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  1. Previously I've thought that voice chat would intrude on my experience of PSO, but that's probably just because it's not normal to my PSO experience. I did find it hard to chat a lot in PSU with no little ASCII keyboard to sit neatly on my lap. The lack of symbol chat showed how neat it was in PSO at filling the instant chat gap in a creative and 'at your pad fingertips' way. Was symbol chat used much when you had voice chat on the Xbox?
  2. Yeah that's the way it looked from my testing, I could be wrong though. I was up most of the night playing FFXII Try out your account and see what happens, I hadn't used my PAL one for a long time, perhaps they expired accounts that hadn't been used for a certain period of time. It's all a bit confusing, they said something about not allowing new accounts to be set up - I thought that meant people who had never played online before not who's accounts were not paid. I just think EU has been forgotten about.
  3. I think the DC one is still going and is subject to this same shutdown date, but I have no evidence to back this up, I'm too lazy to set up a dial up account and try it out
  4. I don't think anything will ever top the emotional attachment I have for this game. But this is really just turning off the life support for a game that's been in a coma for the last few years, there has been no vitality in the shape of new content or any love from Sega or Nintendo. They do seem to have sorted out the content updates with PSU, so maybe they have learnt but perhaps too late for this type of online game to be massively multiplayer again.
  5. Ragol needs you, the last hurrah for PSO on the Gamecube Unfortunately the last month only appears to be free for those with existing accounts on the 28th of Feb EDIT: Actually more likely they have forgotten about the EU and it only applies to US/JPN. My Japanese account logged on with no hunters license message (it was active last month) but my PAL one demanded I have a license. I went through the process of buying a 30 day license waiting for the message to say it's free but it never arrived So I'll be about for the last month, Arcturus 9 if anyone wants to join in the dying days. There was over 200 people on the Japanese servers this morning.
  6. Good luck and enjoy your new life I've never regretted giving up WoW a few months ago, and felt really liberated when I finally did it. I was still enjoying the raiding and some of the people but it was having too much of a negative impact on the rest of my time. Moving house and changing my working pattern pushed the balance too far to the negative for it, that and the thing that everyone hates - arguing on the raid group forum I miss my old guild but not the game.
  7. I hope they've tested this carefully, item removal should be easy but the banning 'based in in-game actions' could be more troublesome to define. They tried anti cheater action on GC PSO once, if memory serves correctly. I got banned for 24hours or so for no reason, and I think they did that just based on items in inventories. Fingers crossed.
  8. Nothing major. Broke a C64 by trying to reset it with a piece of wire to enter a poke, took ages to get it back from Boots. But that doesn't haunt me like the Super Mario 3 manual which someone I lent it the game to lost. So now I have a perfect copy of the box and game on my shelf but every time I look at it it reminds me that it has no manual
  9. Free PSO cmode on the Gamecube in March folks
  10. It's the only game I can recall where escorting someone didn't annoy me at all, it's great keep going.
  11. Not quite sure how well the studio audience laughter went with Beastenders, seemed a bit bemused at times. What you need for some cheap publicity is Pat Butcher to get her knickers in a wad about using her head like that, anyone got her email address?
  12. I doubt it cancels immediately since you've paid for that time already. I'll cancel mine tonight and see if I can still get on if you don't find an answer at Sega.
  13. I'm not sure what to do with this game. I got past the point of confusion with the game last week and was totally hooked after last Monday night, ended up playing it a lot on Tuesday and that night. But after a couple of late nights I remember the major reason I gave up WoW, it basically writes the next day at work off for me. I can't concentrate at all and end up staring into space all day thinking how bored I am. So I love the game but don't feel I can ever devote enough time to it to catch or keep up with everyone else. I'll keep dabbling and see what happens, at least until my paid sub runs out.
  14. yussum and Wymer (plus others) on my other Gamecube.
  15. Disk 11 from Gallon's shop is the benny hill theme
  16. The guide for MA2 doesn't mention it http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=v...e&artid=668 and I'm pretty sure MA1 was the same.
  17. Sounds like Maximum attack more than c-mode, apart from the if someone dies you fail penalty. Higher level players with better equipment will find it easier I assume. Switch 'puzzles' in PSO were always dull, more of them doesn't really appeal. The second part sounds more tasty.
  18. I've got this sorted out now My main character name is Valis. I'll be about for a bit tonight.
  19. I got one of those free with a Zzap64 subscription I think, hated it until I found I could use it to trigger cloak and smart bombs on Dropzone. Plugged into port 1 on a C64 any direction on the ball would do function keys and the fire button would be space. I'd put it on the floor, take my socks off (for more grip) and poke it with my toes, it was just like Steel Battalion Got me some great scores on Dropzone
  20. Bit obscure but there was this side scrolling PC Engine shooter which had these little blobs running along the bottom of the first level, the bigger blobs would run after some of the smaller ones and then kind of bum rape them... Really turned my stomach all those years ago, and I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to stop it happening by killing the blob rapists. That's about as far as I ever got with it. I'll see if I can find out what it was called.
  21. Cheers I think it's going to depend on me finding a cheap network adapter.
  22. Are you folks still enjoying this? I've kind of lost my enthusiasm for it now, a combination of the difficulty in finding a reasonably priced network adapter and the liberation of quitting my last online addiction. Is it still worth the trouble and expense? I'm thinking I'd have to spend about £50 plus the monthly fee (no free period?) and that's a fair chunk of my Wii budget.
  23. I walked past a Blockbuster at lunchtime and they had a big "GoW for £35 save £15" poster in the window. Might not actually mean they have it on the shelves yet though
  24. I've quit WoW so I will be definitely joining you when the PS2 one comes out. Just need to get the network adapter sorted. I'm fiddling around on the GC one again in preparation
  25. Hmm, this is really starting to appeal after a week of World of angrynorwegiansintheraidgroupCraft. So i just need a network adpater for my PS2 and some shonky keyboard? Monty is close to joining too I think
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