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  1. The PS3 player base seems fairly sparse at the moment, so I hope nobody minds my asking here for some friends to play with. Everyone I know in real life has made the jump to next gen, and while I have hedged my bets by going digital (getting the PS4 version into the bargain), I'm stuck on the PS3 for the time being. I've reached something of an impasse: I do well in Strikes at level 22 / almost 23, but as soon as I try to solo anything serious, like the Queen's wrath kill orders, I'm decimated in a few hits from solar-armoured enemies. So, to cut a long story short, if you own a Playstation 3 and would like to play Destiny with a man who also owns a Playstation 3 and would welcome your help, hit me up. I'm Fatoy_Japa on PSN.
  2. I think this is terrific. Admittedly the script is a little on-the-nose in places, but Clive Owen is a powerhouse when he's on form, and the whole "modern techniques and music in a period piece" thing really shouldn't work but does. I think this is one of those rare cases where handheld cameras and purposefully "off" compositions work exceptionally well - a kind of verité approach to the period piece, which is usually a cookie-cutter kind of TV show making. It straddles a neat line between too arty (see Cinemax stablemate Banshee, for some "experimental" episodes that fell totally flat) and too staid, and ends up feeling really fresh as a result. Shows like Boardwalk Empire have, for me, always felt a bit showy when it comes to their period settings. Here, on the other hand, it seems like the camera just drifts through places that a different director would really have rubbed your nose in. Plan to watch the third episode tonight. I really like the guy who plays Algernon, too.
  3. Terrific show. Superlative first season, and a good start to the second one.
  4. Oh yeah, there are also fights. And tits. Lucy Lawless's tits. Viva Bianca's tits.
  5. Yeah, there's a lot in season two (Vengeance) that'll have its impact lessened if you haven't watched Gods of The Arena. Spartacus on the whole is like a blood opera: it's told in quite broad strokes and with a pretty limited set of tools and locations, but the pacing is better than anything else, and they even sneak some of the best character arcs in television in between the cracks. The fact that it had short seasons and a very limited run meant that every episode was packed with action and dialogue in service of the overarching plot. You hear a lot of people calling the latest TV hit a "long form movie", but most of them are still very serialised in their pacing. Spartacus really does feel like thirty-odd hour film, and I mean that in the best possible way. Quite how they put some of the battles in War of the Damned together on such a tiny budget is beyond me.
  6. I'll echo that. I have no kids, but as a child at heart I'm enjoying this tremendously. It has more in common with TF2 than anything else, but with asymmetrical teams and a moreish sticker store that you obtain things from with fake money.
  7. It's entirely possible I forgot all about that in the intervening year. I do remember Job scouting trucks at some point, now that you mention it. Honestly, my problem was more with the way the whole thing was paced within the confines of that single episode. Still, I'm excited to hear that episode 2 is back on top.
  8. The season two opener was terrible. I don't think I've ever seen such a ham-fisted attempt to wrap up old plotlines and introduce new characters. And now here's a truck heist out of nowhere! I loved the first series, though, so I'm hoping for a lot more of the old magic from the second episode.
  9. I enjoyed this a lot. It's a weird expectation to have gone with, but I really wanted a "Spartacus replacement", and Black Sails looked like it might fit the bill. It actually turned out to be quite a different beast despite the surface similarities - network, hooters, blood - and it seems as though the central hook of having Flint as the ideological pirate, driven by running away from civilisation, will play out well over the coming episodes. It also helped that it looked excellent, despite only having half the budget of Game of Thrones. The credits sequence is wonderful. Oh, but Hannah New cannot swear to save her life. That part with her dipping her fingers in the flagon was... unpleasant.
  10. Not to get anyone's hopes up too much, but this ACTUALLY IS on sale in a flash deal from today until Monday on PSN.
  11. Even after all these years, "Blasphemous Frisbee Creator" still slays me.
  12. Ah, sorry. I played it to death on the 360, so when I scrolled through the PS Plus listing the other day and saw it I assumed it was free but didn't test it out. Apologies for the confusion, PeteBrant. It's easily worth the asking price, though.
  13. It's also the spiritual successor to Bulletstorm in a lot of ways. I adored it. EDIT: And it's free on PS Plus at the moment, which is criminal.
  14. This show is so terrible, and yet I can't help but watch it.
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