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  1. Jesus. More tragic than words can express. His poor wife. When I saw the headline earlier, my heart just fell into my stomach, more than I honestly would have predicted. Anyone who visits Giant Bomb regularly does so for the personalities, and losing one as vivacious as Ryan means the place won't ever be the same again. The intimacy of the podcasts and just the general "friends hanging out playing games" atmosphere of things like Unprofessional Fridays has led to the GB crew feeling closer to friends than detached personalities, and it makes something like this feel all the more acute. Those guys could switch overnight to just reviewing microwaves and I'd still visit all the time. RIP
  2. League of Legends is bloody huge here. They're not totally averse to FPS, there's a F2P one called Sudden Attack that seems to be incredibly popular too. But yeah, I fully expect to hear my students talking about Dota2 a lot next semester.
  3. Oh God. That's it, I'm sucked in again! I'll keep an eye out for wild crowbars on the Korean peninsula while I'm out and about.
  4. I feel like we're looking at this kind of situation here:
  5. Yeah, I had their Twitch page open in a tab at work earlier so I could listen to their livestream while I went about my business (slow day!), completely forgot about it, and about an hour after the scheduled start my headphones filled with the sound of Jeff Gerstmann streaming from something or other just saying that a bunch of their equipment had been stolen and that they had to put together a list for the police. There was then some discussion about whether or not to do a stream with the one camera they had, but they decided against. Really sucks, I can't imagine the work and planning that goes into planning E3 coverage like theirs, and then some scrote has to go and ruin it by nicking their equipment.
  6. Terrific news! I always mentally lumped Mirror's Edge and the original Assassin's Creed together, feeling they were both flawed games that could be greatly improved upon in any sequel. The theory held up (for the most part, anyway) with Assassin's Creed 2, and I hope the same is true of this. I'm not too worried about the combat focus of the trailer - it is an E3 trailer, after all. There's always a danger of them going in the wrong direction with the combat, but fuck it dat art design arghfhgshdigjkadsllgdhsaj.
  7. I think it was Sean on Idle Thumbs (or one the Thumbs lads, anyway) who said "it's like drugs, but bad drugs". I think that kinda nails it! It really gets under the skin and feels...I dunno, dark in a way that's quite unlike any game I can think of. The atmosphere alone (as a product of the soundtrack, story line and deliciously grimy post-processing effects) would be enough to earn the game a place in my memory, but the fact that it's mechanically an absolute blast really sent it over the edge for me. Failed runs almost (almost) always feel like they're your fault, that you've fucked up, not that the game has been deliberately obfuscatory. There're exceptions to this, but they're few enough that it doesn't become much of an issue. I just know that I almost felt physically *dirty* the first time I sat down late at night, put my headphones on, and dove into it. It was like seeing a Gaspar Noe movie for the first time or something.
  8. Don't know if this is the place to be asking for it, but I'd appreciate a beta invite if anyone has one spare! Steam name's DarraghW.
  9. God damn, I'm mega-tempted to just buy one of these things. Any chance of us getting something approaching an ETA on the next model at E3?
  10. Right, I've got Steam keys for the following available to the first thread regular to PM me! Alan Wake Alan Wake's American Nightmare Dear Esther Awesomenauts Hotline Miami
  11. Valve get a bit cheeky on April Fools' Day: http://steamdb.info/app/800/#section_info EDIT: Actually SteamDB's joke!
  12. Argh! It's decrypting on Steam as I speak! I wasn't expecting it until the morning! So I guess Korea is an option if you want to VPN in to unlock it!
  13. I've a free copy of Bioshock 1 going after my pre-order of Infinite! First PM from a thread regular gets it! EDIT: Gone to Siri!
  14. Yeah, Ryuhei Kitamura directed the mo-cap sessions for the new cutscenes in Twin Snakes. (EDIT: @dood) I guess I can kinda see why people might prefer Twin Snakes, but there's just something...off about it. It's been a long time since I dusted off my copy, but one thing I remember - and it's kind of intangible, but whatever - is...you know that sequence where you're running up the stairs of the communication tower and you don't encounter any enemies for ages? And then you get to the lift and Otacon has a codec freak-out when he realises there are three stealth camo'd-up bastards in the lift with you? Well, the original has this tremendous sense of isolation and loneliness in that sequence. The stark concrete, Snake's footsteps echoing around the stairwell as he makes his ascent, even the visual isolation of the vignetting around the edge of the frame, and it feels for all the world like you're utterly isolated and alone in the middle of the harsh Alaskan wilderness (and yeah, I know you're on the way to fight your brother in a massive attack helicopter, but whatever!). I couldn't for the life of me put my finger on exactly why right now, but I think Twin Snakes lost that somehow. It lost other things, but that one always sticks in my head for some reason.
  15. Before, if possible! That should net me a free copy of Bioshock (which I will give away here) and XCOM. Just say the word if you're able, and I'll send the Paypal funds!
  16. I have a favour to ask! I've finally got my PC put back together and so I'm back in the gaming fray! I want to get my hands on Bioshock Infinite when it comes out, and I was wondering if a kind UK-based member could gift it to me in exchange for Paypal funds? It's a full 30% cheaper when compared to the Euro price, and if I get the pre-order bonuses, the copy of the original Bioshock will be put up for free here, of course. [/begging]
  17. Well, shit the bed! A Life Well Wasted is coming back after, what, a three-year hiatus? Olly Moss-designed posters for the episode:
  18. What Sleeping Dogs DLC is worth getting? Or should I just grab the whole discounted pack?
  19. Looks beautiful, as expected! LC makes a good point about him constantly re-editing his movies, though - who knows what he'll do to it between now and its theatrical release. Visually it looks very similar to Tree of Life, though - which is no bad thing necessarily (I mean, fuck, Tree of Life remains one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen), but I do wonder if he's allowing himself time to develop new visual ideas between movies. It doesn't hurt that the handheld, free-roaming camera is a total joy to watch, though. And who the hell am I to sit at my keyboard questioning Terrence Malick?! I'll lap up every second and wish I could hang each frame on my wall. He's got another one in production with a fourth-in-a-row in the pipeline, right? Dude makes 4 movies in like 30 years, and all of a sudden he's pumping them out like he's Woody Allen.
  20. After marathoning LOTR over the weekend with some friends, I'm rather excited to see this now, having avoided as much pre-release media as I could. Found a place showing it in 2D here that we're going to see this weekend, and the opportunity is there to see it in 48fps in Seoul the night before I come home for Christmas if the mood takes me. I know I won't like it (the 48fps stuff, that is), but my curiosity will probably get the better of me.
  21. I've got spare Steam keys for Metro 2033 and STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl going to the first two PMs that will give them a good home! EDIT: Metro 2033 gone! EDIT 2: Aaaaand now they're both gone. Enjoy, guys!
  22. Presumably, the number of "switches" that the server needs to keep track of and dish out updates for will be much lower once the cube reaches its minimum size, so I'd hope they'll be able to approach real-time updating at that point.
  23. Ah man, that's terrific stuff!!! It's been amazing to see this increase in magnitude over the last however-long-it's-been. Amazing.
  24. I've got a key for Oil Rush (naval strategy game) going to the first PM! I don't own a copy, but I'll literally never play it if I do redeem it, so I figure I may as well send it to a good home rather than let it gather digital dust in my Steam account. 5am on Thursday edit: This is still available!
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