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  1. God the people who vote in these things are idiots. I bet they bought the Shampoo album. Now now, just because there opinions are different to yours... ( NEG )
  2. Read it this morning. The 2 new articles are NES and Amiga. PLUS you know those empty sticker spaces? People pondering why EDGE even did that? Sure its in a sticker book design, and now all the sticker spaces are full! So thats like...a full sticker album ( har har ). The price guide at the back is new. Er...and the inside outside cover if your being picky. Useful to have, but pricey at £5 ( NEG )
  3. Thats one damn sexy cover if I ever saw one. Hope the VIP ones get sent as this. ( NEG )
  4. MMMWWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! Take that you mario loving nitwits! Sonic is better then mario! Sonic is better then mario! hahaha! hehehe! Erm...I'll shut up now. ...hehehe... ( NEG ) PS.Although....sonic 2 or sonic 3 & k would have been just as worthy. And yes, alot of games are missing from the list. Its a damn sin to forget something like mario64.
  5. Hm...so.. VJ was made in 3D, but twisted to LOOK 2D. That explains it, right? Hm..in that case, games have been doing this since the start of the saturn era...or even...hm...swear there was a few on the snes/mega drive. But to name this method "cel-shading" is wrong. I dunno....its like saying you cannot have a realistic backgrounded 2D game without being cel-shaded? Confused... ( NEG )
  6. http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/gamecube/review/34823.html All the VJ gamefaqs reviews are there. As you can see, quite a few gave a 4 mark...bah. ( NEG )
  7. www.gamefaqs.com seems the place where EVERY game has at least 1 bad review and low score it seems. Not that the reviewer is any good of course, you can tell he hardly got into it much, anyhow on with it... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review by wolfy42 I've read most of the other reviews for this game and must say I'm shocked by how popular it seems to be. Luckily I rented this game (I rent all gamecube games before buying them now) and didn't lose out on to much money. On to my review. Graphics: (5) It's cell shaded 2d game....altho you do move in 3d directions sometimes in a kloona sort of way. The graphics were fine for me really as I don't care to much about graphics but concentrate more on gameplay. I will only give graphics a 5 because I didn't really see any amazing bosses or stunning effects. I enjoyed Dark Cloud II quite alot and it was cell shaded...and even Zelda came out ok. The cell shaded graphics in this game seemed to be wasted since one of the nicest effects of cell shading is you can go straight from movies to gameplay and make it seem seamless. I didn't really appreciate that effect in this game and think cell shading was wasted on this game. Sound: (5) Once again....not something I bother with that much in a game...I like good special effects when I'm fighting tho..and hopefully an upbeat musical theme to get me in the mood to kill things. I wasn't inspired by the music in this game...and the sound effects weren't anything special either. Gameplay: (2) The meat and potatoes of any game. This game had nothing for me at all. It seemed like a redone version of double dragon for the new millenium or something. With your basic kick and punch....and just slow,zoom/speed thrown in for a bit of variety. If your going to make a 2d game I would at least expect there to be some attacks you could improve as you play or choices on what you use...I don't know anything. Instead I found the game extremly repetative and dull....without much to look forward to other then just finishing another stage. I enjoyed many games on the old nintendo system more....If I remember right river city ransom was on the original nintendo and as far as i'm concerned it blows this game away. There wasn't even that many spots where you had to be precise in your jumps etc....or any puzzels/mazes...like I said it seems to me to be a remake of a very simple double dragon game (the first ones...not the later ones where you can upgrade attacks buy special moves). I personally like 2d games when they are done right and would love for a few good 2d platform games to come out (hopefully with rpg aspects as well). This game may have slightly better graphics then a simular game back in the nes or snes days but other then that there is nothing to make it stand out from games that are many generations obsolete. Replayability: (1) For me at least it was hard enough finishing it the first time. Yes you could play it again..and if you actually bought this game you probably would. But without a 2 player mode...and no special abilities that open up when you finish it etc I don't see a major reason to play this over. Overall: (2) I rate gameplay far above graphics and sound...so this only gets a 2 from me...I would give it a 1...but I reserve that for games that are totally unplayable or are just incredibly dull (the tick for the ps1 comes to mind). I realize this isn't everyones opinion of this game by the other reviews but I figured that I should at least voice my opinion since it seems to differ so much from the majority here. I would highly suggest renting this game before buying it (altho at this point I would suggest that for all gamecube games actually). If you like it your out 5$...if not you just saved yourself a wasted game and can spend the money on something better (jak II is out next week). Reviewer's Score: 2 / 10, Originally Posted on 10/13/2003 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CoughPS2FANBOYcough. ( NEG )
  8. That women needs to be shot, actling like 13 year olds? repetitive? And SAGA? WHAT THE HECKS SAGA? Playing games shows isolation? PAH Games aint intellegent intrullectually? Games sad? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHH HULK SMASH!!! ::calms down:: Right, I won't go into detail since we can all tell they're talking crap without knowing. And even as that guy said, if people were playing chess for the same amount of time in a day we wouldn't see it as bad in the same way. Ah well, come when OUR generation gets old, everyone will accept games and such. I bloody well hope so anyhow. ( NEG )
  9. Yes yes...really a great time to be a GCN gamer. Bought Metroid Prime ( Players Choice edition ) a few days back and bloody well amazed so far. It's like...um....Goldeneye stuck in a maze, with prettier graphics, moody but great music and a damn lovely gun. Backtracking and enemys being respawn is only a minor dislike, but I was expecting that after the zillion or so comments about it. And the controls are great, but then...I havn't really played that many shooters in my time, but this works. Partly for me being so late to MP mind you is that I've never played a METROID game before, I'll have to hunt down Fusion now, that Metroid NES version just sitting there...waiting to be playable. ( NEG )
  10. Really wish those official memory cards were not the same price of a Player's Choice game, bah. And you think losing MKDD is bad? Try losing PSO character files 8 fricking times...ARRGGHH. Also lost capcomVSsnk2 and super monkey ball 1 a month or so back. And no I havn't bothered reaching master all over again Also, it seems F-Zero GX refuses to work properly with anything BUT the official memory card. With others it sometimes saves and sometimes doesn't. So lost my GX file a few times. Bought Viewtiful Joe and Metroid Prime on sunday though, I'm in too much gaming bliss to be moaning right now. ( NEG )
  11. I can see it now.... ANIMAL CROSSING ---- 7,000 STARS Thats the only truely possible human thing NOE could do to piss me off...or kill me either way. ( NEG )
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