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  1. Thanks, I'll check the PS Store in the days coming up to the 9th. 6 gig might be manageable on the day anyway since I won't get on it until the evening.
  2. I'm going to try out the beta this weekend. I haven't participated in a Beta on the PS4 before, do they normally make the data available for download prior to the date? I'm on quite a slow broadband connection so I would rather not spend the first night watching a download bar. I had a look on the store for it yesterday but could only find the game preorder.
  3. Any tips for level 13 where you're on the outside of a tube and need to hit jump pads to get over pairs of barriers? On the previous level where you're on the inside of a tube and need to jump over single ring type barriers I was fine because I could spot where the jump pads were even if I was on the opposite side. But with this one being on the outside of the tube means I can't see the whole tube at once and on top of that missing a jump pad at the wrong time means I lose two shields. Do I just have to learn the right path or side of the tube to be on at the right time? Mind blowing game (even non VR) and admittedly I'm not very good at shooters but I'm finding this level to be more about learning than feeling.
  4. If that's who I think it is it took me 4 or 5 deaths to him before I realised he was sucking out my insight. Absolute bastard, and took me by surprise because I thought I had taken mobs like him with little problem before, he's an elite version or something. I've avoided him ever since. My second time through continued last night with getting Gascoigne down on the second try and getting over my fear of the werewolf type things by switching to saw cleaver to cut them down with relative ease.
  5. Finished the main story path on this last night. At times it felt like the last boss was beyond me but I got him eventually with my trusty axe and lots of rolling around on the ground. I was losing interest a bit towards the end and thought I'd put it down straight away but the opening sequence just pulled me back in and it feels even more enjoyable the second time around. I'm reading up on the stuff I missed the first time around and it amazes me how much there is. I completely missed how to access the Old Hunter's bit too so that will be all new.
  6. That new enemy discovery is amazing, that something over 2 years old still has secrets in there is impressive. Rom went down fairly easily for me with the bolt and ignore the small spiders tips. Struggled with the respawning enemies sections in Yahar'gul but got past them and the next boss now. Still loving my axe but using the saw cleaver in enclosed spaces more. Unfortunately the game seems to be giving me motion sickness again, strangely I don't feel it when I'm playing but when I wake up in the morning. Might have to pop travel pills to play it because stopping isn't an option
  7. I noticed I was able to one shot the spiders after they missed the jump attack and occasionally what seemed to be one shot others at random, I thought I was in front of the all the time but I guess some may have just turned enough to catch them behind the head. I couldn't seem to dodge those air meteors without sprinting or rolling, which then meant I didn't have any stamina left to attack so I need to get better at juggling that.
  8. Thanks for the advice and the offer to help, I'll have another go today and see how it goes.
  9. Got a bit lost with where to go next last night. Realised I didn't have the rune tool so found out where I should have gone to get that, it was a bit easy so I'm guessing I should have found that sooner. Now it seems my only progress option is the Byrgenwerth boss but I'm not doing a heck of a lot of damage there so I'm not sure if I'm ready for it or not. Slightly thrown by all the choices, I was expecting the main progress path to be more linear.
  10. Thanks that all sounds good. I guess there was no voice comms in previous versions so it won't be necessary for this one either. I'm getting excited, might even delay the purchase of a Switch for this.
  11. I've never played on of these games seriously, just had a short go at a 3DS demo a few years ago. How does grouping up work in these games? Is it pretty casual drop in to an open game type of thing or does it require proper organisation to make satisfying progress? Does it look like voice comms will be necessary in this version? I'm hoping it's closer to the casual/lone player friendly model of PSO than something like WoW or Destiny.
  12. My plan to ease past the next boss didn't go so well last night. It surprised me with a devastating new phase so I'll get a few more levels before having another go. Found a new shortcut and some nice previously unexplored areas though. I was disappointed that I couldn't kite a pig through a bonfire and doubly so that they still occasionally catch me out and squish me. I probably was carrying them but hadn't twigged what use they were.
  13. I think the others I have encountered so far were not prefaced by fog either, but it was more obvious you were walking into an event. Then on subsequent tries you get the foggy door before you enter again. Could be remembering wrong though. I suppose it keeps you on your toes but I know what you mean, if I had a moment to mentally prepare I think I could have won the fight first time.
  14. Got in quite a bit of play over the weekend. Ended up a bit lost in a long stretch, missed opening up a shortcut before I died to a surprise in the forest which was a bit demoralising but soon found a quick way back. I'm using the saw cleaver more now and it's growing on me but I still go back to the 2 handed axe for mobs I want to keep my distance from. Comedy moment of the weekend was when I decided it would be 'thrilling' to pull some dogs by throwing pebbles from a ledge above them and my throw made me step off the ledge and fall into them instead. I am a truly fearsome hunter... Left it last night at a boss battle I didn't intend to walk into, I could see a misty portal in the distance, but decided I wasn't quite ready for it and would spend my 50k blood echoes first, however I must have stepped a little too far and got pounced on instead. Winning feels within my reach so I'll go back tonight and attempt to get the echoes back.
  15. Took me about 2 hours of attempts on him, eventually won with just a slither of health left. I believe I eventually cracked the werewolf form when I stopped taking a mental breather at the change and attacked more aggressively trying not to let him even get started on a combo.
  16. I hadn't realised the tricked out mode didn't have a serrated edge actually, so thanks, it wasn't obvious enough for me in a different way
  17. I like the look of the saw cleaver so I'm looking forward to trying it out again. Previously it felt too lightweight but seemed to have quite a nice radius of swing, so quite forgiving when my positioning was bad, but I always ended up missing the long swing range of the 2 handed axe after a short time.
  18. Thanks. I better boost up the saw cleaver and get some practice in with it in that case. I did notice one of the loading tips mentioning something about the saw increasing damage against beasts but wasn't sure if it was just mythology/backstory rather than a real benefit.
  19. I don't entirely understand the numbers on the inventory screen either. I'm guessing some beasts will be weaker to certain types of damage so I'm expecting to have to tailor my weapon when that emerges. But for now I just look at what produces a bigger number when I hit a beast with it. I thought that I'd find a place for quicker but weaker weapons but each time I try one out I get in trouble and quickly go back to the lovely axe
  20. I have awful sense of direction in games, if there is a map I'll be checking it every 2 minutes so it's a relief Bloodborne doesn't have one. I tend to just pick a path and keep going until it joins up with something I already know or reach an impassable barrier. After a fair bit of improving myself and my lovely axe I got two previously way out of reach bosses down. I also noticed some new attire had dropped into my inventory but have no idea where it came from, couldn't work out how to equip for a while either... New area to explore and die in tonight!
  21. Started playing this for the first time a week ago. I love the way it swings between feeling utterly rubbish, then to god power as you get to grips with the combat and start ploughing through enemies (but can still be caught out by carelessness) and then back to rubbish when the next stiffer challenge comes along. It also made me intensely sick with constantly spinnng vision after my first 4 hour+ session but thankfully turning off the auto camera correct stopped that happening for me.
  22. Thanks all, this is a very friendly thread Lots to digest and look into, Rhino Hero has a lot of love and looks like it would be a great one for 4 player Christmas fun. I'll still need something along the Love Letter lines though so I'll have a look at the other stuff too. That's very generous of you, thanks a lot. I'll PM you to sort out the money if you're sure.
  23. Thanks for all the recommendations, I didn't expect quite so many options. My daughter will need more than one birthday and Christmas per year .Lost Legacy would be ideal as it's a Love Letter spin off but the version linked above is £55 on Amazon, is that a special version? This is the same game but with different artwork right? https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/158340/lost-legacy-flying-garden
  24. My daughter received AEG's Love Letter for her 9th birthday and she can't stop playing it. I'm looking for another card based game for her for Christmas and thinking of getting Smash Up - https://www.alderac.com/smashup/ Anyone have opinions on Smash Up for a 9 year old (likely I'd be playing with her most of the time) or recommendations of something else suitable? Thanks.
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    Smyths have supposedly shipped mine via Yodel
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