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  1. Interesting, I have quite a different take from you on a lot of that.


    I don't find ranked a grind at all. It's pretty much always felt that if I'm not burning through the rank then that's broadly my skill level and I need to practice more and think about where I'm going wrong and how to fix it.


    I also find Salmon run fine, it taught me a lot about how to survive when there is a sea of enemy ink around. I enjoyed the ability chunk grind, there's a lot of different ways to go about it and it's kind of a side thing to do whilst playing. It's a bit painful when you want pure gear but I don't feel that's necessary for most weapons/playstyles.


    I'll agree on the lack of chat being a blessing though 😀

  2. On 16/08/2022 at 12:15, Skull Commander said:

    Just realised Royal Mail are on strike the 8th and 9th so looks like it may have to be a go to the shops job to get it on day one. 

    Thanks for pointing this out. My pre-order is with Nintendo, they have a key ring and a gymbag for "Bonus Items with Purchase" and have always got stuff for me on day one in the past. I contacted them to see if I could pay more to get it delivered by courier and the person I did the live chat with said they weren't sure how they would be dispatched yet, as if it wasn't a given that it would be Royal Mail because of the strikes. There may be some hope they switch to DPD for them.


    As to my question it turns I can't change the delivery method to existing orders and trying to order a new one only gives the free standard delivery option.


    This sort of thing drives me crazy, many a sleepless night mulling over the best plan to play it day one and get those freebies coming up but I don't begrudge the postal workers striking one bit.

  3. On 13/08/2022 at 14:36, dataDave said:

    I'm putting an hour or two into this again each evening on the run-up to Splatoon 3, if anyone fancies joining. I've always been terrible at the ranked modes (genuinely a constant C-rank terrible), which is the polar opposite to me rarely ever losing a Turf War all the way up into the level 70s, so I'm trying to remedy that a bit.


    Friend code: 5601-5888-8299

    Personally what helped me a lot with ranked mode was watching competition videos. Search up "Splatoon 2 world championship" or "splatoon 2 invitational" and you should find a bunch of stuff. Some of the North America Vs Japan matches from years ago in particular are superb. The commentators aren't everyone's cup of tea but I think they mostly do a good job of covering a game in which the winning team can change by the time they have finished what they were trying to say.

  4. 16 hours ago, Ketchup said:

    So now the dust has settled a bit which version of the steam deck is best to buy? The basic one is at a great price point but is the tiny storage space a problem? I’m sure I read that even games on the micro SD card run just as well?


    The middle one may be the best option but if it’s trivial to upgrade the storage later anyways is it worth the price bump?


    Finally the most expensive, is the anti glare coating worth it?

    As a 512 owner the screen is very lovely but because screen protectors could mess up with the anti glare etching I'm using it without one. Which gives me a fair amount of anxiety about scratching it. If I was going to go back in time I'd go for a 256. That size would be fine for the games I play on it.

  5. 20 hours ago, choddo said:

    I am using mouse & keyboard. Seems ok apart from my penchant for running at enemies.

    As Siri suggested earlier, clicking on a point normally moves you towards that point in Diablo games  (certainly did in III) so this sounds the same. It's fine for melee classes but I always held down the "don't move" key for ranged ones, try shift.

  6. I signed up for Game Pass for PC. It seems to need me to use the Xbox app to install stuff now, is that correct? I couldn't see another way of doing it but maybe didn't see the sensible option in my haste to play Unpacking.


    The Xbox app is being a piece of crap and won't let me sign in. One of the options suggested to solve is to "find the Microsoft account you used to sign in to the Xbox app and select Remove." on my PC, but that feels a little extreme, anyone else had to do that?


    EDIT: Solved by updating my PC with optional updates.

  7. 7 hours ago, Parksey said:

    Monster Hunter Generations is on sale for £13 - how is that going to play for someone who started with World and Rise? 


    I did have MH3 on the Wii U, but basically didn't really put the time in to learn it. I reckon I'd fair a bit better now, as long as Generations isn't completely archaic. I can take it feeling a bit more obtuse and less hand-holdy; I don't really want it to feel like a PS2 game. The main issue is probably going to be how slow and cumbersome the game might feel after Rose's wirebugs and doggo. 

    There was a demo available but oddly I can't see it in the eshop now, but I can redownload it so I didn't imagine it! The 3DS demo is still visible if you have a 3DS which may give you some idea on how it plays if you have a 3DS.


    I played it a bit after World and it didn't really click for me, I think it was the loading screens between areas which bugged me the most.

  8. After all that waiting I realised I forgot to get a screen protector, any recommendations or ones to avoid?


    I have some spare for my OLED Switch, but even though the screen is also 7 inch the bezel is bigger on the deck so they don't cover it all. It looks like the "made for steam deck" ones are also calling themselves 7", but I don't want another OLED size one.

  9. After my first one failed to arrive on the 1st of April the second try from Valve arrived this afternoon. Almost a month later but I'm pleased Valve managed to get another to me this year with the wait time on the things for new orders. Parcelforce are still investigating what happened to the first, I'm fairly sure it was stolen when it got to the UK and the "stuck in customs" line was just a fob off.

  10. I was really enjoying Project X until I got to some proper old school bullshit after the water level boss. It seems the "guide your ship through thin corridors at increasing speed" bonus stage turned into something that needs to be one shotted (no matter how many lives you have) or it's game over 😆

  11. Yes if Nintendo have my online data on their servers that will be fine. That's not what they do for 2 though is it? My understanding was that all your data for 2 is on the local Switch save and losing that loses everything. I'm just nervous that Nintendo aren't going to do it the same way as everyone else.


    Cloud saves for the offline data is a step forward so that's a good thing at least.

  12. I've not tried it myself and my "study" is in work mode at the moment so the A500 Mini is packed away but p34 of the manual has this:


    "Using your own peripherals
    Using third-party controllers
    While THEA500 Mini has been designed to work best with the included
    peripherals, THEGAMEPAD and THEMOUSE, it is also compatible with Retro
    Games’ THEJOYSTICK, as well as some third-party controllers and joysticks.
    The button designations of most USB controllers follow one of the
    three conventions established by Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (Playstation)
    and Nintendo. The following table shows how the buttons of these, and
    THEJOYSTICK, correspond to those of THEGAMEPAD."



  13. 17 hours ago, Lorfarius said:


    Might need to quit out of the game. On mine once I go to a game and press down it lets me select a save file then loads.

    Thanks. I also realised this morning that simply pressing down on the d-pad when you are above an exisiting save changes the A button option to be load instead of save.

  14. Valve have concluded my Steam Deck is lost or stolen and have refunded. Flipping Parcel Farce.


    "I've investigated this situation and refunded your Steam Deck purchase. Please allow 3-5 business days for the funds to appear.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to send replacement devices for missing or stolen orders."


    Gutted but first world problems and all that. I've ordered another and have plenty of other toys to play around with until they try and send one again.

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