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  1. You really didn't read the bottom of my post then. The DISLIKES are over. The LIKES are due for another 8... ( NEG )
  2. The rather excellent digiworld review comes to mind. So uh...heres a different, more boring one instead. ------------------------------------------ Review by Auron255 First off, i\'ve been a fan of the Hulk for the longest time, since i can remember. And i had high expectations for this game, and for the most part they were met. Story 10/10 The story takes place one year after the movie ends, which is good, because the developers actually took the time to make something oringinal, and made something that can actually work in a videogame. You have fight through Ravage, The Leader, and several other Hulk foes. And brilliantly enough, they work with the story. The story is very simple, and for a bash em\' up game like the Hulk, you need the story to be as simple as possible. The story is great, they inclusion of the likenesses and voice acting of the characters from the movie was a plus to the story and added more depth than the no-name voice overs would have done. To do this game justice you have to have a good script, which this game does. Graphics 10/10 This is a true cel-shaded game. The anti-aliasing is very well performed, while the actual character models shine like the comic book while giving you a visual 3-D interpretation of the 2-D figures. The graphics are probably the best part of this game. Gameplay 8/10 The gameplay is very simple and sometimes very repetitive. you are given a punch button, a kick button and a gamma energy button. You can push these buttons three times to make a ground combo or jump and hold the buttons to make a strong aerial attack. Over all the controls are simple, and very easy to use, not to mention most of your attacks can hurt several enemies at once. Later on in the game though, the enemies don\'t get smarter or any hard harder for that matter, there is just a WHOLE lot of them. For instance, in the first level you take on 2 tanks and a bunch of soldiers. Later on the game, you may have to fight 6 tanks and and endless supply of soldiers. Its very repetetive, but still fun in most respects. On top of all of this though, the environments are entirely interactive and anything can be used as a weapon, which is good when your 10 feet tall and green. Controls 8/10 The controls work. There is nothing confusing about them, and they are all easy to memorize. The only downside is that there aren\'t many combos in the game, so you\'ll find yourself using the same combo and button presses over and over. Sound 8/10 The sound effects are spot on and every single different piece of wreckage you use as a weapon has its own set of sounds. The Hulks smashes and grunts are very well presented, but the music isn\'t. The music is good, but its almost all the same, which is saying a lot when you consider who developed this game, and people fueling the production. (ahem, Vivnedi......universal, ahem) Replay Value 10/10 There are so many unlockable features its hard to keep track. Theres one hit kills, infinite rage, infinite health, double HP, double damage, a series of movie set production image galleries, many movies and clips of the movie and behind the scenes from the set of the Hulk, not to mention the hidden character, Grey Hulk, who talks much like the famed wrestler Andre the Giant. Final Score 8/10 With this game its either hit or miss. Either the game hits the nail on the head or they just skim the surface of it. Although, when you take into account everything that is perfect in this game with everything that is almost perfect you do end up having a very entertaining game. This game will have you glued to your sofa for hours upon hours, with no thought of stopping any time soon. If you are a fan of the Hulk, you will love this game; if you aren\'t a fan, you\'ll still enjoy this game thouroughly. Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10, Originally Posted on 08/08/2003
  3. Oh ok fine..I'll just kick out erm...F-ZERO. That can wait around summer. The list is then: The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask Viewtiful Joe Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut Super Mario Sunshine
  4. HOLY CRAPOLA I forgot mario ::slaps head:: Lets see...wheres that edit button...
  5. I'm not sure if I should do this, with Sonic Heroes out here in a matter of weeks ( for GC ). However I'll see how long I can stand without it. COUNT ME IN! The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask Viewtiful Joe F-Zero GX Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut Super Mario Sunshine Theres many, many more of course. But if I can get this lot done. Mind you, I've only got 20 missions left on SADX last time I played it. So I guess I'll start there. F-Zero GX on master, time trail ghosts and very hard story mode may take bloody years VJ can be cracked if you play it long enough, nearly at the end of hard mode ( soon to unlock the next difficulty ). Zelda:MM would be more of the will-power of getting all those last little bits of items from here and there. And Billy seems to be good enough to test my skills of collectablility. I think that'll take a while to get all 60 emblems. I'll update the list if I finish any of them by adding a new one. Wish me luck ( NEG ) EDIT: And Mario Sunshine. Simply because my mind is fresh and if I leave it alone I'll forget all the coins I've got so far, again.
  6. NEG

    Gamestm 14

    Matt. I'd hate to say I told you so..but.... ::whistles and walks away:: ( NEG )
  7. Those little eggs sure do bring back alot of memorys. I mean Japan was hooked. How did it even die down I'm not sure. Or did bandai evolve it into Digimon?
  8. Would you rather have IGN versions? Cause I can get those too... ( NEG )
  9. Yes my friends. I've desided this topic should come to an end. Not mainly because of the users bragging on and on for the sake of it ( cause actually those who did make me laugh and worthwhile ). But because, I'm outta games! Theres a much lesser list of games that people would be "shocked" to get a low score by then I thought. Unless someone can list a few I should try, this is the end folks. And it's a good review to end on. So good infact, that its made me think twice if its worth getting AC from online now. --------------------------------------- Review by Sportsman Animal Crossing was first announced for the Nintendo 64, but it wound up being cancelled and was later released on the Gamecube (it WAS released on N64 in Japan). So while the Japanese were playing Animal Crossing on their Nintendo 64’s, gamers from everywhere but Japan were trying to figure out exactly what it is. Nintendo said Animal Crossing deserves in a genre of its own; it’s a life simulator with RPG elements with hidden NES games. Now since Animal Crossing is finally out, we can find out exactly what Animal Crossing is. Animal Crossing DOES NOT deserve a genre of its own; is a life simulator. You live in a town inhabited by animals (you’re the only human O_o). You can decorate your house, buy new clothing and furniture from a store, play hidden NES games and much more. Animal Crossing begins with you, a young boy or girl (your choice) on a train moving to a new town. Unfortunately you don’t have a place to live, and about 1/20 of the money required to buy a house (really smart). Luckily on the train you meet a cat-like creature named Rover who is friends with Tom Nook (the landlord) and willing to hook you up with a place to stay. After laughing at you, Nook agrees to loan you the house. Nook asks you to pay off the debt, but luckily Nook doesn’t care when the debt is paid off and encourages you to take your time. So if you see something you like at Nook’s shop, or if one of the villagers are offering to sell you something that you want, don’t be afraid to make the purchase. Animal Crossing runs on Gamecube’s internal clock. So it’s bright outside during the day, but as the night approaches, it gets darker. During the summer, mosquitoes will come out at night. Tom Nook’s store opens and closes at a certain time. The real-time clock is put to great use, and this is the future of video games. Getting money in Animal Crossing is very easy and simple. There is so many possible ways to become rich. Why don’t you catch fish and sell them to Nook? Why don’t you try shaking trees? Maybe you’ll get lucky, maybe you’ll knock down a bee’s nest and get stung. Do you have any items you don’t need? Why don’t you try selling them? Dig up any fossils? Why don’t you send them to the museum to get them appraised? The ways to earn money seem almost endless. Besides the buying, selling and paying back your debts, you can also decorate your house. Every day your house will be rated on how good it is, so if you put all of your stationary and items right in the middle of the floor, they will give you a low score and tell you that your house looks like a warehouse. It’s a good idea to take your time and try to see which combinations work the best. The higher your score is, the more people will want to move into your village. So far Animal Crossing sounds like a pretty cool game, right? Animal Crossing suffers in a few key areas that keep it from being a good game – one major flaw, which I’ll talk about now, is repetition. Every day, you walk do the same things. You’ll walk around, dig up fossils, shop at Nook’s store, fish, check the dump and lost and found for items, mail letters, rearrange your furniture, and maybe play a couple NES games. Repeat the next day. Most people play video games for enjoyment. You won’t be playing Animal Crossing for enjoyment - you will be playing it because you feel obliged to do so and it’s the only thing you can do. The second major flaw is that you have to play EVERY DAY in order to fulfill your experience and discover everything. For example, maybe you’re waiting for a rare item. The person who sells it may only come on a day that you can’t play. Now you have to wait until that person comes again, whenever that may be. The items at Tom Nook’s store appear at random. So you may be waiting for him to sell a “Super Deluxe TV” (yes, I made that up). It may appear in his store the next day, or it may appear in his store in 2 years. Another annoying feature is the large amount of weeds. They grow in your town daily, and if you don’t play every day to get rid of they will proliferate and eventually your neighbors will become furious and threaten to move to another town. Another problem is the neighbors. The neighbors aren’t the neighbors that you would want to have (besides the fact that they’re animals and you’re a human duh). Unfortunately most of your neighbors aren’t very social, they won’t want to spend any more than 10 seconds talking to you. They are very intractable; if they don’t get their own ways they become furious. Another way to piss them off is if you don’t. buy goods from them, don’t write letters to them, or don’t talk to them for a week. Once someone asked me to plant flowers in front of their house. At the moment I was low on cash and I couldn’t waste my money on flowers, so I never did it. The next day… GONE! The freakin animal moved! I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if it was done out of spite because I didn’t plant the flowers, but whatever the reason was, the animal moved, and never returned. Unlike most life simulators, there is no character development. Your looks won’t change over time, your town won’t change, and none of your neighbors will. Some will move in or move out over time, but that’s about it. This isn’t a big problem compared to the previous two I mentioned, but character development would have made Animal Crossing a lot better. There are many more features, but most likely they won’t keep you occupied for long. You can make your own patterns on your clothing. You can write letters to your neighbors, but after a few letters I got frustrated and gave up. If a kindergartener can’t interpret your letter your neighbors most likely won’t either. You will receive a reply from the recipient asking you to stop sending him/her weird letters. You can also post letters on the bulletin board. This is pointless, since none of the villagers read it and if you post something you don’t like, you can’t take it down. Now you have to wait until the game decides it has served its time on the board, which is usually WEEKS. You can also change the town’s theme song. If the song isn’t changed for a while your neighbors will ask you to change it. Don’t worry, the game isn’t expecting you to be the next Beethoven or Mozart. You can make anything up and get away with it. Since Animal Crossing is a life simulator it never ends. It ends when you don’t want to play anymore. But since all you do is walk around looking for money and buying goods from Nook, you will want to stop playing after a couple of days. Luckily Nintendo put hidden NES games in Animal Crossing. I spent some time playing these, but unfortunately you have to search for them, and they randomly appear just as any item would. Every once in a while you’ll find one buried underground, but what games you find are completely random. So you may search for a game that you want and never find it. You can trade items with other people by exchanging passwords, which is a pretty cool feature. You can also have up to 4 people move into your town (including yourself). Unfortunately you can only play one at a time. Animal Crossing is loaded with replay value, but the big question is whether or not you will want to invest the time into it. The graphics in Animal Crossing are just as boring as the game itself. They were ported directly from the N64 version with only minor changes. The graphics are made up of simple colored shapes. Different items are distinguishable, but they all lack detail. Although the graphics are boring there are some good points. For example, if you’re out a lot in the summer, you’ll get a tan. If a bee stings you, you’ll notice a lump covering one of your eyes. The framerate is smooth, and the graphics are clear. The boring textures and bad artwork give Animal Crossing a very kiddy feel. The sound is just as outdated as the graphics. The music sounds the same as the N64 version, which sounds like a Super Nintendo or Game Boy Advance game. There’s a great variety of music (a song for every hour of the day), but none of the songs are anything great. They aren’t horrible, but if you don’t play for a week you will most likely forget all of the songs. The sound affects are decent, but nothing special. You will hear your door creek as you walk in or leave your house, you will hear your footsteps and much more. The animal’s voices are terrible. There are hundreds of different animals that you could have as neighbors, but there are only three possible voices that they will have. The best word to describe Animal Crossing would be incomplete. If Nintendo added more variety of what you could do Animal Crossing would be a great game. After a couple of days you will do everything that the game has to offer, so your only option is to do it all over. So playing Animal Crossing is like having a virtual job. I’d much rather have a real job than a virtual job; at least I’m getting something (money) in return. So if you enjoy life simulators, I suggest you to rent Animal Crossing; you’ll enjoy it for the couple of days you have it. But DO NOT BUY, because after a couple days playing Animal Crossing will become a chore. Overall Animal Crossing does a lot of things right, much more than it does wrong. Unfortunately, the areas it misses in are the areas that matter the most. RECAP Story 4/10- Not enough detail is given about the story. You know the basics, and that’s it. Graphics 6/10- There are some nice effects, but Animal Crossing looks more like an N64 game than a Gamecube game. Sound 5/10- A great variety but dated sound affects and music. Voice acting is poor. Gameplay 4/10-Fun at first, but repetition makes playing Animal Crossing a chore. You might as well get a real job. Replay Value 3/10- Plenty to do, but why would you want to do it? + Fun at first Great use of Gamecube clock - Playing AC becomes a chore Dated graphics and sound Very repetitive There’s so much better stuff to do with your time ??? All the animals wear shirts, but why don’t they wear pants? OVERALL: 4.4/10 Reviewer's Score: 4 / 10, Originally Posted on 07/14/2003 ---------------------------------------- And don't worry folks. You've still got 9 parts of "Shock! Someone who likes:" to go before the whole series dies. Which will probably be more fun anyhow. ( NEG )
  10. I love you too. Well your avater anyway.
  11. Tetris Ecco ( All versions from Mega Drive to Dreamcast ) Zelda:MM ( Just see life go by ) Bust-A-Move Wiz N Liz Puggsy 10 cents go to whoever can guess those last two.
  12. Sonic The Hedgehog I'm too lazy to say much else. Oh all right, did start out with the game & watch series....Mario's cement factory in particuler..ahh. ( NEG )
  13. I pick out populer titles which, mostly, is praised alot. Or pick out a good review of a bad game. If I myself have played it or not...well...would it matter really? ( NEG ) Yes. Because if you don't know what the game plays like then you can't be shocked that someone dislikes it. Such as I'm not shocked that someone out there probably hates the film Spirited Away, because I haven't seen it, and as such can't pass judgement on their opinion. Now where in the topic title does it say "I'm Shocked!" Huh huh? In any case, it's just a topic title man. You know, to try and make it erm...more intresting then saying "Guy dislikes:". Can't get....hatcher music...out of head...
  14. Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. Did it a week or two back. Topic was named Shock! Someone who likes: Hm...should do a few more of those actually... And my grammar is fine. I'm just typing with one hand and drinking with the other.
  15. I pick out populer titles which, mostly, is praised alot. Or pick out a good review of a bad game. If I myself have played it or not...well...would it matter really? ( NEG )
  16. Back by populer self-demand baby! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Review by WrestlingRPGfan Some games are so simple that they are fun. The most obvious example off the top of my head is the Mario games. Run, jump, repeat. Well, Super Metroid is also a very simple game. Run, shoot, get in the form of a ball, repeat. But regardless of this, and of all the rave reviews this game gets, it's a pretty boring game. Graphics No one is disputing that this game, for its time, was a piece of eye candy. The graphics are simply beautiful. Considering that this was made near the end of the SNES's life, the programmers obviously knew all the tricks to make this game graphically outstanding. The attention to detail is extraordinary, and the colors look simply outstanding. And the game has a dark tone, which adds to the element of suspense and overall spookiness of the game. Once again, no one is complaining about the graphics. Graphics: 10/10 Sound Much like the graphics, the sound is simply amazing. Very dark and spooky music which really helps set the mood for this game. The sound effects are very good as well. I do believe that their is a soundtrack for this game floating around. You may have to go on eBay or your local anime store to pick it up, and I suggest you do so. I don't listen to game soundtracks, but you really should pick the soundtrack up. Overall, excellent sound. Sound: 10/10 Controls With all the tens this game is getting, it's hard to think I'm giving this game an overall rating of a four! The controls are great. Quick, responsive, and easy to use. Shoot, shoot missile, move, and that's about the extent of the controls of this game. Simple enough. Controls: 10/10 Gameplay This is one of the most boring games I have ever played. I honestly can't understand why this game gets all the praise it gets. Basically, you run around shooting creatures while going down a hallway. Then you shoot a door down and go through it. Then wait about 5 seconds for it to load (loading times on a cartridge-based game is what I call a no-no) and repeat. Sure, you may have to go and find some other object, but what I just described is pretty much the entire game. If you played the original Metroid for the NES, or Metroid II for the Game Boy, you pretty much know what to expect. If you find running and shooting things fun instead of boring and tedious, then pick up this game. Gameplay: 4/10 Replay Value I played through most of this game then tossed it aside. It is seriously one of the most boring games I ever played. While it is quite difficult and in some places fun enough to play, in general, this game will put you to sleep. This is why I give the replay value a low score. Replay: 2/10 Overall The most overrated game ever? No, probably not. The most overrated game on the SNES? Probably. This game is just simply not fun. While some games can pull off a really fun game with a basic formula, like Mario or Pac-Man, this game fails to deliver in my book. Overall: 4/10 Notice OK, I just want to point out that I am not one of those people who feel it's funny to give a bad review to a popular game. I am simply conveying how I felt about this game. I feel that it is boring. I am not trying to be cute or clever or anything like that Reviewer's Score: 4 / 10, Originally Posted on 11/03/2001 ----------------------------------------------------- Never played SM myself. Will get the 2nd one due for gba though...or fusion if I'm tempted to hunt enough. ( NEG )
  17. Indeed. Although now that I have given Billy Hatcher a good going over for the past hour...its damn fun and crazy.
  18. Theres only a couple of hard ones in mario 64. Or some you don't realise at first. But the game really was greatness all the way. At one time I thought Banjo-Kazooie bettered it. Catchy music, fun levels, more stuff to collect, amusing characters, heck even the story. But if you put them side by side mario 64 has aged better as uh...a purer wine. Whilst Banjo-Tooie tried too hard and failed on its arse. Not to mention taking Stop N Swop out. Back on topic. Been playing last 2 days and my shine count has gone up from 75 to 91. And I haven't opened Corona Mountin yet ( I know it opens when you do all the shadow mario shines ). So I'm avoiding to do so before I get most of the available shines in the game. Only level so far with all blue coins and shines is gelato beach. The first level would also be complete...but theres one blue coin missing from that, and even the guide aint helping, argh. I got Billy Hatcher today though. Brand spanking new, wrapped and all for £20 in woolworths. A bargin if I ever saw one. Haven't played it yet, but I think it'll keep me away from mazza a while. Unless I choose not to play it until F-Zero GX, Metroid Prime, Viewtiful Joe and Zelda:MM is complete. Sigh...a gamers life is never done. ( NEG )
  19. And that whole new level is on fact Super Mario Bros 3 remixed into 3D!!! Cough...or not. The only thing you apparently get is a different picture in the end credits and your memory card save turns into a shine. Oh and bragging rights of course.
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    http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=23928 Found it.
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    Good point. I guess I'm not the right person to get the point across though. A few weeks back Stu Cambell left these forums after what seemed a year or so. He told how the forum is full of hate and more or less anything of a good convo turns into a fight over here. He was being harsh, but he had a good point or two. Oh and had an amusing way of seeing the forum as some bar gone mad...or something along those lines. Or look at it this way, people can try getting on your nerves only for the fact they know that you work in the magazine. Sadly theres a few who behave like that. I'll try and find the link if it still exists, or if anyone can before me would be good also.
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    Kids, this is why EDGE staff don't post on rllmuk. Or at least hide there identity. Theres always something to ramble about, bah. Got my copy yesterday, mostly good. I'm amazed someone other then myself realised that GG Sonic had different sized sprites then the MS version. Not to mention actually harder or different in some cases. Good stuff guys. Now don't let this forum get in the way of work ( NEG )
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