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  1. Hi, I have permission from the missus to put a single console under the TV since my Xbox/PS2/GC have died, and reckon it's either the 360 or PS3 given that i have zero interest in anything on the Wii. Thing is, since the 360 is half the price of a PS3 and most games seem to be multi-platform, is this the best choice? I narrowed down a list of games i really want to play: Can't say i care much about Bluray now. Also if i buy a 360 Arcade can i just whack in my own HD, i have loads of IDE/SATA drives lying around. Multis i really want to play: Fallout 3,PoP,RE5,SF4,Mirror's Edge,Far Cry 2,Assasin's Creed,Bioshock,Dead Space 360 games i really want to play: Halo 3, Geometry Wars, Ikaruga, Gears of War/2, Banjo Kazooie PS3 games: Super Stardust, Valkyrie Chronicles, Wipeout I can afford either, and just wondered what good exclusives are there for the PS3? MSG4, is that PS3 only? Thanks! EDIT: Sorry, i think this should be in the "Ask the forum" forum!
  2. Pendulum are the happy hardcore of drum and bass. Utter bugger shite. I really don't know what happened with them. I actually had to go and check the CD of Hold You Colours in a shop to check it was actually the same people that had done Masochist and those awesome Prodigy remixes. Re: Noisia. They rule. D'n'b side has been a bit light recently, but the breaks/electro stuff on Division is great. Same goes for their Hustle Athletics stuff. The new Fablive Live 40 mixed by them also has a wicked new Spor track on.
  3. What PTW shows are you guys going to. The one in London? Awesome weekend that. PTW on friday then Down on Sunday. woooo.
  4. I assume you have their new album Versions. Awesome stuff, it's like You Come Before You turned to 11. Can't wait till their gig in April. wooo.
  5. What's wrong with Lamb of God? Can't be beat for balls to the wall pure metal. Fkin tight live too. But then i like Gloria too so..haha. Not as much as i liked it when all the old timers cried when they didn't release another identical album (not that i don't like the previous ones) . Then i also liked Mein Weg by Bethlehem which was a complete divergence from their other albums. As good as they are, i wouldn't call Gojira prog metal in a list which contains Opeth. Mind you they are French so i'll let you off.
  6. Decent enough film but i guess i'm just too much of a realist to enjoy something like this. What the hell was the point of Woody Harelson?
  7. Seconding Boys Noize. Battery is awesome.
  8. Waters of Nazareth EP is brilliant, the Waters of Nazareth Remix EP even more so. This album, apart from the songs off the aformentioned EPs ranges from average (Stress, Genesis) to outright shit (Dance, Newjack). But then i love the almost unlistenable noise type tracks, not the over funky 80s style bollocks. I guess overall it's not bad. Although i think i'd have liked it more if i hadn't already heard WoN, Let there be light, Phantom etc. Still, i'd rather the whole album sounded like the Justice remix of WoN off the remix EP. Checkout Yellow Brick by Noisia for what the Justice album should have been. Or check it anyway!
  9. Idonex


    We do have cash for players and the new stadium is bringing in far more money, it's just they wont ever spend any..I predict another summer of 'new exciting youngsters who'll set the premiership on fire'. Then leave on free transfers next year.
  10. That's the best mix on the Ep i reckon. I'm loving this whole new Justice/Kavinsky/Sebastian Ed banger style stuff at the moment. About the only 'new' sound i've heard recently that i like. Anymore recommendations along the whole Waters of Nazareth / Ross Ross Ross style would be appreciated!
  11. Idonex


    Our season went down the shitter the exact moment RVP got injured, especially with Henry playing what? 22 of 45 odd games or so this season? I still don't think Adebayor is a first choice forward. Can anyone realistically see him scoring 25+ a season? And Baptista will never be a decent striker, why the fuck he's been playing 1st choice upfront is beyond me. What happened to Aliaidiaiare. At least he's got pace and not carrying 10 stone of extra weight around. Oh yeah, get rid of Senderos too. Stick him on the Stepanovs/Grimandi/Cygan/Garde pile.
  12. And it's awesome. Liking it more that YCBY with every listen. Nagaina and You Will Not be Welcomed are my faves so far.
  13. Can someone point me in the direction of any decent Wii screenshots? i.e no pictures with 3/4 taken up by some twat playing with the controller and a postage stamp size shot of the game in one corner.
  14. Talking of Botch, the new These Arms Are Snakes album should be out soon. Wooo.
  15. I second A Bittersweet Life & Dead Man's Shoes.
  16. So is Will Smith going to write the theme tune and sing the theme tune? Rapalicious.
  17. Idonex


    Psytrance is one of my faves at the moment. Try and checkout any of the Timecode Records or Nexus Media compilations. Midnight Storm I and II are awesome. Any tracks by AZAX Syndrom, Artifakt, Kerosene Club, Shift + Slug, N3XU5, Toxic, Baphomet Engine.. One of the best Psytrance albums i've got recently is Thru the Looking Glass by Spacetribe. Awesomeness. http://www.psyshop.com is pretty awesome and they have samples.
  18. The only 2 solo d'n'b albums of any note recently are No Turning Back by Calyx and Chronology by Dom & Roland. But then to me that's what d'n'b is, not the crap like LTJ Bukem and Roni Size. And anything on Hospital Records can piss right off too. Hard and dark. If the basslines don't make children cry then it's no good. And i think Timeless has to be the single most over rated d'n'b album in the entire galaxy. The Pendulum album was sooooo disappointing too. Where have the tunes like Masochist gone?! All IMHO of course
  19. Drum'n'bass? Anything on Renegade Hardware / Barcode. Their Future Beats mix CDs are available in HMV for £4.99 each. No 3 is out now and is damn good, but if you see No 2 get that. Totally insane tracks by Evol Intent and Chase & Status. The Guerilla Warfare CD is also worth the money for Spor and Noisia's remixes of Konflict's Messiah. The new Moving Shadow 05.2 mix CD mixed by Calyx is out now too. Only £2.99 as well. Has a lot of his songs on and one of my faves, The Dawn by Future Prophecies. Or for even more full on darkness get Black Out Vol. 1 & 2 by Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch. Checkout Militant and Evolution.
  20. I love Hatebreeder and Something Wild. Thought everything else after that was complete shit, and unfortunately nothing on this new album has changed my mind
  21. Idonex

    Reading Festival

    And how fucking shit were Hatebreed? I felt really sorry for them, the sound was completely fucked (as it was for My Chemical Romance, Blood Brothers and about a dozen other bands WHAT A SURPRISE) and all the tents emptied totally when Foo Fighters came on. Arcade Fire were superb though and the sound was awesome. Oh yeah, Dwarves were awesome too! I had a wicked weekend, not sure if i'll go back to reading in a hurry though. Far too many pissed 12 year olds puking everywhere for my liking.
  22. Has this compilation got the quite frankly, awesome Pendulum remix of Voodoo People on? They played it Renegade Hardware a few weeks back and managed to get about 3 rewinds on it. Best Prodigy remix i've possibly ever heard.
  23. The Dreadful Hours is easily the best out of the last two. It pisses all over Songs of Darkness (which apart from the 1st track was a complete dissapointment for me).
  24. Anyone going to see These Arms are Snakes, Bleeding Through or Strapping Young Lad in the upcoming month or so?
  25. Idonex


    I've been getting back into Hard/Psy Trance again recently. Apart from Infected Mushroom there are a few good compilation CDs i've picked up recently on Nexus Media and Timecode..Midnight Storm, The Turning, Penguin Rebellion. 2 wicked 'Hard House' (more NRG style darker Reactivate stuff really) compilations i got recently are Good Greef Vol 3 and The Future of Hard Dance 2 by Yoji Biomehanika. On a side note, does anyone know any good clubs in London at the moment? Haven't been clubbing for ages and i'm getting pissed off with just pubbing. What about The End..Turnmills, George 4....?
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