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  1. just got back from seeing it about an hour ago way way better than 3 and to an extent 4
  2. aye im gonna stick with it just saw zero and kiwami 1 and 2 are leaving soon so need to do the others before they go from game pass
  3. playing Y4 at the moment and finding it a bit of slog compared to the other games (Saejima's story) does it pick up and get better
  4. thought it odd as there wasnt one last year so was a nice bonus
  5. wasn't expecting a calendar when i went to the paper shop for my copy this morning
  6. hmv got a good sale on atm and ordered the following this morning (3 for £30) Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Tomb Raider 2018 (2 for £30) Halloween 2018 Everest
  7. picked up my first games in about a year and a half this week Digital Pinball and spot goes to hollywood quite enjoying digital pinball
  8. i did tweet them about it but not heard back
  9. i noticed something wrong about cachat in the unconverted section it actually is on taito legends under the name tube it
  10. i didnt know pc gamer was still going used to buy it and pc zone a fair bit between 99 and 2005
  11. if you use a vpn you can find instructions on how to sign up for hbo max
  12. does giant gram 2000 3 work properly for you can you see the main menu text etc
  13. im using 351ELEC atm not really noticed a stutter on 3rd punches
  14. the dc games ive been playing have been mostly fine giant gram 2000 3 has an issue where you cant see the main menu though
  15. yeah i put 351elec on last night been great so far just need to put some more dreamcast games on
  16. think ill see how i get on with the stock then look into arkOS in terms of dreamcast its the wrestling games i wanna play really
  17. just ordered a RG351P and 128GB micro sd off amazon can i get the sd all set up ready to go for when the handheld arrives
  18. finally got round to watching the goonies last night the 4k isnt too shabby at all still a great film too
  19. with the hype for godzilla vs kong ive brought Kong Skull Island and King Kong 2005 also had possessor arrive from amazon us yesterday (amazing film and stunning disc) just waiting for godzilla 2014 to hit 4k
  20. i got 216 from my local paper shop this morning i keep getting emails about subscriptions and even got a letter last week with a offer for renewing but i have no faith in the new distributors
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