a bit, I'll POST PICS! Actually, I'm going to change my base recipe a bit, I've looked into graham crackers and they're basically the same as digestives but made with honey and cinnamon so instead of sugar in the base I'll add honey and a bit of cinnamon. Should be lush! OOPS! This is Aleeta-1 not Strobes!
  6. You're still an idiot. I don't care how many people I can play with, it's about who I play with. I want to play with my friends who all have different formats capable of playing the game. Whether or not I can do that is of far more importance to me than how many random internet guys I can play with.
  7. I'm just amazed that nobody else has really thought of it, it seems pretty obvious to me. Remember the demo they showed where you controlled a dent in the ground and used it to launch a basketball towards the hoop? What if you could do that in a Mario game, but use it to boost his jumps, or move obstacles? Or maybe it'll serve as some sort of telekinetic power thing, where Mario has some sort of machine that lets him manipulate objects. Instead of having those platforms that move through a set path on their own, you're actually controlling them with the wand. Basically, Psi Ops with more cont
  8. Mario with the stick, levels with the wand. Obviously.
  9. It's not even news. Brian D Crecente is a retard.
  10. That's essentially how the homebrew app that lets you control your PC desktop remotely from the DS works. It shrinks it all down to fit on the screen, then the only way to actually read anything is using the magnifying tool. It's a bit shit, but it's a nice idea.
  11. A 4GB memory stick? I didn't realise the Royal Mail was giving a time machine to all it's employees to deliver mail to THE FUTURE.
  12. Datel are morons. They've done a Play Yan for the DS, something Nintendo seem to have forgotten about, but crippled it with a fucking hard drive. Why not just do an SD card version, idiots? Then it might not look so shit and cost a million pounds.
  13. Presenters: Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, not a cunt, a lovely cunt. Guests: Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt.
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