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  1. Well done on the Twins kill We got them to 5% last night our second real training night at them, a combination of Titan Flask expiring and BoK fading meant we lost a tank. Any of you know if the aggro that the pulling warlock builds on the caster pull gets wiped after the teleport? I'm not sure if I should be throwing anything on the caster emp during the fight in case I pull aggro back. The other warlocks are casting a corruption at each port.
  2. This one has just applied to join the raid group I'm in, care to try and remember or did he just not show Tracer da proper R E S P E C T?
  3. DI to dodge repair costs fair enough, perk of the job I guess. But bubble hearth... so he's happily running back saving his gold leaving all the other ressers to do all the work? Nice team work ethic
  4. When asked for summons from strangers I get them to find the 2 assists, I don't mind using the shard but hate doing ALL the work and asking randoms to help. If they ask nicely that is, and don't just send me an invite to a group.
  5. I personally haven't had to queue on ER for a long time. Even the traditionally horrendous Sunday evenings around 19:00 server time have been ok. However some people in my raid group still hit bad queues (or so they say ) and it could just be the general summer slump in interest.
  6. I was banishing the rocks in MC with it last night, they are 56-63 elites according to alla, could have been that they were all 56 but seems unlikely. The reason I ask is that it was suggested that we use rank 1 so the longest people will be waiting around for something to reappear is 20 seconds, this is part of our quest to spend as little time in MC as possible Most of the time we get it spot on and we're never waiting around at all, but occasionally one breaks early doesn't get tanked and lays into the clothies so we rebanish.
  7. Thanks, in the back of my mind there was something about spell ranks having some bearing on it in a past patch, or at least I remember mages 'discussing' it
  8. Quick question for the Warlocks Is there any difference between rank 1 and rank 2 banish apart from the amount of time it lasts and mana used? That is will you get more resists or early breaks from rank 1 than rank 2. Thanks.
  9. Big Swifty

    Demo Get

    If you really want you could get some stuff from the AH in SW or some armour vendors. But it's a waste of money I think, you'll just find better as you quest and grind anyway. If you've got nothing at all on your shoulders mail wise (you're a warrior right?) , even leather or cloth would be better than nothing, might get you a few lol's though
  10. What's the difference between "increases shadow spells and effects by up to X" and "+X shadow spell damage"? If there is one...
  11. A shadow priest has applied to join our raid group in the warlock section, clearly because our raid group does not allow priests to have any shadow talents. I'd like to see them in our group personally but it's never going to happen because apparently "shadow priests cannot heal" and they wouldn't allow a shadow priest taking a warlock spot to bid on any class specific items - meaning they'd never get better at healing. I seem to be the only one in our group that thinks this, sadly I'm not experienced enough in priest ways to argue different. We also have this setup where 5 of each class in a 40man group is seen as one of the ten commandments of raiding and will achieve the ultimate balance and optimum performance in all instances. Any other raid groups here which don't allow shadow priests? feral druids or moonkin?
  12. Big Swifty

    Demo Get

    Some greys are used for the infernal darkmoon faire hand ins - glowing scorpid blood, evil bat eyes, vibrant plumes but you won't find them until 50+ I think.
  13. What's this then? - can't find anything about it in the notes but it sounds VERY exciting.
  14. Don't get me wrong I love ZG and I'm looking forward to making progress in RAQ. My issue is that they haven't filled the gap they were supposed to. It's still raiding guilds that do the 40 mans (or at least a collection of members on off raid days), well at least on ER. But some of the above posts do fill sound like they are being used as a starting point for raiding on other servers, damn ER and it's success....
  15. Hmm, it seem illogical to me that a phased imp would set it off but when the tanks say it's messing it up it's hard to argue. Last night we wiped repeatedly on Skeram, Arcane Explosions going off left right and centre (see what I did there ) but that was after we pulled the imps right away. One of those times I would have just liked to watch what was going on for the whole fight to see how many people were on the platform when they went off.
  16. Yeah they would be a nightmare with completely raw people, but I wonder if that would get better if more people practiced it, heck the first time people went to 5 man scholomance it was probably a nightmare with no experienced people. But now 90% of the server know what to do in every room and boss. Or maybe the difficulty level and organisation needed is just set too high for it to work...
  17. Well I thought these were going to be the best thing to happen to WoW in ages but now I'm not so sure. On my server they only seem to be regularly and successfully run/zerged by raiding guilds or groups. Was this the 'intention' weren't they meant to be they next step up from UBRS raids? After trying for a few months to get a group of nice people together to run them twice a week it seems almost impossible, on the one hand they only need 20 people and offer some pretty nice loot for pre MC (even on a par or greater in some cases) but on the other they require people to be able to follow orders and pay attention pretty much all the time, if you have a group non epic specced anyway. This and the lock ins pretty much mean pick up groups don't happen on ER. So what happens is that we get people who join us for a while, then as soon as they get into an MC/BWL raid group they don't come back. It's just then easier to get loot zerging it with them. Either that or it's too much work to get any phat lewt from it and people get bored. It's not just my group either, another group recently set up just to do the 20 man stuff has the same problem with sign ups. Maybe it's a case that they are designed above MC in complexity and don't have the easy class set drops at every boss that MC has. This sounds like it will be fixed to some extent in 1.11, but I wonder if it will be enough. I'm almost thinking they should drop the lock ins and encourage pick up groups for it. It might actually work on ER, managed to get over 20 people for the battle of darrowshire the other day there are enough bored people hanging about who can't face UBRS etc. again I reckon. So what happens on your servers? I can see them working better on new servers where there aren't 100 raid groups to get epics from but they just seem wasted ER alliance side.
  18. And blood pact reaches the platform players most or all the time? Thing I can't work out is what exactly melee range is for him, some bosses you can be standing a mile away thrashing in thin air and still be hitting them cos they're so big. But I don't get to melee Skeram much
  19. Thanks, so is it possible or advisable to even try getting bloodpact on that group - by placing the imp up the stairs or on the sand below? We found getting it on the middle group fine by placing it right above the platform, but those side ones
  20. A question on Skeram please. Do phased imps set off the arcane explosions if they are in melee range with Skeram and 4 players?
  21. I'm happy with our DKP system really, it's only a few times like that when I've questioned it. If you enforce priorities then it's just other people deciding how you build your character, like being back in pick up groups where you are denied rolling on something that you want because the leader says it's a priest/warrior/mage item. Like Trev says most people use common sense for the good of the group, if they don't then you're probably in the wrong raid group.
  22. I think a hunter in our group bought that shard of the scale trinket outbidding the priests..
  23. Shaman DPS will create more aggro than Mage or Warlock (for example) damage will it? I know as a Warlock I don't have a way of dumping aggro other than stopping or slowing DPS, or...not getting it in the first place. What's different about Shamans that they need this talent?
  24. DO NOT give up at 60, this isn't the best place to look for Alliance guilds really, look around on the official forums, make contacts in game etc. or...if a transfer to ER ever comes up join us in PL!!! Also pretty off topic really
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