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  1. Even the upcoming Sonic movie has more love put into it than this, and that's saying something.
  2. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    And Joy-Cons that work for longer than 6 months.
  3. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    Well colour me surprised about those and the revision. Thanks for proving me wrong for once, Nintendo.
  4. @Nick R Some of my fav remixes which go against the norm is from the Sonic 2 Hedgehog Heaven album:
  5. It's akin to a designer going 'sure you can get the gear by grinding on the hardest Metal Slimes in the game but you could kill level 1 blue slimes instead! And it's quicker!/game designer genius It's not good game design. It's not about playing different aspects of the game, it's about every part of the game being rewarding to the amount of effort needed to do that content. If you want to put some BIS gear into dailies, it should be akin to having to trek 5 zones over to find a mcguffin not shown on the map then having to kill an army worth of mobs hoping a specific mcguffin drops that leads to a scenario you can fuck up many times in (like the mage towers in legion) equalling in a BIS item for one or two of your slots at the maximum. So that it doesn't make raiding feel pointless in the long term. I can't believe Azmon is against the 'do the raid every week' design philosophy that worked for many expansions. If a boss is going to drop what you want was pretty much the hook to keep you coming back week on week to kill it with your guild. To be against that is to want to kill raiding and guilds altogether, in my view. Content should have a end for sure unlike the current titanforge bullshit, but the way gearing was designed to begin with worked well enough that you either got bored eventually or got everything and moved onto an alt if you wanted to. The idea of only doing a raid once or twice because you don't need to go in there again makes the game even shallower than it is!
  6. Have fun getting Best In Slot gear that you won't replace even by Mythic Raiding via Bejeweled dailies.
  7. Are you trying to say Switch games are not designed for handheld use?
  8. If M2's improvement's weren't in the Sega Ages version (the side map) I'd tell you to skip to 4 instead. 1 is still worth playing without the tweaks, but does require dedication for those that didn't play it in the day. Even something like Dragon Quest 1 I'd have found a lot more hassle when I played it last year if I didn't search up a map (which would have come with the physical game anyway!)
  9. Dear Esther The Witness GRIS Ecco: Tides of Time Shadow of the Beast Journey Zelda BotW World of Warcraft Space Giraffe No particular order, whatever's come to mind in the last few minutes of thinking.
  10. They're not in any way alike. Hardware discussion is based on fact. The amount RE4 is liked is just opinion. With the latter, it is tradition to poke fun at what games we deem personally better and what is not. Gears of War did RE4 better. (But the whole industry certainly got influenced by RE4 to begin with).
  11. Was fine on the Game Boy Micro. How much UI do you need to play something like Sonic Mania? None, that's what.
  12. Or people could just not play text heavy games on a smaller screen if it bothers them and play something else instead. Like every 'small' handheld.
  13. The Hivemind (TM) are wrong as usual but it's certainly not a bad game. But I've never called it a Resident Evil game due to the amount of changes, myself.
  14. Not since Wi-Fi Trading became a thing.
  15. It's not like Game Freak have ever given us a choice, and not like the fans haven't been begging for a console mainline title for as long as the series has existed or anything.
  16. Expect an explanation 3 months after Lite's launch.
  17. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    I could have been more clear, certainly.
  18. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    Funny how it even needed to be pointed out.
  19. I don't want to imagine how hooking up the GC adaptor for proper Smash is going to look like.
  20. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    No new Joycons was the Jan 2018 marker. Bundle Joycons you can't buy alone doesn't count. Late 2019 for the Switch bundles itself, bar Dragon Quest Builders 2 bundle that's only in Japan.
  21. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    There hasn't been new joy con design/colours since Jan 2018, and no special edition consoles since around that time either.The writing is on the wall for Nintendo's interest in the old model for a while now.
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