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  1. Yeah, there is a huge amount of wiggle room between; "Xbox 720 out this Christmas, 350 quid and its here to play at E3!" and "New Xbox is coming, [5 second tease of a next gen looking Master Chief/Marcus Fenix etc]"
  2. Once Upon a Time in the West Mulholland Drive The Fountain Alien Dead Man's Shoes The Exorcist The Incredibles The Princess Bride Pulp Fiction Rushmore Solaris (2002) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan The Thing United 93 The Way of the Gun The Iron Giant Punch-Drunk Love Noroi Brazil The Elephant Man
  3. Game of the Year Demon's Souls Mass Effect 2 Limbo Apple Jack Reach Most Wanted Game Of 2011 Dead Space 2 Portal 2 Last Guardian Batman: Arkham City Hall of Shame Red Dead RedemptionAn incredibly restrictive game lacking almost anything you could describe as Sandbox. Most of the game is spent watching overly long cutscences with stock Rockstar 'wacky' characters, and traveling via the bland horse riding mechanic. Then the combat which although improved over GTA (just) is still pretty stale. Heavy RainIts not a good story, but far more importantly, its not a good game. Halo:ReachIts really not a *bad* game, it just that a few years after Doom we got Goldeneye, and few years after Goldeneye we got Halo. Ten years on from Halo we have what? This? Mass Effect 2's Story (only)While on its own the overall story and mission stories are fairly good, as the second act of three it is appalling. The move from ME1's 'Save the universe!' to be a 'space social worker!' and the relative reduction of the threat you face, a stumpy alien and a giant man, made me find it crushingly disappointing. 2010That two of my best games of the year feature in my shame list says it all really. Best Technical Achievement The Kinect Best Online Experience Battlefield Bad Company 2 Best PC Game Minecraft Best PS3 Game Demon's Souls Best Xbox 360 Game Mass effect 2 Limbo Halo: Reach Apple Jack Best Download-only Game Limbo Apple Jack Minecraft
  4. I've used this and it is really good. Its oil based so it takes 12-24 hours to dry and you will need to use their matt spray on top (otherwise they look like they have been dipped in slime) I would say its nice for plastics and mandatory for metals as it actually gives them a real fighting chance against chipping.
  5. Well at least it still seems to have the sandbox open level thing going on, the buildings still go down with one hit. I could warm to the credits and buying weapons thing. The Ants are about half the size, as are the Hectors and the lack of enemies kinda gives the game a scaled down look compared to the first and what made EDF look so good was the scale. The idea of a scaled down EDF does not appeal. Still the video makes it look better than my worst fears, so who knows. Multiplayer might be good.
  6. Well you *can* grind for health, I never have and I have 3 levels left to go on Inferno difficulty, with very few done in co-op. Co-op *is* fun but it does make a lot of the difficult tactical decisions as far as weapon selection easier, as well as obviously just making the game easier by having twice as many people fighting the bad guys. Possibly, but I don't think that matters, its still there.
  7. Just like in Halo, many people play the game though to completion on on the easier difficulties just by using any set of weapons and just ploughing through. There is nothing wrong with that but you get far more out of the game when it pushes you to use more tactical combat.
  8. Well my experience of the game was of one that had a incredible level of tactics and balance. The core bad guys had inverse relationship of health to damage they could deal, which meant you had to constantly keep aware of which enemies were where and which were higher priority. Often your 'best' weapons for a level would be non explosive ones, yet taking them would lose your ability to level buildings and create favorable Line of sight. Insuring that you kept as many of your allies alive as possible and making sure you activate their 'follow' function can massively reduce the difficulty of the levels. These are not even close to all the subtleties the game offered me, so I think I will continue to be concerned about this sequel.
  9. Is it just me or are are the new ants... a little small?
  10. Even if every single thing Sandlot developed bar EDF *was* shit, (I doubt that is the case) they still developed EDF which is my favorite game on the 360. To put it mildly, I do not believe there are any 'Vicious Cycle' games that are close to that quality. Now maybe this game will be great and recapture what made EDF so good, maybe. But what is certain is the odds of that happening were a lot higher under Sandlot than Vicious Cycle.
  11. 'Open world' games like GTA and Red Dead that are in fact incredibly linear, and not in a good way.
  12. DavidB

    EDF 2017

    I've got three levels left to do on Inferno, on about 2400 health and the Lysander Z and the last Rocket launcher to get. These last three are a real bastard but I vow to do it before I get the sequel.
  13. DavidB


    Its a classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u8CSFnv4Ac
  14. About 3-4 hours, which I could probably half once I get the technique down, and yes they do look ridiculous.
  15. Trying out NMM Gold on the new Blood Angels.
  16. Quickly finished of the Tygon Because I've got the Lady GaGa Marines and the Deff Dread to do.
  17. Wrath of Khan towers over all the other Star trek films.
  18. Best iPhone Game Best NDS Game Best PC Game Best PS3 Game Uncharted 2 Best PSP Game Best Xbox 360 Game Left 4 Dead 2 Halo ODST Beatles Rock Band Best Wii Game Little King's story Best Online Experience Left 4 Dead 2 Operation Flashpoint 2 Battlefield 1943 Best Download-only Game Battlefield 1943 Next War Best Technical Achievement Uncharted 2 Operation Flashpoint 2 Left 4 Dead2 Hall of Shame Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Wii Most Wanted Game Of 2010 Last Guardian Dead Space 2 Alien Vs Predator Game of the Year Left 4 Dead 2 Halo ODST Uncharted 2 Game of the Decade Dead Space Halo EDF 2017
  19. I didn't get a box or instructions, but that big one is a Tygon and the smaller guys are Raveners.
  20. Just got a plastic Tygon and some plastic Gargoyles!
  21. You can, it 'normalizes' your score. So if 5 is the highest you give, it counts 5 as your best score.
  22. Does anyone else use this site its really fantastic, you rate a few films and then it uses that information predict the rating of films you haven't seen. It even matches you up with other people who have the most similar taste. Often in the case of shorts and out of copyright films even has the actual film embedded on the page. http://www.criticker.com/film/The_Cat_with_Hands/ http://www.criticker.com/film/Stalker/ So anyone want to be my Kumpel? http://www.criticker.com/profile/DavidB
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