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  1. Just a few hours left on this...I ended up cancelling my pledge up it's still tempting...
  2. You still have a couple of months and plenty in your budget for an airbrush as an alternative
  3. I like how youtube recommendations work that it's still showing me all these videos from when it first came out and the Hamilton Mixtape was released!
  4. Oh yeah definitely, it's not a game that you can just quickly dip into! It would be nice to try it again some time but getting people together is a bit more difficult these days... I'm making do with playing games on BGA at the moment
  5. Haha I tried that in a board game cafe and it was too wordy, escape room games aren't that hard
  6. Check out this thread. The main franchises are Unlock and Exit. Unlock's a bit cheaper and can be resold because it's non-destructive (It's just a deck of cards with an app)
  7. I think I usually pay around £5-15 per game for the board game escape rooms so for 12 episodes it's not bad but it's an unproven format. I'm hoping it does actually pay off and it will be good for a wide range of ages so I can play with my nieces.
  8. It's always Satisfied that gets me
  9. Doesn't Kermit do his crazy arm waving laugh?
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daveed_Diggs Yeah, he's in the new TV Snowpiercer too (I still need to check that out)
  11. Ahh expensive...and due to be delivered in 2021...but it looks so good I can't say no...
  12. It disgusts me how talented these kids are
  13. The trailer makes it look a bit too close to Final Space
  14. Haha Lin Manuel Miranda's never had the widest range but he's doing his best!!
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