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    PSO challenge

    Well if there's a space for me on Wednesday I'll be a HU of some sort in that case. And Monty, Zak, Kim - don't forget our comeback tour starts tonight at 9pm. The seabed treacle beckons.
  2. Big Swifty

    PSO challenge

    So how did you get on then? Much as I'm slightly galled by the ease at which I'm dispensed with there should be enough eager cmoders around on Arc9 to step in if one of us can't make it at any time. I don't have a problem with repeating stages to get everyone on the same stage. What classes is this new wonder team made up of so far?
  3. Big Swifty

    PSO challenge

    Nuts, I don't think I'll be on tonight since I'm going out for my birthday Wednesday same time?
  4. Big Swifty

    PSO challenge

    Yep, I'll join the party if there's space. And any other cmode goodness whenever it's on offer. I'm on almost every night now after 9:30ish, Monty has my card. Let me know through here if there is a specific date and time for it.
  5. Sorry for my absence this week team. Since it's a bank holiday this weekend would Sunday at 9 be possible for some more c4?
  6. Gather unto me you hardcore robot hunters I'm back to Ragol and ready to support you! Can we make a 9pm seabed romp tonight? I'll be on from about 7:30 with Cosina for some normal mode xp accumulation, but don't mind starting cmode early if we can all make it.
  7. Yep I'll be there, ready to hurt the above with some powerful technique usage.
  8. I was pretty apprehensive about not having maps for c2 and c3, but like you said finding the way ourselves does add to the fun. I know the maps are tried and tested by the rabid hardcore (especially ep1) but part of me does wonder that if everyone follows the same route and method how is there ever going to be any fresh ideas? And as for ep1 cmode again, that's something that I keep thinking about doing too. We probably know enough willing people to have another 4 now. Perhaps Mathilda, and maybe Tobias could be persuaded for Thursday nights?? I take it the people posting here wanting to join teams are sorted now with Gorf's new team? or not?
  9. So Monty has been telling stories about how great "HIS" crew are has he? He can be on Delbiter duty for the next challenge in that case, lead from the front and all that. Our team make up is 2 HUcasts, HUcaseal and a FOmarl. We have pondered whether we should have a included a RAcast instead of one of these. Let us know what your team ends up as and exchange battle stories etc. And sorry to hear about the Mofos being disbanded, RIP.
  10. Hi Loop, I probably won't be on tonight, I'm normally on with my FOnewearl (Cosina) Thursday and Saturday evenings and Monday nights for cmode glory with Undine. We're still hanging out on Arc9 if it's lag free, drop in sometime for a game. Part of me wants to go through ep1 cmode again (or even more ep2), but I know I won't be able to commit to the time to do it right now. Come along and see what everyone fancies doing on the night. Cmode is a good break from the Ult ruins/ttf/hs shuffle I spend most of my online time doing right now.
  11. Yes indeeedy, worked like a charm. Nothing can stand in our way now surely? All ready for the Seabed next week then team looking forward to the invisible Biter attacks?
  12. We up for another session at c3 tonight team, same time, same place? The mag feeding plan is definitely worth a try, we just need to decide which ones to feed. Ideally we would get daisy's DEX up enough to be able to use a lockgun and the others to an autogun level. But I doubt we'll have enough time or food to do that though... Anyone remember how far you guys were off the ATA requirement at the end of the last go? and to Chris and Flint - you don't need to have done ep1 cmode first, you can join in the joy without delay.
  13. We on for cmode tonight team? I'll be on from about 7:30 tonight if the rest of you want to make an earlier start, otherwise is 9pm ok?
  14. I can make 9pm tonight, I'm looking foward to poking monkeys until they scream.
  15. Yup fisted by the dragon we were, but to put a brave face on it he must have almost been a goner. When he splits he is on his last legs no? or am I deluded? The old beardy man gibbles and Titchmarsh's demon offspring the Mericarol shouldn't present a problem with 3 casts and a bag of freeze traps. Griffon may be a challenge but at least I can Zalure the big turkey and feel slightly useful. The only thing I added to the Gol battle marathon was s/d and my oh so useful cheery banter whilst you Hunters were tickling his feet.
  16. Can't do next Monday I'm afraid. Wednesday the 4th at 9pm any good?
  17. Can't independently confirm since the last time I set up a game Monty hadn't completed C1, but I'm sure C2 isn't up online yet. As Jack said earlier people on PSOworld are playing later stages because they have it offline on PSO+. Me and Monty had a go on my version a while ago but only had time to do c1, it takes ages with just two people. If I could round up 3 (other) yokels from my village I could try some later ones but I think they would favour darts or shove hapenny over PSO cmode.
  18. Well if we get a second team together I'd like to be a HU for a change. My last experience of being a HU was pretty bad though, I'll be begging for mates by the end of stage 1 Also a note for the Mofos; we didn't split for stage 4, we will look forward to hearing how you get on with your plan.
  19. I would hope that the S Rank prizes are some of the unreleased ones like the Needler, J Cutter, J Blade etc. I will be mighty annoyed if Undine doesn't get one because she already has an Ep1 S Rank, I was hoping I'd get something extra good because of the Ep1 S rank as well. Pondering that, it might be worth me doing it with a fresh character as well and since they are spaced out get 2 S ranks at the end of it all. Depends how sick of the temple the rest of the team are I guess. I'd be up for it. We could see if we could improve on the 1:02 time with a different set of classes.
  20. Ah well, that's ok then. As long as I haven't been shortchanged. Nice extras indeed.
  21. My Ep1&2 Plus and 3 came in the post this morning, I only got a chance to rip off the outer packaging. The was a nice looking piece of cardboard which I assumed to be the box in flat pack form, there were some cards with pso3 but I can't say I saw any sign of rappy feathers or a memory card I'm going to transfer my jpv1.1 characters over to plus, test it out with a lower level one first to make sure it works ok. I assume it's the same as transferring from v1 to 1.1. I'm up for a card battle bumble with you sometime, just let me know. I'll be somewhere on PSO for a few hours tonight.
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