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  1. I wonder what we're missing out on, not getting to see that pumped up JK Simmons
  2. I think it's difficult to get through but you have to make it through to the end like a lot of his shows.
  3. I finished this last night and thought it was really ruined by the ending...
  4. I really didn't like where this went with these last two episodes. Not sure I'll bother if there's another series
  5. Oh man I had to check the date because it says I have it on premier access and I was worried I accidentally bought it!
  6. I wasn't sure about this going into it so I had pretty low expectations but I really enjoyed it, it was surprisingly heart-warming!
  7. Is it worth trying their Arena Tutor? I usually just play on my phone but I do have it installed on my laptop too.
  8. https://draftsim.com/ Ooo I just found the draft sim, I'd only been on the site to look at the promo codes before! I still think I'm rubbish at making decks but can at least practice drafting for free now!
  9. I wasn't a massive fan of the first episode I really liked the second though, it just felt fun!
  10. So complicated! I definitely need to watch more
  11. I might be moving into the 21st century watching a streamer gaming for the first time!!
  12. Anyone got tips for playing drafts? I got that draft token from the daily deals but it feels daunting to give it a try! I don't think I ever did that well when I tried a couple times in high school and I still don't even get all of the new card mechanisms
  13. And Ampersand (his monkey) is male too. I reread the first volume again last weekend!
  14. What's this on? I thought it was going to be on disney+ but it's not showing up for me yet Edit - Google says its coming out on the 22nd in the UK
  15. He sold the rights for that before it was even published so that might have something to do with it?
  16. I think the longer it takes to find an opponent the worse it's going to be, there's no way for the starter decks to beat someone using any of the new mechanics like dungeons! If I haven't been matched in 10 seconds I quit to try again.
  17. I'm a bit lost after the tutorials and the colour challenges, are there any guides for where to go from here? I don't even know where to start with deck building these days...
  18. Perfect! It should come some time tomorrow.
  19. Oh that's cool it says those starter kit codes can be used twice with a friend. I saw two different starter kits on Amazon, are you interested in trading codes? I wouldn't mind getting back into Magic. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B093CHZ62N Is this the starter kit you got? The other one is here https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0881XZ49W
  20. Are there any equivalents with Western model kits with that kind of articulation? I remember how amazed I was building my first PG (I think I went straight from HG)
  21. Oh now I want to build another perfect grade....
  22. When will season 2 end? I don't really want to watch this weekly...
  23. Oh...I was just used to getting them after the fact in TPBs anyway
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