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  1. Thanks! The thing that worried me the most about the Eurogamer piece was the creakiness they mentioned when using it, sounded like it had a bit of play to the case and made the build quality sound bad. Does yours do that at all? That article also said it felt lightweight, what does it feel to you? How much does it weigh in at? Oddly the Edge article described it as something like "surprisingly weighty" in the hand so I'm wondering if the build materials have changed significantly.
  2. Sounds like you may not have the materials. You needed to buy trap tools from a vendor in World. Those plus Thunderbugs for shock traps or nets (from spiderwebs) and ivy for pitfall I think...not made any yet in this either so could be wrong. For those bouncing off: Longsword is an excellent idea, you can slay well with two or three moves plus evade. Also, you don't need to understand or use everything to progress. I hardly used wirebugs on my hunt just now, forgot they were there...
  3. There's a jump button for doggo (R2 maybe). When you get more used to the wirebug it's almost a jump button. You can also hang from the wirebug for as long as you have swing (A for that I think). AFAIK you can only ride the dog (Palamute) so not sure about the tutorial there.
  4. Great news. This is the best QoL improvement so far for me. The paid for voucher system in World for changing this stuff was very annoying and made me spend far too much time on character creation, then I'd decide I didn't like what I'd made when I saw it playing in the game.
  5. Someone else mentioned this for the English voices. I'm going to probably end up muting them or giving the Japanese voices a try.
  6. I think BoTW is a massive red herring for any indication of liking Monster Hunter. Not sure about the others, Souls maybe in that you need to not spam attacks. It's a really hard game to recommend to people. The demo is a good idea to try but it doesn't have the framework around the monster battles which is the reason for those battles. A big reason I got into it was because I really really wanted to, loved the art, the lore, the details, the humour and so on. Weirdly I'd say try the demo and as well as the hunts play around in the menus, read the hunter notes and stuff and see if that sparks your imagination.
  7. I have notifications that my orders are being dispatched by Hermes AND Royal Mail.
  8. The key to enjoying MH World for me was to be patient and take time to learn. Not just with the fighting but all of it: preparing for the hunt, tweaking your radial menus, making loadouts for specific monsters, reading the hunters guide. Treat it like preparing yourself for every little advantage you can squeeze out of the systems. And this patience will be put to good use tomorrow as I wait for Hermes to deliver my stuff. @Alan Stock yes you were definitely chop chop Great Sword in World. Had a thing for mounting too if I remember right. I was trip trip Longsword (Frank).
  9. A little help please rllmuk! I have a hysterical son in the next room because he seems to have come up against a bug where he cannot sail from Furrowfield. He's completed the Furrowfield quest line and is working on the Isle of Awakening one but sailed back to Furrowfield to "get some bits and bobs". Now when he goes to the ship with Malroth there is no captain and the sign next to the ship with the 'A' Examine contextual prompt is greyed out. He only has one save file which is on Furrowfield and no auto save files. To me it looks like there is an event not completed which is locking him out. I don't play the game myself to know what that might be. Any ideas how to fix it would be greatly received! EDIT: Solved! Turns out my son had happened to destroy the piece of jetty which the captain should have been standing on so he was actually underneath the water below the hole. I found him by accident when I fell down the same hole.
  10. They've made it with time to spare. Really pleased for them and looking forward to getting my hands on my very own Next. Just looking at the info pages with the photos and specifications brings me joy. I haven't looked forward to something in gaming this much in a long time.
  11. Just checked in on the Kickstarter progress to see if they are anywhere near the £1.5m and it's at £1,422,411 with 6 days to go. I wasn't all that bothered about them reaching it until I read that success will mean a new episode of Head over Heels with the help of Jon Ritman. Really hoping they get there. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spectrumnext/zx-spectrum-next-issue-2?ref=ksr_email_user_watched_project_launched
  12. You've done a great job with the magazine. I resubbed after many years away following a borrowed copy with you in charge. All the best!
  13. Is the home button what you're meant to press to turn it on in the dock? I always dock it then use the power button. The only time that does not work is when I have not turned it on at the plug socket. It usually automatically puts my TV on the right HDMI channel.
  14. Thanks, that could be it. I have intermittent noise on my phone line, the last time BT did the test it showed nothing wrong, but since moving to this house they have been out twice to fix the same issue. Apparently one of the cables to the exhange is just lying along a ditch... I'll give them another try when the noise comes back. Good to know it's not the down/up speed isn't the problem.
  15. I frequently get "connection unstable" and then disconnected in regular battles. Searching around this seems to be a fairly common issue with sub par broadband connections. Mine is 4Mbps down, 0.3Mbps up with latency at about 1000-1300 when I tested this morning. I've tried the advice I've found so far like increasing the MTU to 1400, putting the Switch on it's own 5Ghz network, port forwarding for but those things haven't solved it. Anyone here overcome the problem without a broadband upgrade? I suspect it's the latency which is the problem with it taking so long to get a ping to my exchange and back that Splatoon 2 thinks the Switch has disconnected.
  16. For what it's worth there's an online petition to Sony of Japan to release Denki Groove's music. Similar to the withdrawal of Judge Eyes by Sega they have removed their music from all the usual places. Maybe if Sony climb down then Sega could too. https://www.change.org/p/株式会社ソニー-ミュージックレーベルズ-電気グルーヴの音源の出荷停止-在庫回収-配信停止を撤回してください?recruiter=942603324&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=line&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial.pacific_post_sap_share_gmail_abi.gmail_abi&utm_term=465a65beb1384f82893667fb0ee6798d&recruited_by_id=7e84a2d0-479d-11e9-8f7f-d9432bf28acd
  17. I wondered that but then there are warnings out there that progress will not transfer over to the full game...so surely that means you can save? https://www.vg247.com/2019/02/13/pokemon-lets-go-demo-eshop/
  18. My daughter started the demo last night but the save option is greyed out. Is there some areas you cannot save in? She's in a garden type place with lots of Pokemon and a few kids to talk to.
  19. I'm finding the equipment selection my biggest blind spot too, I can't kill anyone either but...I'm on PS if anyone wants to add someone who is surely worse than them! Valis358 Can't connect to servers now, it's so good I feel the need to install on my Xbox as a backup.
  20. I headed back into this last night. The best video guides are gaijin hunter's if you haven't found them already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJMtpG0gw_U&list=PLDR3ta7VqKrwZGLq5fhTr0iKAa026YK5G&index=79&t=125s&frags=pl%2Cwn Online in MHW isn't scary at all. Outside of hunts the only area which is shared with other players is the gathering hub and I've never experienced any kind of griefing in the game. Turn off voice chat and just use shortcuts and stickers to communicate if you don't fancy talking to randoms, start with joining monster hunts you already know to begin with as the monsters are stronger in multiplayer.
  21. I use guides if I get stuck on a puzzle or just lost with where to go next. I'm less inclined to do that when I've paid for a game out of choice as opposed to it being on PS+. Trouble is once I use a guide once for a game it's easier the next time and I have even less patience with working things out myself. I started trying to work out Another World but kept hitting walls which would take me a whole evening to break through and I knew I would never see all of it without help. Iconoclasts is another one where I have used a guide recently, I repeatedly did not understand what the game was signposting me to hit on a boss or which mechanic/move to use to solve a puzzle. Proper cheat wise - the only recent example I can think of is the rewind, infinite lives etc. on the old games in Rare Replay. No regrets on using them to actually see the whole game through. I wish they would include those type of features as standard in the Switch NES online games. Cheat fails wise - I once tried to reset my C64 with a paper clip to enter a poke and put the C64 out of action for weeks (felt like months) whilst Boots replaced it. I did regret that.
  22. Ah right that makes sense then. I was expecting to climb through when I first tried it.
  23. I enjoyed this way more than I expected to since the only Resident Evil I have enjoyed in the past was 4. Looks great and I didn't come across any jump scares (at least up to where I got to) which always feel cheap . I wasn't sure if the press X on a window and the item menu comes up thing was me not understanding some RE convention. Not quite good enough for me to pre-order but has sparked a renewed interest in RE.
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