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  1. I can't speak for everyone else but no I did not speak to the housekeeper to get them, and neither did CheekyLee. Like you I looked at the online guides which said the housekeeper was where you got them from but the ones I watched did not actually show them being collected there, just saying things like "this is where you should get them but I can't see them yet". It was supposed to be some sort of phased rollout so it may appear yet for you. Good luck, it was bugging the hell out of me until they arrived.
  2. They should appear the same way as your login bonus. You don't claim them like the fair wind charm pre order item (for example). Mine took ages to arrive but then popped up a day after the patch to fix it.
  3. No need to apologise, thanks for the tip and the offer to host early. I'm glad I just need time and not too much skill for the set
  4. That's good news, I didn't realise this was going to open to all eventually. It definitely falls into the "crap I'll never equip but must have anyway" category for me, but no desperate hurry yet. Is the under 3 minutes just for A rank or do you need to do that time to get the armour? Some videos I just flicked through...
  5. Guilty too. I'm Frank and Valis358, I've added my forum name to my guild card somewhere but no idea if that is visible to people or not.
  6. I'm sure you can do the quests but haven't used the item box there, it wouldn't surprise me if there was one they seem to be everywhere which is good. But when I get back from a quest or in preparing for one I also want the resource people to manage bounties and the workshop to upgrade or see what I want to gather next. It's quite possible I've missed those in the gathering hub too since I've spend so little time there!
  7. Another vote for Capcom sorting out the social stuff better. The gathering hub needs to have all the useful stuff in it so people actually gather there. It occurred to me last night that just announcing what quest someone had posted (and greying it out if it was not accessible too you or something) would promote more teaming up, rather than having to go and check at the quest board. I think the relatively small amount of interaction between members of the squad at the moment is partly because there is so much choice of what to do and a wide range of hunter ranks. I hope that we will eventually converge on objectives and ranks for more teaming up in time.
  8. I can try and help this evening if you are about. Might be worth seeing if you can upgrade any armour, what attacks are pounding you, fire or physical? Are you using stuff like the vitality mantle and barrel bombs? Looking at your kit and buffs could nudge you to victory. Is he in a state to trap and capture before the phase that kills you? Perhaps you can avoid it altogether. @CheekyLee Thanks will try Sos too, and nice to know there is still time.
  9. I'm not certain it is still active, I thought there may be a chance given @CheekyLee said he managed to find it yesterday. I tried a few times this afternoon but the info I have found recommends searching for an online session rather than event SOSs, which is what I was doing with no luck. Being in another timezone is going to make it additionally awkward for when I can get online. I'll keep trying until I find some info that says it has finished. How did you find it @CheekyLee?
  10. I didn't know anything about this, thanks for the tip. Kinda annoying stuff is going to be region limited as well as time limited. I found this Reddit thread below where someone is hosting it daily but that may be even harder to get in than just searching for the "USJ Gold Star Treatment" quest. Linked it just in case it's any use. I really want that long sword. https://www.reddit.com/r/MonsterHunter/comments/7vjilo/hosting_usj_event_quest_daily/ That's tonight's activity decided! So...much...to...do....
  11. @Vimster In the early stages I would say that you don't need to understand everything they throw at you. There has been so much basic stuff which 20 hours or so later has finally clicked for me. If you hit a wall in the quests by all means go off and learn how to do better but until then enjoy the confusion period. I do hope you stick at it and you grow to love it as much as many of us newcomers here have.
  12. I probably didn't quite phrase that right, it's a specific quest where you need to find enough tracks which amount to points to get the next part. Carry on spending, I have not found a reason to save them yet.
  13. The kids went off to the grandparents today so I got some extra time and finally got the other Palicoe gadgets for Don. It took me a while to figure out that's what the Grimalkyne quests were for. Got enough research points for the next part of the high rank quests at the same time so may hit HR13 before that triple threat arena moves on. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but from the provisions stockpile you can buy an armorcharm and a powercharm. Which from a little bit of digging buff you just by having them in your pouch. I'm not sure if they are available another way and they are quite expensive to buy, they only appear there when you reach a certain hunter rank. More info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MonsterHunterWorld/comments/7tzioz/psa_buy_armor_charm_and_power_charm/ ...and finally got my 5 million pack, it's been so long to arrive another million copies have sold so I got a 6 million one too!
  14. Really glad this is doing so well for Capcom, they really deserve it. Downloaded the patch and still no 5 million celebration for me May take a while to be rolled out even with the fix I guess.
  15. Excellent kitchen tutorial here.
  16. I'm no expert but that's what I do. The main problem with expeditions for hunts is that they can leave the area if you take too long. Trying to capture whilst answering an SOS may be tricky if you can't communicate and agree to do that as more than likely people will just whale away until it's dead or escapes the trap.
  17. Just to add that you don't need to accept those ones. It just tracks your number of hunts for that specified monster, so you can get them through quests, answering SOS, expeditions etc. And everyone gets made to feel a bit of an idiot with this game one way or another, it's refreshing that everything isn't obvious from the start.
  18. I actually didn't realise it was a high rank quest when I joined and before that had been pootling around clearing old optional low rank quests so my armour hadn't had any attention for while. Hence feeling like the weakest link. Really glad Jig rallied us for another go, it was a great, edge of the seat fight in the end. Playing in a group with a hunting horn is ace, the buffs aside just hearing the tunes gives an extra RAR to my longsword swinging rhythm.
  19. No problem. I think the arena quest expires soon though, 8/2 maybe.
  20. Do you mean the HZD watcher gear? Do the limited arena quest for the watcher lenses until you have enough then you should be able to craft it, might need some ore too. bubum helped me defeat Diablos earlier by the way, most helpful he was too.
  21. Thanks, and now it shows on that same list but as already claimed for you if you try it again? There's a chance I have already claimed it and not realised but for all the other ones it still shows on the list. When I'm next on I will see if I have the 5 steel eggs there were/are in it.
  22. Anyone else not got the 5 million players bonus items? I know it was said that it was being rolled out but now I am wondering if I'm just not looking in the right place. I can see the message on the notice board but cannot see how to claim it from there, and it's not on the list of stuff to download through the handler cat menus. Am I looking in the right place?
  23. You're welcome it was a fun fight. If it's the one I'm thinking of (all got a bit blurry after 5 hours) I thought I was going to get carted and lose you the quest at the last moment. Just before the kill I was running away with a sliver of health praying he didn't roast or charge me. Even with better armour Anjanath can still maul me like day one if I get greedy and careless.
  24. A week on and it still feels like the greatest game ever. It is the closest thing to the feeling of PSO since I played that non stop for years on the DC and GC. Good to see some other PSO fans joining in on the fun. I've hardly had time to post here it's absorbed me so much but a random assortment of what has sprung to mind over the week: I assumed when I accepted a guild card mine would be sent to them in return but from the little information I have found I don't think that's the case, so apologies for not reciprocating and apologies if I send you mine again when I already have... I'm Frank / Valis358 in the game. I thought the solo to multiplayer scaling was a bit unbalanced earlier in the week, it felt like I was getting hit harder in multiplayer but turns out to be just my imagination. What mostly made it harder than solo was people getting one shotted and too many faints failing the quest. Also 2 players seems to have the reputation of "hard mode" because it's the same amount of health as 4 but I find the Palicoes healing + damage does balance that out. I've stuck with the long sword since day 1 and I still love it, but I wonder how much I am knocking other people about with it's reach, and when I get going on the spirit charge I don't want to stop and lose the chance to upgrade the damage bar so I do wonder how much cursing I'm causing! I try to get away from other players but that doesn't always work out... I have no problem with the monster running away mechanic, I'd miss the change of pace and strategy without it. Do I heal now or try and get them to the point where they run? Same for sharpening, can I judge the moment right? And the chase is not just running until your stamina bar runs out and repeat, you plan and eat or chug stuff so you can run further, choose the best route, collect more stuff on the way etc. My only regrets right now are that you don't spawn in the gathering hall and see other squad members running about, like the PSO lobby system. Even joining the squad session can feel solo most of the time, it's great when we do join up in quests though. And secondly I do feel a little obligated to do the story to get my hunter rank up to access all of the events, but have enough to do without it really. That's probably more to do with my mindset than a real obligation though.
  25. Thanks will give that a go tonight. I won't be able to talk on voicechat much though as I can't where I normally play. Hope that won't be a problem, the other comms seem pretty good in the game.
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