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    Do not buy Doom on Switch. Thanks.
  2. One instance that comes to mind that I agree with is the removal of the black character from reprints of Issue 1 of The Beano. That to me is something which was made to be and is racist no matter who looks at it from any possible perspective. However, for historical purposes I do still feel there should be the original somewhere as well. Perhaps not as easily accessible, but you get what I mean. Can't comment on Golliwogs, but while a thing can be offensive to someone, it clearly didn't make your mother racist. And it's that distinction I'm using. If family were to request it removed because they find it offensive however, that is understandable and it's nice she did. Should be obvious from what I've already noted. Malice and intent. U Knuckles is neither. The creator most probably didn't create it to be racist either. Thus not racist. Those who DO use it with malice and intent, would be racist. Giza and Stoppy think, in comparison, that as soon as someone offended points out they think it's racist, that those who do not agree with their view are racist. It's not about the thing it's how the thing is being used, by whom and how, and why it was created in the first place. You can't just call anyone that disagrees an 'ism' to suit your political views. That creates even more separation from you and other people, and an actual 'ism' towards anyone you disagree with. Making you as bad as the people you are calling such a horrible term. There are plenty of reasons to purge old posts. But guess what, you'd still have 2019 posts to have a field day with if you feel like being that sort of wonderful human being. It's not about hiding views. It's the abusive nature of how posts can and have been used on this forum before, and the wider long term privacy concerns. Otherwise why would I still be posting stuff I know the regulars here will never agree with? All this, might I add, from wanting to share Boogie doing a song, since he's in the 'terrible streamer' category. Well done, usual regulars.
  3. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    They even removed the 360 port and the music's slower
  4. No sir, that's not how racism works. But something tells me we've derailed this thread enough.
  5. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    Won't touch despite wanting to play, very anti consumer move.
  6. Yes Stoppy, label everyone who disagrees as daft racists. Praise Rllmuk. 52% of the nation were lied to. It was a lot more apparent after the election. Sorry. (not the first time I'm saying it here) Golliwogs?
  7. Aero Fighters 2 was one of the nicest surprises for 6 bucks ever in my case. You can play as a dolphin fighter pilot, or a baby and his mother! Aero Fighters 3 less so, they cut back a tad on the humor it seems. Noticed the first is back on the SNES, been meaning to give it a go. They're not overly difficult shooters which is a plus in my case (I love the high score feature of the hamster ports, nearly always play the 1 credit mode)
  8. Whilst streaming I find that it's usually the 3-4 hour mark where my hands start to tire themselves out. Maybe keyboard games are different but I start having to crack my fingers, turn my wrists, etc. How full time streamers manage 8 hours or more every day boggles the mind somewhat, but I guess being paid for it certainly helps. Celeste caused my thumbs to hurt for a literal week after doing 5 hour runs for a few days straight.
  9. Not a fan of SOR3's soundtrack either, but I have to say not playing it originally in 1995 (and it's stupid PAL and US difficulty when I eventually did) has bound to have an effect overall. The soundtrack IS impressive on it's own merits, it's just not what you'd expect going from 1 to 2 to 3.
  10. I'd post a YT link to one of the lobbies Joe mentioned, but it wouldn't be Rllmuk Friendly.
  11. Pointing out the implications of such a meme is fine and understandable. Blaming a certain colour of human for nearly everything isn't. It's in of itself racist and imo a far worse way to think in the long term. That tone achieves nothing besides resentment, belittlement and, again, racism. Equality goes both ways.
  12. Fixed. Whilst I'm sure the implications weren't thought about at all when it was made, and I agree the tones are there and it's worrying kids are playing within such memes without the context to them, I assure you that most of the human race are not looking at it and being disgusted like you are, but laughing their heads off instead. From experience of similar bull 'offended by everything' politically correct offenses, not everyone is offended by such matters. Just ask actual eskimos, sumbero wearers, American Indians and indeed, African culture. Taking the piss of each other is natural and will always exist in some fashion, and are usually taken to extremes in my view. Did I understand what's offensive about U Knuckles after this place (and only this place, as usual) pointing it out? Yes. But he's a made up character that's loved, he isn't shit on at all, if that makes sense. At least from what I've seen. People have made amiibo out of him and there's fan hacks of him in Sonic games now. That isn't out of disrespect for a country, I assure you. But yes, you can call it unaware and ignorant. I call it the death of comedy in a lot of cases.
  13. I've been slowly collecting the Neo Geo hamster ports on Switch and it got me wondering, since they're probably done with them now (Samurai 5 was the last release and it was 2+ months ago) I went and checked how much of the library they actually managed to release: 108 or so, that's nearly the whole library but not all, so is there anything worthwhile Hamster didn't get to release? Think they might still do so? The only notable one I can think of is SNK vs Capcom
  14. They're not made to be, but think what you feel like thinking.
  15. Memes can be the most sophisticated type of humour there is. I'm sorry for your loss of being able to understand true beauty.
  16. 'Big' hardiar! Mutchros mutchros galli! I said the YT algoriythm has been forcing him to leave it behind as well as Boogie's ability to pull off the voice, and that most meme'y things I'll always find funny regardless of age.
  17. About as irrelevant as shouting OVER 9000!, listening to Trololol on repeat or Rick Rolling people, yes. Francis eating doritos/mountain dew whilst shouting about games is no different. Scorchio! Eff eff eff Chris Waddle!
  18. Sniff. (YT's been demonetising the Francis skits for years now, and Boogie's been losing the lisp gradually since the operation)
  19. Run by Scott Johnson so sounds like the one, yes. Latest one no Turp whoo!
  20. I am so, so damn happy Turps has left. The Instance (WoW podcast) might finally be bearable to listen to again after so many years!!! Always found him annoying.
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