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  1. Thats one strange long word you used.
  2. Ahem no. You've had: 10 "Shock someone who dislikes" 1 "Shock dislike special" 3 "Shock someone who likes"
  3. Nice avater lady And uh no. I'd cry, brag and beg if my NEG account were banned. Uh oh...don't stare at me like that... EDIT:Whoo hoo! 450 posts
  4. The dislikes are over. The likes have 7 more to go. The SPECIAL EDITIONS like wetrix are few and far apart.
  5. Did I mention how sexy that link is?
  6. So many... Sonic The Hedgehog. For introducing me to games. ( besides G&W ) Mario 64. For the sheer amazment and wonder of a 3D world at the time. Sonic Adventure. First Sonic did it for games, then he showed me the amazment of the internet. Chu Chu Rocket! I spent 2 years playing this, and I've got some very close friends due to it. Oh and the gba version is like a tribute to everyone who played. ( NEG )
  7. So bloody closr to finishing mario sunshine now. 119 SHINES, so all I need are the 9 remaining blue coins. 7 in Noki Bay, 1 in Bianco Hills and 1 in Pianto Village. I've been playing this like some drug for the past few days, I feel dizzy and sick
  8. Shock! ...er, I mean, he added a hint of tabloid journalism to this forum. Which basically was interesting, from a non-mod pov, I guess. I'll shut up now. Add to the fact that some CAN be good. It's not that annoying when you think about it, geez.
  9. Snes game, one of the last, if not the very last game on the console. Not sure if it got a american/PAL release.
  10. Not only choosing a obscure hardly-played game. But one with the reviewer being the same guy who game wetrix a 2/10 ( strangly the review most ppl liked, I might add). Enjoy. ------------------------------------ Review by matt91486 OPENING STATEMENT Mario and Wario is one of the few Super Nintendo games that is compatible with the Super Nintendo’s mouse. It also is one of the best, most addicting puzzle games ever to hit the console. On top of all that, it is one of Mario’s wackiest adventure yet. Whenever before has he been hit over the head by a fairy with a staff, while he is walking around with a cloud on his head? GAMEPLAY--9 Mario and Wario’s gameplay is oddly reminiscent of Lemmings. But it is far from an exact clone. The point in Mario and Wario is to guide Mario, with an item over his head, whichever item it is depends on the level, to Luigi, at each level’s goal. This is nowhere near as easy as it sounds. As in Lemmings, there are plenty of obstacles in your path to your goal. But you cannot give Mario a job to carry out. Instead you, as his fairy, or guardian angel, or whatever you want to call it, need to guide him there, by placing and replacing blocks, defeating enemies, and hitting him over the head with your staff to change his direction. The levels in Mario and Wario are all laid out on multiple tiers, which makes the escalators and removable, disappearing blocks vital to your success. While Mario will automatically climb an escalator when he comes across one, to make him get across the blocks, that requires some effort. Some of the blocks are timed. They will disappear and appear at set, unchangeable intervals. Other blocks are timed after you click on them. They stay there for about three seconds, and then disappear. Other blocks you click on and they just stay there until you click on them again. Establishing which type of blocks appear in each level is one of the keys to succeeding in Mario and Wario. GRAPHICS--9 The Mario games graphics have never been realistic, and Mario and Wario fits neatly within that mold. And I would not want Mario and Wario to have realistic graphics, as that would spoil the entire Mario aura of childish fun and adventure. The levels are detailed in their cartoonishness, do not get me wrong. Mario looks like Mario, Luigi looks like Luigi, Wario looks like himself in his little Cessna, and your character, the guardian angel, looks like the Tooth Fairy. The levels that Mario and Wario are set in are even more impressive. You can clearly tell which blocks are at risk of disappearing and which areas are steady as a rock. The movement in the escalators is constant and subtle enough to keep you from getting eyesores. The levels, at least in their graphical design are quite similar to those in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. The level designs do a great job of looking great while not distracting you from your goal in Mario and Wario. MUSIC--9 SOUND--10 In case you are one of the twenty-seven people who visit GameFAQs and read my reviews who have not played a Mario game, I will do my best to describe the music in Mario and Wario to you. The best way to describe it is bouncy. It is all happy music, composed by the same composer who wrote all of the other Mario games famous tunes. And if it is not by the same composer, the current composer did an excellent job imitating his music. The music all stays in with the childish adventure theme as well. Basically, it just sounds like other Mario game’s music. The sound effects are superb. They are also hilarious. When you click your staff, or wand, around on an enemy, it makes a fairy wand-esque noise. The hollow sound that you are able to hear when you hit Mario over the head with your staff to change his direction will leave you in stitches. There are plenty of other sound effects and they just add to the hilarity. Nintendo obviously was influenced, at least in part, by these excellent sound effects when they created the sound effects for Mario Party. CONTROL--8 Mario and Wario was specifically designed for use with the Super Nintendo’s mouse accessory. Luckily, you can also use the normal Super Nintendo controller, as most of the Super Nintendo owning population does not have a Super Nintendo mouse. You would think that using the Super Nintendo Mouse would be loads more effective than using the normal controller, but it is not. Actually, just pressing ‘Y’ to accept absolutely everything, and do absolutely everything, which is what you have to do if you are unable to find and use a Super Nintendo Mouse, works quite well, especially if you do not have a good surface to move your Super Nintendo Mouse on. If you do have a mouse I would recommend using that, just because it was designed for it and pressing the same button over and over again when there are so many other buttons to press can get kind of cumbersome, but I would hardly recommend going out and purchasing a Super Nintendo Mouse for use with Mario and Wario. The Super Nintendo controller will suffice just fine. FUN--10 While at first I did not fully understand Mario and Wario, it soon became one of my favorite Mario games. It is kind of like Kirby’s Dream Course in the fact that it was not intended to become a main game in the series, but it is as good as most, if not all, of them. You will spend hours playing Mario and Wario, even with it’s lack of a Multiplayer Mode, of which it could have had a good one. And, although I have not mentioned it yet, if you wish you can also have the ability to control Princess Peach, also known as Princess Toadstool, and Yoshi. Mario moves at about half of the pace of Yoshi, while Mario moves at about twice of the pace of Princess Toadstool. Each of the characters seem a wee bit more fun in levels that the characters seem more accustomed to. CHALLENGE--LOW TO MEDIUM Mario and Wario takes a while to get the hang of. But, once you get the hang of Mario and Wario you will not find it overly difficult. Sure there will be a few frustrating puzzles, but for the most part, six year-olds should not have too much problem. Also, rarely are there spikes, or other apparatus, for your character to actually lose a life on. Usually, when a character falls from their perch, they usually end up on a ledge earlier in the level, a loss that really only makes each level take about fifteen seconds longer. Also of note is the fact that, since the three characters move at three quite different speeds, they are in reality the three different difficulty levels. Princess Toadstool is the easiest difficulty level, while Yoshi is the most difficult level, because he moves at such high speeds. Mario, once more, falls somewhere in the middle. REPLAY VALUE--MEDIUM TO HIGH Mario and Wario offers you an addicting puzzle experience that you will play again and again, if not only for the sake of having Mario’s fairy, or guardian angel, or whatever it is, I still do not know, hitting Mario over the head with a staff, or wand, or whatever that is. (Lack of details about your character is probably my biggest problem with Mario and Wario.) Even without any multiplayer capabilities, Mario and Wario will still get played more often than nearly all of your Super Nintendo games, even in a multi-hundred game collection. Mario and Wario’s eight worlds, each with many levels within, offer you more than enough replay value to warrant a purchase. PROS *Among the best sound effects ever created. *Everything fits in nicely with the Mario theme. *Hitting Mario, Princess Toadstool, and Yoshi over the head with staffs. CONS *Perhaps a little bit too easy. *No multiplayer capabilities whatsoever. *No sequel planned for the Gamecube. CLOSING STATEMENT While Mario and Wario may not be a Mario game that most people in the video gaming world have heard of, as Mario is Missing probably is better known than this gem, they are missing out on one of Nintendo’s most innovative and greatest games ever. Kudos to Nintendo for putting Mario in yet another place that I never envisioned him before, deep beneath the ocean, with a jellyfish stuck on his head. OVERALL--9 Reviewer's Score: 9 / 10, Originally Posted on 12/10/2000
  11. When is the PAL release? WHEN WHEEEN!!! GC version at that. ( NEG )
  12. Get new friends who understand and follow your way of games. Like uh....us lot on rllmuk. ( NEG )
  13. I'm now up to 118 Shines. Opened Corona at 111. All I have is 13 blue coins to go. 9 of which are in Noki Bay. Wish me luck! This game has to finish, argh!
  14. Thats about right. Its a little harder doing it with the next few updated pieces, but thats basicly how it should be. Hm...suddenly I'm getting memories of the annoying ice cubes and bombs that swim in the water WAITING for a fireball. Still...quack quack! EDIT: Not to mention if you can dare enough to add more ducks and last. I think my max number of ducks was oohh....12? A damn big combo once the rainbow came thats for sure.
  15. The same place I get all of em, gamefaqs. Too bad theres not too many reviewers like that there, or people would love these topics
  16. AquaAqua:Wetrix 2 apparently had a story mode and changed a few things, but I haven't played it myself so I wouldn't know. And its all about planning. Making a garbage pile in one corner, planting the ducks into small spaces to another, using the downers to reduce the chance of earthquake. You have to know already in your head where everything goes really, and try and keep at that pace. The pieces generally get smaller, hence your chance of more ducks and more doubles and rainbows etc. Meaning getting to a pretty high score quicker then say..using the normal pieces. It all works so perfectly once you know how.
  17. Actually the speed stops increasing at level 10. So when you got used to it all thats left to figure out is how to survive. The mission-like levels were hard, but crackable. Oh and if you get a billion, you get the final set of pieces...which I haven't seen ever since the wetrix site never showed it either
  18. Wetrix being one of my most fav games ever, even remembering how I first got it. Blockbuster sent a card saying I can rent it for FREE before the actual release date. Tempting as the offer was, I fell inlove with the game. Better then tetris in some ways imo. Happier it be knowing the ppl involved are on this very site. Ahem anyhow, on with the reviews. The 2nd one is best, and I prey that the pickford folk wont kill me. ---------------------------------------------- Review 1 ---------------------------------------------- Review by Mastermind2k Wetrix is a puzzle type game, that is both very similar to tetris, and at the same time, very different. This is basically an interesting approach to a puzzle game, and not a bad game, however it is challenging, and time consuming. If tetris were on a 3D level, then maybe it would be like this. If you like this sort of game, then you may just be in for a treat, but if you don’t like it, then you might just lose patience with it. Gameplay-6/10 Gameplay is an important factor in games, especially in puzzle games. Basically, you have to look to see what block is coming next, and stop the water from overflowing in the game. To do this, you must stack blocks up, and build little walls, and make little ponds. It’s pretty simple to do, not too complicated, but not very innovative either. You can move the blocks around, but that’s no big deal. The greatest factor of gameplay this game has to offer, is that you also get items that can dry up your lakes. The gameplay isn’t really that horrible, even if my score makes it seem so, it’s just the lack of inovation in the game. Graphics-10/10- The graphics in this game are amazing. The colors are vivid, and the game looks completely 3-dimensional. If you want a game with amazing graphics, then this is the game for you. It brings out the full potential of the N64, showing vibrant colors, and realistic environments. The blocks you stack up appear to be growing upward, instead of just stacking one on top of the other. This adds to the realism, and makes the graphics in this game shine. Unlike other puzzle games, this isn’t pretending to be 3d, it is 3d, with many different views, and areas, this game shines when it comes to graphics! Music-4/10 I never was a fan of puzzle music, I don’t know anybody who is one, but I suppose that the music is there to keep you awake, or slightly entertained. Maybe even it’s a distraction, to cause you to put a block in a wrong place. Without music, a game would probably be borring, but I think that they could have made the music a whole lot better than they did. Challange-8/10 This game will provide a good challenge to you. It takes time to master the game, and it’s not too bad doing so. The computer opponents are tough, and you have to make a strategy to do this. You can’t just copy the computer and expect to win. This game is more challenging then Tetris, and much easier to lose at. Water can flow over sometimes, and when it does, you have a problem, and you lose. This provides great challenge, and is not simple to master! Replay- 6/10 If you have the patience, unlike me, you will enjoy this game, and play it farly often. If you are good at puzzle games, or enjoy tetris, then you would enjoy this. Playing it again, depends on if you liked it the first time through or not. The challenge may chase you away, but the graphics, or gameplay may bring you back. One can never tell, but this geame is replayable, and won’t be sitting on your shelf long, as you’ll either sell it, or continue to play. This is a “love it, hate it” game. Overall- 6/10 This is a fairly good game. If you love tetris, and play it a whole lot, then you may want to get this game. Then again, you may love tetris too much, having tetris wallpaper on your computer, and you may not like this game, because in a sense, tetris is better. If you like puzzle games, you will enjoy this game. If you hate them, you should just stay away. This is a good multiplayer game, but it lacks a certain greatness to it. Reviewer's Score: 6 / 10, Originally Posted on 06/13/2000 -------------------------------------------------------------- Review 2 -------------------------------------------------------------- OPENING STATEMENT Wetrix is a little Scottish developer called Zed Two’s take on the Tetris phenomenon. (Ironically, published by the now-defunct Ocean. Water, ‘Wet’rix, Ocean, get it?) Apparently, they thought it was like instant pudding. Just add water, and it is ready. Apparently, they were misinformed. GAMEPLAY--2 “Just add water.” Those three words have been the savior of working parents, needing a quick meal between dragging the kids off to their activities. If it worked for the parents of the developers at Zed Two, it should hold true to everything! Their mommies were never wrong! When they sent them to school with umbrellas it never failed: it rained! They took Tetris, added water, and ended up with your sixth grade Home Economics project. Yes, just adding water game them gameplay. It just happened to be crappy gameplay. Adding think of it as adding water to a pile of dirt. It just creates a bigger mess for you to clean up. Yes, this is truly Tetris after ‘just adding water.’ You need to take blocks dropping out of the sky, and you are required to build up walls, to hold the water in once the rains begin to fall. I think they should use this method in Bangladesh during the monsoons. Other objects fall from the sky, like a fireball to dissolve some water on the table, and a bomb to drill a hole through the level. Bombs are bad, and fireballs are good. You want all of the water to never leave the boxed area. Water falling through a hole at the bottom is equivalent to water flowing over the sides of the levee in Zed Two’s mind, so keep that in mind. There are options and bells and whistles aplenty. But the gameplay is missing an element. (Not Hydrogen or Oxygen, mind you.) It’s trying to do too much with too little, or else it is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Or something like that. GRAPHICS--8 The fact that the game plays horrible is not to deny that it looks fantastic.The colors of the ‘earth’ in each level are more psychedelic than those in a disco straight from 1978. I swear, the ground looks like some day-glow Zubaz! (Remember Zubaz?) Brightly colored, seemingly abstract, fluorescent patterns dot the oceany landscape. Yes, they certainly add to the mysterious aura that flows through the pores of Wetrix. The water itself looks fairly good, partially because Zed Two did not have to worry about making realistic waves, the biggest problem with water in video games. In fact, the only thing that Zed Two and Ocean made waves with in Wetrix is how bad a Tetris clone can actually be. The fireball effects are nice, but we all know that fire and water do not mix, and sadly that was true for the effects as well. It made me weep big, giant tears of sadness. My only problem with the graphics in Wetrix are the bland, monochromatic backgrounds. When everything else about the game is so bright and colorful (even the fireball effects and such are over-the-top, like Mount Everest compared to sea level), these backgrounds seem very out of place. I do realize that the intent of Ocean and Zed Two was to make the backgrounds boring so they do not detract from the gameplay, but instead, the distract you from the game by being so boring. You know what I mean. MUSIC--1 SOUND--3 “Don’t go chasing waterfalls; Just stick to the rivers and the lakes like you’re used to.” TLC should have provided the songs for Wetrix. The futuristic, computer-generated, hydro-body filled music video would have been more fun to watch than actually playing this game anyway. Instead, we have the pleasure of listening to synthesizer/techno garbage that you could surpass in quality of composition on a keyboard that you found in the gutter with rainwater and dead leaves. Yes, Zed Two aimed low, so they could not be disappointed with the music in Wetrix. And I could have forgiven this if the rest of the game was high quality stuff. But, it is not, so it is almost as unforgivable as the mutiny aboard the H. M. S. Bounty. The sound effects are better, yes. But that hardly prevents them from being horribly repetitive, low in number, and you wishing to be able to submerge them in water to never have the misfortune of listening to them again. Drown the sound effects people at Ocean and Zed Two! Only they could be so uncreative with sounds that they could have had a field day with! Come on. They could not even think of any good noises for a fireball! Throw them in a mud puddle! CONTROLS--2 The human body is made up of seventy percent water. Seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water. More than seventy percent of the controls in Wetrix are useless. The configuration is worse than I ever could have imagined. (Of course, then, when I was imagining, I was still a novice in the puzzle genre, sticking with Tetris and its various companions, and little else. Since then I have branched out to discover the sunny beaches of the puzzle genre.) Changing the directions of the blocks is like swimming against a tsunami, and it is such a vital part of building the damn dams to keep the water contained. But, you are fighting the controls all along, just like when you are fighting that fifteen pound Northern Pike. On top of it all, the game takes a little while to register your commands, kind of like yourself when the officer comes up asking to see your boat license. The end result is disastrous, like that infamous tidal wave striking Hilo all over again. FUN--1 Wetrix is truly the sum of all of its parts. In other words, I have a little equation for you: Quality Gameplay + Good Graphics + Enjoyable Audio + Workable Control + Even Challenge + Lots of Replay Value = Fun. They prove this equation true by proving the converse: Crappy Gameplay + Meaningless Eye Candy + Awful Audio + Suicide-inducing Control + Spazzy Challenge + No Replay Value = No Fun.That has been your daily math lesson. Please return to adding two plus two. Hopefully you get four, like the number of oceans there are in the world. (I am still quite pleased that there are not four Oceans, the company, to bring us awful games like this.) Yes, I hate math as much as you, if not three or four times as much as you. Almost as much as the Exxon Valdez disaster. But using the hated algebraic equations got my point across nicely, did it not? A game can simply not be fun if everything about it is poorly done, and that fits Wetrix to a ‘T.’ (A ‘T’ for a watered-down Tetris clone, that is.) I cannot think of any better way to put it than putting six or seven bricks in an wet suit without an air tank would be more fun than ever playing Wetrix again. CHALLENGE--HIGH The control added to a horribly thought-out difficulty curve makes Wetrix impossible to play. Instead of making the first few levels easy, so you can get the hang of the game, Zed Two decided to start you off with what would be the equivalent of about the thirty-fifth stage in Tetris Attack. In other words, watch out. It took me about five hours to beat the first level, and I play lots of puzzle games. That is really not a good sign. And, in my aforementioned statement, the lack of any control worth its weight in air just makes the game more difficult. REPLAY VALUE--LOW The horrible control seals the deal for me. I will never play play Wetrix again, not unless you pay me the amount of money equivalent to pieces of space junk that NASA drops in the Atlantic each year and claims that they were lost in space. (That is quite a few billion my friends.) Then, and only then, would I even consider picking up my controller and playing this horrible, awful game. Throw it in the polluted Ohio River and let it disintegrate in the acidic waters! PROS *Some nice color choices in the graphics. *The fireball effects are nicely done. *You getting to read all of my delightful water-based puns. CONS *You will wish your ears got bitten off by a shark to save you from the horrors of the audio. *The controls are a sinking ship. *More frustrating then being lost adrift in the Caribbean Sea for three weeks. CLOSING STATEMENT In the river of time, Wetrix will be one of those games that travels through some rapids, and then plunges over a waterfall into a ravine. Not even if I owned all of the seven seas, and they were turned to gold, would I be tempted by Neptune to play Wetrix again. The game is just all wet. By the way, if you got all of my water related puns in this review, bake yourself a nice chocolate chip cookie. Maybe the cocoa beans sailed across the Gulf of Mexico to reach your oven. -------------------------------------------------- Review 3 -------------------------------------------------- Review by birdieball </features/recognition/32098.html> I really do not like this game. It gives a good impression at first… but you realize how stupid it is after ten minutes. It is like a watered down Tetris (excuse the pun) in 3D. Instead of game-bashing for a while, I will try to be fair. Overall, I would say to buy would be a mistake. To be fair, I will go over the good points of this game first: Wetrix looks very nice. The shadow effects are pretty good. Wetrix's Sound Effects are clear and satisfying. The IDEA behind the game is good, but poorly executed. In Wetrix, you start out with a flat plane floating in midair. Different things fall. Different shaped Land formations fall from the sky and you must place them using tetris-like methods. However, In Wetrix, The object is to make enclosed areas, like swimming pools. Then, when water falls, you must land it into the enclosed areas. If water does not land in these areas, it will leak towards the edge of your floating platform. If too much water falls off, then you lose. Sound Simple? It isn’t. If too much water goes into an area, it will flood. If there is a little hole, water will start to leak. If you build up land too high, earthquakes will come. Sometimes, bombs drop, leaving gaping holes right in the middle of your lakes. Sometimes Fireballs drop. These can vaporize land, or evaporate water. Also, land-lowering formations fall. It is very hard, and tough to control. This game is way too challenging. I cannot beat level two. This game also gets old very quickly. It is so fast paced you cannot move your land into accurate positions. Water falls way too much. The techno music is distracting. Alignment is a HUGE problem. You think your piece is going somewhere, but you accidentally land it in water, so the water floods and you lose. Even though I have played this game for a total amount of a half hour (patience can only wear so thin), I have missed countless times. You miss because the control was a bit unresponsive; the land was falling at 900 miles a second, the music screeched (throwing your concentration), or the grid's perspective was off. DO NOT buy this game. That is more of a command than a request. I think this belongs in the cement block with the famed Atari E.T game. Reviewer's Score: 2 / 10, Originally Posted on 03/25/2003 ------------------------------------------ There were equally good reviews liking the game btw. Although I think I'll add my own little dislike towards...not wetrix, but Wetrix+. Sure for £10 it was really a stright port with better visuals ( not a bad thing really) but the music...really shoud have not been changed. Or at least made into stream or something. Ah well, cant change the past eh? Maybe it was just the DC controls... No matter, my quest for a billion and curses for AquaAqua only being on PS2 shall go on. ( NEG )
  19. Aw crap...NOW I notice the other tread...sigh
  20. Viewtiful Gamer Viewtiful Hardcore Gamer CoreGames Core Gamer Gamer Level Game Level Electronic World Gamer Wakka-Wakka Very Hard Mode Hard Mode Master Mode Extra Life ?!? -------------------------------------- So thats my list.
  21. NEG

    Puyo Puyo Fever

    Firstly, it seems I hardly knew about this game by ST till NOM showed it as a preview for 2004. If anything, I'm glad ST is doing it. Now as for the twist, as far as I've read ( not too much actually ) is that say....you do a combo ( you clear 3 red blobs with a yellow on top, the yellow falls onto two other yellows, combo! ) you now have a choice of if you WANT to use your attack ( depending on combo in previous versions, from one or two grey blobs to 6 lines or more worth ). So if like me your crap at doing combos sucessfully every frickin time, build it up and then slam the opponent hard baby! The other bit of news is the way ST are releasing it in Japan: PlayStation 2 : February 4th Dreamcast : February 24th Gamecube : March 24th Xbox : April 24th This is apparently done so it somehow feels erm...poyu poyu feverish. And seems you DC addicts are lucky for it being released on it, heh. I think it'll have a good chance of getting released here. At a budget price of £20 prehaps? ( like bust a move recently released on cube ). If anything, rejoice! Dr Robotnik's MeanBean Machine 2! ( NEG )
  22. You really didn't read the bottom of my post then. The DISLIKES are over. The LIKES are due for another 8... ( NEG )
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